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client.conf(5) [osx man page]

client.conf(5)							    Apple Inc.							    client.conf(5)

client.conf - client configuration file for cups DESCRIPTION
The client.conf file configures the CUPS client and is normally located in the /etc/cups or ~/.cups directory. Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a blank line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character. DIRECTIVES
The following directives are understood by the client. Consult the on-line help for detailed descriptions: Encryption IfRequested Encryption Never Encryption Required Specifies the level of encryption that is required for a particular location. GSSServiceName name Specifies the Kerberos service name that is used for authentication, typically "host", "http", or "ipp". CUPS adds the remote hostname ("") for you. The default name is "http". ServerName hostname-or-ip-address[:port] ServerName /domain/socket Specifies the address and optionally the port to use when connecting to the server. Note: Not supported on OS X 10.7 or later. ServerName hostname-or-ip-address[:port]/version=1.1 Specifies the address and optionally the port to use when connecting to a server running CUPS 1.3.12 and earlier. Note: Not supported on OS X 10.7 or later. User name Specifies the default user name to use for requests. SEE ALSO
http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc. 8 July 2013 CUPS client.conf(5)

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mailto.conf(5)							    Apple Inc.							    mailto.conf(5)

mailto.conf - configuration file for cups email notifier DESCRIPTION
The mailto.conf file defines the local mail server and email notification preferences for CUPS. Each line in the file can be a configuration directive, a blank line, or a comment. Comment lines start with the # character. DIRECTIVES
Cc Specifies an additional recipient for all email notifications. From Specifies the sender of email notifications. Sendmail sendmail command and options Specifies the sendmail command to use when sending email notifications. Only one Sendmail or SMTPServer line may be present in the mailto.conf file. If multiple lines are present, only the last one is used. SMTPServer servername Specifies a SMTP server to send email notifications to. Only one Sendmail or SMTPServer line may be present in the mailto.conf file. If multiple lines are present, only the last one is used. Subject subject-prefix Specifies a prefix string for the subject line of an email notification. SEE ALSO
classes.conf(5), cupsd(8), cupsd.conf(5), mime.convs(5), mime.types(5), printers.conf(5), http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2009 by Apple Inc. 12 July 2006 CUPS mailto.conf(5)
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