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mac::errors5.12(3) [osx man page]

Errors(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Errors(3)

Mac::Errors - constants for Mac error codes SYNOPSIS
use Mac::Errors qw(openErr); if( $value == openErr ) { ... } my $error = $MacErrors{ $symbol }; # -- OR -- my $error = $MacErrors{ $number }; my $symbol = $error->symbol; my $number = $error->number; my $desc = $error->description; # in MacPerl, $^E is meaningful, and we tie $MacError to it use Mac::Errors qw( $MacError ); open FILE, $foo or die $^E; # error number open FILE, $foo or die $MacError; # gets description from $^E DESCRIPTION
The %MacErrors hash indexes error information by the error number or symbol. Each value is a "Mac::Errors" object which has the symbol, number, and description. The $MacError scalar performs some tied magic to translate MacPerl's $^E to the error text. METHODS
symbol Returns the symbolic constant, (e.g. openErr) number Returns the error number, (e.g. -23) description Returns the errror description from MacErrors.h, which may mean something to you, and may not, (e.g. I/O System Errors). Descriptions of errors are not unique, and some errors do not have a description. CONSTANTS
All symbolic constants also have a subroutine of the same name. The subroutine returns the error number. paramErr error in user parameter list noHardwareErr Sound Manager Error Returns notEnoughHardwareErr Sound Manager Error Returns userCanceledErr qErr queue element not found during deletion vTypErr invalid queue element corErr core routine number out of range unimpErr unimplemented core routine SlpTypeErr invalid queue element seNoDB no debugger installed to handle debugger command controlErr I/O System Errors statusErr I/O System Errors readErr I/O System Errors writErr I/O System Errors badUnitErr I/O System Errors unitEmptyErr I/O System Errors openErr I/O System Errors closErr I/O System Errors dRemovErr tried to remove an open driver abortErr IO call aborted by KillIO iIOAbortErr IO abort error (Printing Manager) notOpenErr Couldn't rd/wr/ctl/sts cause driver not opened unitTblFullErr unit table has no more entries dceExtErr dce extension error slotNumErr invalid slot # error gcrOnMFMErr gcr format on high density media error dirFulErr Directory full dskFulErr disk full nsvErr no such volume ioErr I/O error (bummers) bdNamErr there may be no bad names in the final system! fnOpnErr File not open eofErr End of file posErr tried to position to before start of file (r/w) mFulErr memory full (open) or file won't fit (load) tmfoErr too many files open fnfErr File not found wPrErr diskette is write protected. vLckdErr volume is locked fBsyErr File is busy (delete) dupFNErr duplicate filename (rename) opWrErr file already open with with write permission rfNumErr refnum error gfpErr get file position error volOffLinErr volume not on line error (was Ejected) permErr permissions error (on file open) volOnLinErr drive volume already on-line at MountVol nsDrvErr no such drive (tried to mount a bad drive num) noMacDskErr not a mac diskette (sig bytes are wrong) extFSErr volume in question belongs to an external fs fsRnErr file system internal error:during rename the old entry was deleted but could not be restored. badMDBErr bad master directory block wrPermErr write permissions error dirNFErr Directory not found tmwdoErr No free WDCB available badMovErr Move into offspring error wrgVolTypErr Wrong volume type error [operation not supported for MFS] fidNotFound no file thread exists. fidExists file id already exists notAFileErr directory specified diffVolErr files on different volumes catChangedErr the catalog has been modified desktopDamagedErr desktop database files are corrupted sameFileErr can't exchange a file with itself badFidErr file id is dangling or doesn't match with the file number notARemountErr when _Mount allows only remounts and doesn't get one fileBoundsErr file's EOF, offset, mark or size is too big fsDataTooBigErr file or volume is too big for system volVMBusyErr can't eject because volume is in use by VM badFCBErr FCBRecPtr is not valid errFSUnknownCall selector is not recognized by this filesystem errFSBadFSRef FSRef parameter is bad errFSBadForkName Fork name parameter is bad errFSBadBuffer A buffer parameter was bad errFSBadForkRef A ForkRefNum parameter was bad errFSBadInfoBitmap A CatalogInfoBitmap or VolumeInfoBitmap has reserved or invalid bits set errFSMissingCatInfo A CatalogInfo parameter was NULL errFSNotAFolder Expected a folder, got a file errFSForkNotFound Named fork does not exist errFSNameTooLong File/fork name is too long to create/rename errFSMissingName A Unicode name parameter was NULL or nameLength parameter was zero errFSBadPosMode Newline bits set in positionMode errFSBadAllocFlags Invalid bits set in allocationFlags errFSNoMoreItems Iteration ran out of items to return errFSBadItemCount maximumItems was zero errFSBadSearchParams Something wrong with CatalogSearch searchParams errFSRefsDifferent FSCompareFSRefs; refs are for different objects errFSForkExists Named fork already exists. errFSBadIteratorFlags Flags passed to FSOpenIterator are bad errFSIteratorNotFound Passed FSIterator is not an open iterator errFSIteratorNotSupported The iterator's flags or container are not supported by this call envNotPresent returned by glue. envBadVers Version non-positive envVersTooBig Version bigger than call can handle fontDecError error during font declaration fontNotDeclared font not declared fontSubErr font substitution occurred fontNotOutlineErr bitmap font passed to routine that does outlines only firstDskErr I/O System Errors lastDskErr I/O System Errors noDriveErr drive not installed offLinErr r/w requested for an off-line drive noAdrMkErr couldn't find valid addr mark dataVerErr read verify compare failed badCksmErr addr mark checksum didn't check badBtSlpErr bad addr mark bit slip nibbles noDtaMkErr couldn't find a data mark header badDCksum bad data mark checksum badDBtSlp bad data mark bit slip nibbles wrUnderrun write underrun occurred cantStepErr step handshake failed tk0BadErr track 0 detect doesn't change initIWMErr unable to initialize IWM twoSideErr tried to read 2nd side on a 1-sided drive spdAdjErr unable to correctly adjust disk speed seekErr track number wrong on address mark sectNFErr sector number never found on a track fmt1Err can't find sector 0 after track format fmt2Err can't get enough sync verErr track failed to verify clkRdErr unable to read same clock value twice clkWrErr time written did not verify prWrErr parameter ram written didn't read-verify prInitErr InitUtil found the parameter ram uninitialized rcvrErr SCC receiver error (framing; parity; OR) Scrap Manager errors noScrapErr No scrap exists error ENET error codes eLenErr Length error ddpLenErr ddpSktErr error in soket number ddpLenErr data length too big noBridgeErr no network bridge for non-local send lapProtErr error in attaching/detaching protocol excessCollsns excessive collisions on write portNotPwr serial port not currently powered portInUse driver Open error code (port is in use) Memory Manager errors memROZWarn soft error in ROZ memROZError hard error in ROZ memROZErr hard error in ROZ memFullErr Not enough room in heap zone nilHandleErr Master Pointer was NIL in HandleZone or other memWZErr WhichZone failed (applied to free block) memPurErr trying to purge a locked or non-purgeable block memAdrErr address was odd; or out of range memAZErr Address in zone check failed memPCErr Pointer Check failed memBCErr Block Check failed memSCErr Size Check failed Printing Errors iMemFullErr resourceInMemory Resource already in memory writingPastEnd Writing past end of file inputOutOfBounds Offset of Count out of bounds resNotFound Resource not found resFNotFound Resource file not found addResFailed AddResource failed addRefFailed AddReference failed rmvResFailed RmveResource failed rmvRefFailed RmveReference failed resAttrErr attribute inconsistent with operation mapReadErr map inconsistent with operation CantDecompress resource bent ("the bends") - can't decompress a compressed resource badExtResource extended resource has a bad format. noMemForPictPlaybackErr rgnOverflowErr rgnTooBigError pixMapTooDeepErr insufficientStackErr cMatchErr Color2Index failed to find an index cTempMemErr failed to allocate memory for temporary structures cNoMemErr failed to allocate memory for structure cRangeErr range error on colorTable request cProtectErr colorTable entry protection violation cDevErr invalid type of graphics device cResErr invalid resolution for MakeITable cDepthErr invalid pixel depth rgnTooBigErr updPixMemErr insufficient memory to update a pixmap pictInfoVersionErr wrong version of the PictInfo structure pictInfoIDErr the internal consistancy check for the PictInfoID is wrong pictInfoVerbErr the passed verb was invalid cantLoadPickMethodErr unable to load the custom pick proc colorsRequestedErr the number of colors requested was illegal General Errors cmProfileError cmMethodError cmMethodNotFound CMM not present cmProfileNotFound Responder error cmProfilesIdentical Profiles the same cmCantConcatenateError Profile can't be concatenated cmCantXYZ CMM cant handle XYZ space cmCantDeleteProfile Responder error cmUnsupportedDataType Responder error Sound Manager errors noHardware obsolete spelling notEnoughHardware obsolete spelling queueFull Sound Manager Error Returns resProblem Sound Manager Error Returns badChannel Sound Manager Error Returns badFormat Sound Manager Error Returns notEnoughBufferSpace could not allocate enough memory badFileFormat was not type AIFF or was of bad format,corrupt channelBusy the Channel is being used for a PFD already buffersTooSmall can not operate in the memory allowed channelNotBusy noMoreRealTime not enough CPU cycles left to add another task siVBRCompressionNotSupported vbr audio compression not supported for this operation siNoSoundInHardware no Sound Input hardware siBadSoundInDevice invalid index passed to SoundInGetIndexedDevice siNoBufferSpecified returned by synchronous SPBRecord if nil buffer passed siInvalidCompression invalid compression type siHardDriveTooSlow hard drive too slow to record to disk siInvalidSampleRate invalid sample rate siInvalidSampleSize invalid sample size siDeviceBusyErr input device already in use siBadDeviceName input device could not be opened siBadRefNum invalid input device reference number siInputDeviceErr input device hardware failure siUnknownInfoType invalid info type selector (returned by driver) noSynthFound synthOpenFailed synthNotReady bufTooSmall voiceNotFound incompatibleVoice badDictFormat midiNoClientErr no client with that ID found midiNoPortErr no port with that ID found midiTooManyPortsErr too many ports already installed in the system midiTooManyConsErr too many connections made midiVConnectErr pending virtual connection created midiVConnectMade pending virtual connection resolved midiVConnectRmvd pending virtual connection removed midiNoConErr no connection exists between specified ports midiWriteErr MIDIWritePacket couldn't write to all connected ports midiNameLenErr name supplied is longer than 31 characters midiDupIDErr duplicate client ID siInitSDTblErr slot int dispatch table could not be initialized. siInitVBLQsErr VBLqueues for all slots could not be initialized. siInitSPTblErr slot priority table could not be initialized. sdmJTInitErr SDM Jump Table could not be initialized. sdmInitErr SDM could not be initialized. sdmSRTInitErr Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. sdmPRAMInitErr Slot PRAM could not be initialized. smSDMInitErr Error; SDM could not be initialized. smSRTInitErr Error; Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. smPRAMInitErr Error; Slot Resource Table could not be initialized. smPriInitErr Error; Cards could not be initialized. smEmptySlot No card in slot smCRCFail CRC check failed for declaration data smFormatErr FHeader Format is not Apple's smRevisionErr Wrong revison level smNoDir Directory offset is Nil smDisabledSlot This slot is disabled (-305 use to be smLWTstBad) smResrvErr Fatal reserved error. Resreved field <> 0. smUnExBusErr Unexpected BusError smBLFieldBad ByteLanes field was bad. smFHBlockRdErr Error occurred during _sGetFHeader. smFHBlkDispErr Error occurred during _sDisposePtr (Dispose of FHeader block). smDisposePErr _DisposePointer error smNoBoardSRsrc No Board sResource. smGetPRErr Error occurred during _sGetPRAMRec (See SIMStatus). smNoBoardId No Board Id. smInitStatVErr The InitStatusV field was negative after primary or secondary init. smInitTblVErr An error occurred while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table. smNoJmpTbl SDM jump table could not be created. smReservedSlot slot is reserved, VM should not use this address space. smBadBoardId BoardId was wrong; re-init the PRAM record. smBusErrTO BusError time out. These errors are logged in the vendor status field of the sInfo record. svTempDisable Temporarily disable card but run primary init. svDisabled Reserve range -32640 to -32768 for Apple temp disables. smBadRefId Reference Id not found in List smBadsList Bad sList: Id1 < Id2 < Id3 ...format is not followed. smReservedErr Reserved field not zero smCPUErr Code revision is wrong smsPointerNil LPointer is nil From sOffsetData. If this error occurs; check sInfo rec for more information. smNilsBlockErr Nil sBlock error (Dont allocate and try to use a nil sBlock) smSlotOOBErr Slot out of bounds error smSelOOBErr Selector out of bounds error smNewPErr _NewPtr error smBlkMoveErr _BlockMove error smCkStatusErr Status of slot = fail. smGetDrvrNamErr Error occurred during _sGetDrvrName. smDisDrvrNamErr Error occurred during _sDisDrvrName. smNoMoresRsrcs No more sResources smsGetDrvrErr Error occurred during _sGetDriver. smBadsPtrErr Bad pointer was passed to sCalcsPointer smByteLanesErr NumByteLanes was determined to be zero. smOffsetErr Offset was too big (temporary error smNoGoodOpens No opens were successfull in the loop. smSRTOvrFlErr SRT over flow. Dictionary Manager errors notBTree The file is not a dictionary. btNoSpace Can't allocate disk space. btDupRecErr Record already exists. btRecNotFnd Record cannot be found. btKeyLenErr Maximum key length is too long or equal to zero. btKeyAttrErr There is no such a key attribute. unknownInsertModeErr There is no such an insert mode. recordDataTooBigErr The record data is bigger than buffer size (1024 bytes). fsmFFSNotFoundErr Foreign File system does not exist - new Pack2 could return this error too fsmBusyFFSErr File system is busy, cannot be removed fsmBadFFSNameErr Name length not 1 <= length <= 31 fsmBadFSDLenErr FSD size incompatible with current FSM vers fsmDuplicateFSIDErr FSID already exists on InstallFS fsmBadFSDVersionErr FSM version incompatible with FSD fsmNoAlternateStackErr no alternate stack for HFS CI Edition Mgr errors editionMgrInitErr edition manager not inited by this app badSectionErr not a valid SectionRecord notRegisteredSectionErr not a registered SectionRecord badEditionFileErr edition file is corrupt badSubPartErr can not use sub parts in this release multiplePublisherWrn A Publisher is already registered for that container containerNotFoundWrn could not find editionContainer at this time containerAlreadyOpenWrn container already opened by this section teScrapSizeErr scrap item too big for text edit record hwParamErr bad selector for _HWPriv Process Manager errors procNotFound no eligible process with specified descriptor memFragErr not enough room to launch app w/special requirements appModeErr memory mode is 32-bit, but app not 32-bit clean protocolErr app made module calls in improper order hardwareConfigErr hardware configuration not correct for call appMemFullErr application SIZE not big enough for launch appIsDaemon app is BG-only, and launch flags disallow this bufferIsSmall error returns from Post and Accept noOutstandingHLE connectionInvalid More Process Manager errors wrongApplicationPlatform The application could not launch because the required platform is not available appVersionTooOld The application's creator and version are incompatible with the current version of Mac OS. threadTooManyReqsErr threadNotFoundErr notEnoughMemoryErr insufficient physical memory notHeldErr specified range of memory is not held cannotMakeContiguousErr cannot make specified range contiguous notLockedErr specified range of memory is not locked interruptsMaskedErr donIt call with interrupts masked cannotDeferErr unable to defer additional functions vmMorePhysicalThanVirtualErr VM could not start because there was more physical memory than virtual memory (bad setting in VM config resource) vmKernelMMUInitErr VM could not start because VM_MMUInit kernel call failed vmOffErr VM was configured off, or command key was held down at boot vmMemLckdErr VM could not start because of a lock table conflict (only on non-SuperMario ROMs) vmBadDriver VM could not start because the driver was incompatible vmInvalidBackingFileIDErr invalid BackingFileID vmMappingPrivilegesErr requested MappingPrivileges cannot be obtained vmBusyBackingFileErr open views found on BackingFile vmNoMoreBackingFilesErr no more BackingFiles were found vmInvalidFileViewIDErr invalid FileViewID vmFileViewAccessErr requested FileViewAccess cannot be obtained vmNoMoreFileViewsErr no more FileViews were found vmAddressNotInFileViewErr address is not in a FileView rcDBNull rcDBValue rcDBError rcDBBadType rcDBBreak rcDBExec rcDBBadSessID rcDBBadSessNum bad session number for DBGetConnInfo rcDBBadDDEV bad ddev specified on DBInit rcDBAsyncNotSupp ddev does not support async calls rcDBBadAsyncPB tried to kill a bad pb rcDBNoHandler no app handler for specified data type rcDBWrongVersion incompatible versions hmHelpDisabled Show Balloons mode was off, call to routine ignored hmBalloonAborted Returned if mouse was moving or mouse wasn't in window port rect hmSameAsLastBalloon Returned from HMShowMenuBalloon if menu & item is same as last time hmHelpManagerNotInited Returned from HMGetHelpMenuHandle if help menu not setup hmSkippedBalloon Returned from calls if helpmsg specified a skip balloon hmWrongVersion Returned if help mgr resource was the wrong version hmUnknownHelpType Returned if help msg record contained a bad type hmOperationUnsupported Returned from HMShowBalloon call if bad method passed to routine hmNoBalloonUp Returned from HMRemoveBalloon if no balloon was visible when call was made PPC errors notInitErr PPCToolBox not initialized nameTypeErr Invalid or inappropriate locationKindSelector in locationName noPortErr Unable to open port or bad portRefNum. If you're calling AESend, this is because your application does not have noGlobalsErr The system is hosed, better re-boot localOnlyErr Network activity is currently disabled destPortErr Port does not exist at destination sessTableErr Out of session tables, try again later noSessionErr Invalid session reference number badReqErr bad parameter or invalid state for operation portNameExistsErr port is already open (perhaps in another app) noUserNameErr user name unknown on destination machine userRejectErr Destination rejected the session request noMachineNameErr user hasn't named his Macintosh in the Network Setup Control Panel noToolboxNameErr A system resource is missing, not too likely noResponseErr unable to contact destination portClosedErr port was closed sessClosedErr session was closed badPortNameErr PPCPortRec malformed noDefaultUserErr user hasn't typed in owners name in Network Setup Control Pannel notLoggedInErr The default userRefNum does not yet exist noUserRefErr unable to create a new userRefNum networkErr An error has occurred in the network, not too likely noInformErr PPCStart failed because destination did not have inform pending authFailErr unable to authenticate user at destination noUserRecErr Invalid user reference number badServiceMethodErr illegal service type, or not supported badLocNameErr location name malformed Font Mgr errors kFMIterationCompleted kFMInvalidFontFamilyErr kFMInvalidFontErr kFMIterationScopeModifiedErr kFMFontTableAccessErr nbpBuffOvr Buffer overflow in LookupName nbpNoConfirm nbpConfDiff Name confirmed at different socket nbpDuplicate Duplicate name exists already nbpNotFound Name not found on remove aspBadVersNum Server cannot support this ASP version aspBufTooSmall Buffer too small aspNoMoreSess No more sessions on server aspNoServers No servers at that address aspParamErr Parameter error aspServerBusy Server cannot open another session aspSessClosed Session closed aspSizeErr Command block too big aspTooMany Too many clients (server error) reqFailed tooManyReqs tooManySkts badATPSkt badBuffNum noRelErr cbNotFound noSendResp noDataArea driver control ioResults errRefNum bad connection refNum errAborted control call was aborted errState bad connection state for this operation errOpening open connection request failed errAttention attention message too long errFwdReset read terminated by forward reset errDSPQueueSize DSP Read/Write Queue Too small Apple event manager error messages errAECoercionFail bad parameter data or unable to coerce the data supplied errAEDescNotFound errAECorruptData errAEWrongDataType errAENotAEDesc errAEBadListItem the specified list item does not exist errAENewerVersion need newer version of the AppleEvent manager errAENotAppleEvent the event is not in AppleEvent format errAEEventNotHandled the AppleEvent was not handled by any handler errAEReplyNotValid AEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply parameter errAEUnknownSendMode mode wasn't NoReply, WaitReply, or QueueReply or Interaction level is unknown errAEWaitCanceled in AESend, the user cancelled out of wait loop for reply or receipt errAETimeout the AppleEvent timed out errAENoUserInteraction no user interaction is allowed errAENotASpecialFunction there is no special function for/with this keyword errAEParamMissed a required parameter was not accessed errAEUnknownAddressType the target address type is not known errAEHandlerNotFound no handler in the dispatch tables fits the parameters to AEGetEventHandler or AEGetCoercionHandler errAEReplyNotArrived the contents of the reply you are accessing have not arrived yet errAEIllegalIndex index is out of range in a put operation errAEImpossibleRange A range like 3rd to 2nd, or 1st to all. errAEWrongNumberArgs Logical op kAENOT used with other than 1 term errAEAccessorNotFound Accessor proc matching wantClass and containerType or wildcards not found errAENoSuchLogical Something other than AND, OR, or NOT errAEBadTestKey Test is neither typeLogicalDescriptor nor typeCompDescriptor errAENotAnObjSpec Param to AEResolve not of type 'obj ' errAENoSuchObject e.g.,: specifier asked for the 3rd, but there are only 2. Basically, this indicates a run-time resolution error. errAENegativeCount CountProc returned negative value errAEEmptyListContainer Attempt to pass empty list as container to accessor errAEUnknownObjectType available only in version 1.0.1 or greater errAERecordingIsAlreadyOn available only in version 1.0.1 or greater errAEReceiveTerminate break out of all levels of AEReceive to the topmost (1.1 or greater) errAEReceiveEscapeCurrent break out of only lowest level of AEReceive (1.1 or greater) errAEEventFiltered event has been filtered, and should not be propogated (1.1 or greater) errAEDuplicateHandler attempt to install handler in table for identical class and id (1.1 or greater) errAEStreamBadNesting nesting violation while streaming errAEStreamAlreadyConverted attempt to convert a stream that has already been converted errAEDescIsNull attempting to perform an invalid operation on a null descriptor errAEBuildSyntaxError AEBuildDesc and friends detected a syntax error errOSASystemError errOSAInvalidID errOSABadStorageType errOSAScriptError errOSABadSelector errOSASourceNotAvailable errOSANoSuchDialect errOSADataFormatObsolete errOSADataFormatTooNew errOSACorruptData errOSARecordingIsAlreadyOn errOSAComponentMismatch Parameters are from 2 different components AppleEvent error definitions errOffsetInvalid errOffsetIsOutsideOfView errTopOfDocument errTopOfBody errEndOfDocument Drag Manager error codes badDragRefErr unknown drag reference badDragItemErr unknown drag item reference badDragFlavorErr unknown flavor type duplicateFlavorErr flavor type already exists cantGetFlavorErr error while trying to get flavor data duplicateHandlerErr handler already exists handlerNotFoundErr handler not found dragNotAcceptedErr drag was not accepted by receiver unsupportedForPlatformErr call is for PowerPC only noSuitableDisplaysErr no displays support translucency badImageRgnErr bad translucent image region badImageErr bad translucent image PixMap QuickTime errors couldNotResolveDataRef badImageDescription badPublicMovieAtom cantFindHandler cantOpenHandler badComponentType noMediaHandler noDataHandler invalidMedia invalidTrack invalidMovie invalidSampleTable invalidDataRef invalidHandler invalidDuration invalidTime cantPutPublicMovieAtom badEditList mediaTypesDontMatch progressProcAborted movieToolboxUninitialized noRecordOfApp replica wfFileNotFound cantCreateSingleForkFile happens when file already exists invalidEditState nonMatchingEditState staleEditState userDataItemNotFound maxSizeToGrowTooSmall badTrackIndex trackIDNotFound trackNotInMovie timeNotInTrack timeNotInMedia badEditIndex internalQuickTimeError cantEnableTrack invalidRect invalidSampleNum invalidChunkNum invalidSampleDescIndex invalidChunkCache invalidSampleDescription dataNotOpenForRead dataNotOpenForWrite dataAlreadyOpenForWrite dataAlreadyClosed endOfDataReached dataNoDataRef noMovieFound invalidDataRefContainer badDataRefIndex noDefaultDataRef couldNotUseAnExistingSample featureUnsupported noVideoTrackInMovieErr QT for Windows error noSoundTrackInMovieErr QT for Windows error soundSupportNotAvailableErr QT for Windows error unsupportedAuxiliaryImportData auxiliaryExportDataUnavailable samplesAlreadyInMediaErr noSourceTreeFoundErr sourceNotFoundErr movieTextNotFoundErr missingRequiredParameterErr invalidSpriteWorldPropertyErr invalidSpritePropertyErr gWorldsNotSameDepthAndSizeErr invalidSpriteIndexErr invalidImageIndexErr internalComponentErr notImplementedMusicOSErr cantSendToSynthesizerOSErr cantReceiveFromSynthesizerOSErr illegalVoiceAllocationOSErr illegalPartOSErr illegalChannelOSErr illegalKnobOSErr illegalKnobValueOSErr illegalInstrumentOSErr illegalControllerOSErr midiManagerAbsentOSErr synthesizerNotRespondingOSErr synthesizerOSErr illegalNoteChannelOSErr noteChannelNotAllocatedOSErr tunePlayerFullOSErr tuneParseOSErr noExportProcAvailableErr componentDllLoadErr Windows specific errors (when component is loading) componentDllEntryNotFoundErr Windows specific errors (when component is loading) qtmlDllLoadErr Windows specific errors (when qtml is loading) qtmlDllEntryNotFoundErr Windows specific errors (when qtml is loading) qtmlUninitialized unsupportedOSErr cannotFindAtomErr notLeafAtomErr atomsNotOfSameTypeErr atomIndexInvalidErr duplicateAtomTypeAndIDErr invalidAtomErr invalidAtomContainerErr invalidAtomTypeErr cannotBeLeafAtomErr pathTooLongErr emptyPathErr noPathMappingErr pathNotVerifiedErr unknownFormatErr wackBadFileErr wackForkNotFoundErr wackBadMetaDataErr qfcbNotFoundErr qfcbNotCreatedErr AAPNotCreatedErr AAPNotFoundErr ASDBadHeaderErr ASDBadForkErr ASDEntryNotFoundErr fileOffsetTooBigErr notAllowedToSaveMovieErr qtNetworkAlreadyAllocatedErr urlDataHHTTPProtocolErr urlDataHHTTPNoNetDriverErr urlDataHHTTPURLErr urlDataHHTTPRedirectErr urlDataHFTPProtocolErr urlDataHFTPShutdownErr urlDataHFTPBadUserErr urlDataHFTPBadPasswordErr urlDataHFTPServerErr urlDataHFTPDataConnectionErr urlDataHFTPNoDirectoryErr urlDataHFTPQuotaErr urlDataHFTPPermissionsErr urlDataHFTPFilenameErr urlDataHFTPNoNetDriverErr urlDataHFTPBadNameListErr urlDataHFTPNeedPasswordErr urlDataHFTPNoPasswordErr urlDataHFTPServerDisconnectedErr urlDataHFTPURLErr notEnoughDataErr qtActionNotHandledErr qtXMLParseErr digiUnimpErr feature unimplemented qtParamErr bad input parameter (out of range, etc) matrixErr bad matrix, digitizer did nothing notExactMatrixErr warning of bad matrix, digitizer did its best noMoreKeyColorsErr all key indexes in use notExactSizeErr CanIt do exact size requested badDepthErr CanIt digitize into this depth noDMAErr CanIt do DMA digitizing (i.e. can't go to requested dest Kernel Error Codes kernelIncompleteErr kernelCanceledErr kernelOptionsErr kernelPrivilegeErr kernelUnsupportedErr kernelObjectExistsErr kernelWritePermissionErr kernelReadPermissionErr kernelExecutePermissionErr kernelDeletePermissionErr kernelExecutionLevelErr kernelAttributeErr kernelAsyncSendLimitErr kernelAsyncReceiveLimitErr kernelTimeoutErr kernelInUseErr kernelTerminatedErr kernelExceptionErr kernelIDErr kernelAlreadyFreeErr kernelReturnValueErr Text Services Mgr error codes tsmComponentNoErr component result = no error tsmUnsupScriptLanguageErr tsmInputMethodNotFoundErr tsmNotAnAppErr not an application error tsmAlreadyRegisteredErr want to register again error tsmNeverRegisteredErr app never registered error (not TSM aware) tsmInvalidDocIDErr invalid TSM documentation id tsmTSMDocBusyErr document is still active tsmDocNotActiveErr document is NOT active tsmNoOpenTSErr no open text service tsmCantOpenComponentErr canIt open the component tsmTextServiceNotFoundErr no text service found tsmDocumentOpenErr there are open documents tsmUseInputWindowErr not TSM aware because we are using input window tsmTSHasNoMenuErr the text service has no menu tsmTSNotOpenErr text service is not open tsmComponentAlreadyOpenErr text service already opened for the document tsmInputMethodIsOldErr returned by GetDefaultInputMethod tsmScriptHasNoIMErr script has no imput method or is using old IM tsmUnsupportedTypeErr unSupported interface type error tsmUnknownErr any other errors tsmInvalidContext Invalid TSMContext specified in call tsmNoHandler No Callback Handler exists for callback tsmNoMoreTokens No more tokens are available for the source text tsmNoStem No stem exists for the token Mixed Mode error codes NameRegistry error codes nrLockedErr nrNotEnoughMemoryErr nrInvalidNodeErr nrNotFoundErr nrNotCreatedErr nrNameErr nrNotSlotDeviceErr nrDataTruncatedErr nrPowerErr nrPowerSwitchAbortErr nrTypeMismatchErr nrNotModifiedErr nrOverrunErr nrResultCodeBase nrPathNotFound a path component lookup failed nrPathBufferTooSmall buffer for path is too small nrInvalidEntryIterationOp invalid entry iteration operation nrPropertyAlreadyExists property already exists nrIterationDone iteration operation is done nrExitedIteratorScope outer scope of iterator was exited nrTransactionAborted transaction was aborted Icon Services error codes invalidIconRefErr The icon ref is not valid noSuchIconErr The requested icon could not be found Dynamic AppleScript errors errOSACantCoerce Signaled when a value can't be coerced to the desired type. errOSACantAccess Signaled when an object is not found in a container errOSACantAssign Signaled when an object cannot be set in a container. errOSAGeneralError Signaled by user scripts or applications when no actual error code is to be returned. errOSADivideByZero Signaled when there is an attempt to divide by zero errOSANumericOverflow Signaled when integer or real value is too large to be represented errOSACantLaunch Signaled when application can't be launched or when it is remote and program linking is not enabled errOSAAppNotHighLevelEventAware Signaled when an application can't respond to AppleEvents errOSACorruptTerminology Signaled when an application's terminology resource is not readable errOSAStackOverflow Signaled when the runtime stack overflows errOSAInternalTableOverflow Signaled when a runtime internal data structure overflows errOSADataBlockTooLarge Signaled when an intrinsic limitation is exceeded for the size of a value or data structure. errOSACantGetTerminology Static AppleScript errors errOSATypeError OSAMessageNotUnderstood Signaled when a message was sent to an object that didn't handle it OSAUndefinedHandler Signaled when a function to be returned doesn't exist. OSAIllegalAccess Signaled when a container can never have the requested object OSAIllegalIndex Signaled when index was out of range. Specialization of errOSACantAccess OSAIllegalRange Signaled when a range is screwy. Specialization of errOSACantAccess OSAIllegalAssign Signaled when an object can never be set in a container OSASyntaxError Signaled when a syntax error occurs. (e.g. "Syntax error" or "<this> can't go after <that>") OSASyntaxTypeError Signaled when another form of syntax was expected. (e.g. "expected a <type> but found <this>") OSATokenTooLong Signaled when a name or number is too long to be parsed OSAMissingParameter Signaled when a parameter is missing for a function invocation OSAParameterMismatch Signaled when function is called with the wrong number of parameters, or a parameter pattern cannot be matched OSADuplicateParameter Signaled when a formal parameter, local variable, or instance variable is specified more than once OSADuplicateProperty Signaled when a formal parameter, local variable, or instance variable is specified more than once. OSADuplicateHandler Signaled when more than one handler is defined with the same name in a scope where the language doesn't allow it OSAUndefinedVariable Signaled when a variable is accessed that has no value OSAInconsistentDeclarations Signaled when a variable is declared inconsistently in the same scope, such as both local and global errASCantConsiderAndIgnore errASCantCompareMoreThan32k Parser/Compiler errors: errASTerminologyNestingTooDeep errASIllegalFormalParameter errASParameterNotForEvent errASNoResultReturned The range -2780 thru -2799 is reserved for dialect specific error codes. (Error codes from different dialects may overlap.) The preferred spelling for Code Fragment Manager errors: cfragFirstErrCode The first value in the range of CFM errors. cfragContextIDErr The context ID was not valid. cfragConnectionIDErr The connection ID was not valid. cfragNoSymbolErr The specified symbol was not found. cfragNoSectionErr The specified section was not found. cfragNoLibraryErr The named library was not found. cfragDupRegistrationErr The registration name was already in use. cfragFragmentFormatErr A fragment's container format is unknown. cfragUnresolvedErr A fragment had "hard" unresolved imports. cfragNoPositionErr The registration insertion point was not found. cfragNoPrivateMemErr Out of memory for internal bookkeeping. cfragNoClientMemErr Out of memory for fragment mapping or section instances. cfragNoIDsErr No more CFM IDs for contexts, connections, etc. cfragInitOrderErr cfragImportTooOldErr An import library was too old for a client. cfragImportTooNewErr An import library was too new for a client. cfragInitLoopErr Circularity in required initialization order. cfragInitAtBootErr A boot library has an initialization function. (System 7 only) cfragLibConnErr cfragCFMStartupErr Internal error during CFM initialization. cfragCFMInternalErr An internal inconstistancy has been detected. cfragFragmentCorruptErr A fragment's container was corrupt (known format). cfragInitFunctionErr A fragment's initialization routine returned an error. cfragNoApplicationErr No application member found in the cfrg resource. cfragArchitectureErr A fragment has an unacceptable architecture. cfragFragmentUsageErr A semantic error in usage of the fragment. cfragFileSizeErr A file was too large to be mapped. cfragNotClosureErr The closure ID was actually a connection ID. cfragNoRegistrationErr The registration name was not found. cfragContainerIDErr The fragment container ID was not valid. cfragClosureIDErr The closure ID was not valid. cfragAbortClosureErr Used by notification handlers to abort a closure. cfragOutputLengthErr An output parameter is too small to hold the value. Reserved values for internal ";warnings". cfragFirstReservedCode cfragReservedCode_3 cfragReservedCode_2 fragContextNotFound fragConnectionIDNotFound fragSymbolNotFound fragSectionNotFound fragLibNotFound fragDupRegLibName fragFormatUnknown fragHadUnresolveds fragNoMem fragNoAddrSpace fragNoContextIDs fragObjectInitSeqErr fragImportTooOld fragImportTooNew fragInitLoop fragInitRtnUsageErr fragLibConnErr fragMgrInitErr fragConstErr fragCorruptErr fragUserInitProcErr fragAppNotFound fragArchError fragInvalidFragmentUsage invalidComponentID validInstancesExist componentNotCaptured componentDontRegister unresolvedComponentDLLErr invalidTranslationPathErr Source type to destination type not a valid path couldNotParseSourceFileErr Source document does not contain source type noTranslationPathErr badTranslationSpecErr buf2SmallErr noMPPErr ckSumErr extractErr readQErr atpLenErr atpBadRsp recNotFnd OpenTransport errors kOTNoError No Error occurred kOTOutOfMemoryErr OT ran out of memory, may be a temporary kOTNotFoundErr OT generic not found error kOTDuplicateFoundErr OT generic duplicate found error kOTBadAddressErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADADDR) A Bad address was specified kOTBadOptionErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADOPT) A Bad option was specified kOTAccessErr XTI2OSStatus(TACCES) Missing access permission kOTBadReferenceErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADF) Bad provider reference kOTNoAddressErr XTI2OSStatus(TNOADDR) No address was specified kOTOutStateErr XTI2OSStatus(TOUTSTATE) Call issued in wrong state kOTBadSequenceErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADSEQ) Sequence specified does not exist kOTSysErrorErr XTI2OSStatus(TSYSERR) A system error occurred kOTLookErr XTI2OSStatus(TLOOK) An event occurred - call Look() kOTBadDataErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADDATA) An illegal amount of data was specified kOTBufferOverflowErr XTI2OSStatus(TBUFOVFLW) Passed buffer not big enough kOTFlowErr XTI2OSStatus(TFLOW) Provider is flow-controlled kOTNoDataErr XTI2OSStatus(TNODATA) No data available for reading kOTNoDisconnectErr XTI2OSStatus(TNODIS) No disconnect indication available kOTNoUDErrErr XTI2OSStatus(TNOUDERR) No Unit Data Error indication available kOTBadFlagErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADFLAG) A Bad flag value was supplied kOTNoReleaseErr XTI2OSStatus(TNOREL) No orderly release indication available kOTNotSupportedErr XTI2OSStatus(TNOTSUPPORT) Command is not supported kOTStateChangeErr XTI2OSStatus(TSTATECHNG) State is changing - try again later kOTNoStructureTypeErr XTI2OSStatus(TNOSTRUCTYPE) Bad structure type requested for OTAlloc kOTBadNameErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADNAME) A bad endpoint name was supplied kOTBadQLenErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADQLEN) A Bind to an in-use addr with qlen > 0 kOTAddressBusyErr XTI2OSStatus(TADDRBUSY) Address requested is already in use kOTIndOutErr XTI2OSStatus(TINDOUT) Accept failed because of pending listen kOTProviderMismatchErr XTI2OSStatus(TPROVMISMATCH) Tried to accept on incompatible endpoint kOTResQLenErr XTI2OSStatus(TRESQLEN) kOTResAddressErr XTI2OSStatus(TRESADDR) kOTQFullErr XTI2OSStatus(TQFULL) kOTProtocolErr XTI2OSStatus(TPROTO) An unspecified provider error occurred kOTBadSyncErr XTI2OSStatus(TBADSYNC) A synchronous call at interrupt time kOTCanceledErr XTI2OSStatus(TCANCELED) The command was cancelled kEPERMErr Permission denied kENOENTErr No such file or directory kENORSRCErr No such resource kEINTRErr Interrupted system service kEIOErr I/O error kENXIOErr No such device or address kEBADFErr Bad file number kEAGAINErr Try operation again later kENOMEMErr Not enough space kEACCESErr Permission denied kEFAULTErr Bad address kEBUSYErr Device or resource busy kEEXISTErr File exists kENODEVErr No such device kEINVALErr Invalid argument kENOTTYErr Not a character device kEPIPEErr Broken pipe kERANGEErr Message size too large for STREAM kEWOULDBLOCKErr Call would block, so was aborted kEDEADLKErr or a deadlock would occur kEALREADYErr kENOTSOCKErr Socket operation on non-socket kEDESTADDRREQErr Destination address required kEMSGSIZEErr Message too long kEPROTOTYPEErr Protocol wrong type for socket kENOPROTOOPTErr Protocol not available kEPROTONOSUPPORTErr Protocol not supported kESOCKTNOSUPPORTErr Socket type not supported kEOPNOTSUPPErr Operation not supported on socket kEADDRINUSEErr Address already in use kEADDRNOTAVAILErr Can't assign requested address kENETDOWNErr Network is down kENETUNREACHErr Network is unreachable kENETRESETErr Network dropped connection on reset kECONNABORTEDErr Software caused connection abort kECONNRESETErr Connection reset by peer kENOBUFSErr No buffer space available kEISCONNErr Socket is already connected kENOTCONNErr Socket is not connected kESHUTDOWNErr Can't send after socket shutdown kETOOMANYREFSErr Too many references: can't splice kETIMEDOUTErr Connection timed out kECONNREFUSEDErr Connection refused kEHOSTDOWNErr Host is down kEHOSTUNREACHErr No route to host kEPROTOErr XXX fill out missing codes XXX kETIMEErr kENOSRErr kEBADMSGErr kECANCELErr kENOSTRErr kENODATAErr kEINPROGRESSErr kESRCHErr kENOMSGErr kOTClientNotInittedErr kOTPortHasDiedErr kOTPortWasEjectedErr kOTBadConfigurationErr kOTConfigurationChangedErr kOTUserRequestedErr Color Picker errors firstPickerError invalidPickerType requiredFlagsDontMatch pickerResourceError cantLoadPicker cantCreatePickerWindow cantLoadPackage pickerCantLive colorSyncNotInstalled badProfileError kNSL68kContextNotSupported no 68k allowed kNSLSchedulerError A custom thread routine encountered an error kNSLBadURLSyntax URL contains illegal characters kNSLNoCarbonLib kNSLUILibraryNotAvailable The NSL UI Library needs to be in the Extensions Folder kNSLNotImplementedYet kNSLErrNullPtrError kNSLSomePluginsFailedToLoad (one or more plugins failed to load, but at least one did load; this error isn't fatal) kNSLNullNeighborhoodPtr (client passed a null neighborhood ptr) kNSLNoPluginsForSearch (no plugins will respond to search request; bad protocol(s)?) kNSLSearchAlreadyInProgress (you can only have one ongoing search per clientRef) kNSLNoPluginsFound (manager didn't find any valid plugins to load) kNSLPluginLoadFailed (manager unable to load one of the plugins) kNSLBadProtocolTypeErr (client is trying to add a null protocol type) kNSLNullListPtr (client is trying to add items to a nil list) kNSLBadClientInfoPtr (nil ClientAsyncInfoPtr; no reference available) kNSLCannotContinueLookup (Can't continue lookup; error or bad state) kNSLBufferTooSmallForData (Client buffer too small for data from plugin) kNSLNoContextAvailable (ContinueLookup function ptr invalid) kNSLRequestBufferAlreadyInList kNSLInvalidPluginSpec kNSLNoSupportForService kNSLBadNetConnection kNSLBadDataTypeErr kNSLBadServiceTypeErr kNSLBadReferenceErr kNSLNoElementsInList kNSLInsufficientOTVer kNSLInsufficientSysVer kNSLNotInitialized kDTPHoldJobErr kDTPStopQueueErr kDTPTryAgainErr ColorSync Result codes cmElementTagNotFound cmIndexRangeErr Tag index out of range cmCantDeleteElement cmFatalProfileErr cmInvalidProfile A Profile must contain a 'cs1 ' tag to be valid cmInvalidProfileLocation Operation not supported for this profile location cmCantCopyModifiedV1Profile Illegal to copy version 1 profiles that have been modified Profile Search Errors cmInvalidSearch Bad Search Handle cmSearchError cmErrIncompatibleProfile Other ColorSync Errors cmInvalidColorSpace Profile colorspace does not match bitmap type cmInvalidSrcMap Source pix/bit map was invalid cmInvalidDstMap Destination pix/bit map was invalid cmNoGDevicesError Begin/End Matching -- no gdevices available cmInvalidProfileComment Bad Profile comment during drawpicture cmRangeOverFlow Color conversion warning that some output color values over/underflowed and were clipped cmNamedColorNotFound NamedColor not found badFolderDescErr duplicateFolderDescErr noMoreFolderDescErr invalidFolderTypeErr duplicateRoutingErr routingNotFoundErr internalScrapErr duplicateScrapFlavorErr badScrapRefErr processStateIncorrectErr scrapPromiseNotKeptErr noScrapPromiseKeeperErr nilScrapFlavorDataErr scrapFlavorFlagsMismatchErr scrapFlavorSizeMismatchErr illegalScrapFlavorFlagsErr illegalScrapFlavorTypeErr illegalScrapFlavorSizeErr scrapFlavorNotFoundErr == noTypeErr AFP Protocol Errors afpAccessDenied Insufficient access privileges for operation afpAuthContinue Further information required to complete AFPLogin call afpBadUAM Unknown user authentication method specified afpBadVersNum Unknown AFP protocol version number specified afpBitmapErr Bitmap contained bits undefined for call afpCantMove Move destination is offspring of source, or root was specified afpDenyConflict Specified open/deny modes conflict with current open modes afpDirNotEmpty Cannot delete non-empty directory afpDiskFull Insufficient free space on volume for operation afpEofError Read beyond logical end-of-file afpFileBusy Cannot delete an open file afpFlatVol Cannot create directory on specified volume afpItemNotFound Unknown UserName/UserID or missing comment/APPL entry afpLockErr Some or all of requested range is locked by another user afpMiscErr Unexpected error encountered during execution afpNoMoreLocks Maximum lock limit reached afpNoServer Server not responding afpObjectExists Specified destination file or directory already exists afpObjectNotFound Specified file or directory does not exist afpParmErr A specified parameter was out of allowable range afpRangeNotLocked Tried to unlock range that was not locked by user afpRangeOverlap Some or all of range already locked by same user afpSessClosed Session closed afpUserNotAuth No AFPLogin call has successfully been made for this session afpCallNotSupported Unsupported AFP call was made afpObjectTypeErr File/Directory specified where Directory/File expected afpTooManyFilesOpen Maximum open file count reached afpServerGoingDown Server is shutting down afpCantRename AFPRename cannot rename volume afpDirNotFound Unknown directory specified afpIconTypeError Icon size specified different from existing icon size afpVolLocked Volume is Read-Only afpObjectLocked Object is M/R/D/W inhibited afpContainsSharedErr the folder being shared contains a shared folder afpIDNotFound afpIDExists afpDiffVolErr afpCatalogChanged afpSameObjectErr afpBadIDErr afpPwdSameErr Someone tried to change their password to the same password on a mantadory password change afpPwdTooShortErr The password being set is too short: there is a minimum length that must be met or exceeded afpPwdExpiredErr The password being used is too old: this requires the user to change the password before log-in can continue afpInsideSharedErr The folder being shared is inside a shared folder OR the folder contains a shared folder and is being moved into a shared folder OR the folder contains a shared folder and is being moved into the descendent of a shared folder. afpInsideTrashErr The folder being shared is inside the trash folder OR the shared folder is being moved into the trash folder OR the folder is being moved to the trash and it contains a shared folder afpPwdNeedsChangeErr The password needs to be changed afpPwdPolicyErr Password does not conform to servers password policy afpAlreadyLoggedInErr User has been authenticated but is already logged in from another machine (and that's not allowed on this server) AppleShare Client Errors afpBadDirIDType afpCantMountMoreSrvre The Maximum number of server connections has been reached afpAlreadyMounted The volume is already mounted NumberFormatting error codes numberFormattingNotANumberErr numberFormattingOverflowInDestinationErr numberFormattingBadNumberFormattingObjectErr numberFormattingSpuriousCharErr numberFormattingLiteralMissingErr numberFormattingDelimiterMissingErr numberFormattingEmptyFormatErr numberFormattingBadFormatErr numberFormattingBadOptionsErr numberFormattingBadTokenErr numberFormattingUnOrderedCurrencyRangeErr numberFormattingBadCurrencyPositionErr numberFormattingNotADigitErr deprecated misspelled versions: numberFormattingUnOrdredCurrencyRangeErr textParserBadParamErr textParserObjectNotFoundErr textParserBadTokenValueErr textParserBadParserObjectErr textParserParamErr textParserNoMoreTextErr textParserBadTextLanguageErr textParserBadTextEncodingErr textParserNoSuchTokenFoundErr errUnknownAttributeTag errMarginWilllNotFit errNotInImagingMode errAlreadyInImagingMode errEngineNotFound errIteratorReachedEnd errInvalidRange errOffsetNotOnElementBounday errNoHiliteText errEmptyScrap errReadOnlyText errUnknownElement errNonContiuousAttribute hrHTMLRenderingLibNotInstalledErr hrMiscellaneousExceptionErr hrUnableToResizeHandleErr errIANoErr errIAUnknownErr errIAAllocationErr errIAParamErr errIANoMoreItems errIABufferTooSmall errIACanceled errIAInvalidDocument errIATextExtractionErr QuickTime Streaming Errors qtsBadSelectorErr qtsBadStateErr qtsBadDataErr something is wrong with the data qtsUnsupportedDataTypeErr qtsUnsupportedRateErr qtsUnsupportedFeatureErr qtsTooMuchDataErr qtsUnknownValueErr qtsTimeoutErr qtsConnectionFailedErr Gestalt error codes gestaltUnknownErr value returned if Gestalt doesn't know the answer gestaltUndefSelectorErr undefined selector was passed to Gestalt gestaltDupSelectorErr tried to add an entry that already existed menuPropertyInvalidErr invalid property creator menuPropertyInvalid "menuPropertyInvalid" is deprecated menuPropertyNotFoundErr specified property wasn't found menuNotFoundErr specified menu or menu ID wasn't found menuUsesSystemDefErr GetMenuDefinition failed because the menu uses the system MDEF menuItemNotFoundErr specified menu item wasn't found errInvalidWindowPtr tried to pass a bad WindowRef argument errInvalidWindowRef tried to pass a bad WindowRef argument errUnsupportedWindowAttributesForClass tried to create a window with WindowAttributes not supported by the WindowClass errWindowDoesNotHaveProxy tried to do something requiring a proxy to a window which doesnIt have a proxy errInvalidWindowProperty tried to access a property tag with private creator errWindowPropertyNotFound tried to get a nonexistent property errUnrecognizedWindowClass tried to create a window with a bad WindowClass errCorruptWindowDescription tried to load a corrupt window description (size or version fields incorrect) errUserWantsToDragWindow if returned from TrackWindowProxyDrag, you should call DragWindow on the window errWindowsAlreadyInitialized tried to call InitFloatingWindows twice, or called InitWindows and then floating windows errFloatingWindowsNotInitialized called HideFloatingWindows or ShowFloatingWindows without calling InitFloatingWindows errWindowNotFound returned from FindWindowOfClass errWindowDoesNotFitOnscreen ConstrainWindowToScreen could not make the window fit onscreen windowAttributeImmutableErr tried to change attributes which can't be changed windowAttributesConflictErr passed some attributes that are mutually exclusive windowManagerInternalErr something really weird happened inside the window manager windowWrongStateErr window is not in a state that is valid for the current action windowGroupInvalidErr WindowGroup is invalid windowAppModalStateAlreadyExistsErr we're already running this window modally windowNoAppModalStateErr there's no app modal state for the window errWindowDoesntSupportFocus kNavWrongDialogStateErr kNavWrongDialogClassErr kNavInvalidSystemConfigErr kNavCustomControlMessageFailedErr kNavInvalidCustomControlMessageErr collectionItemLockedErr collectionItemNotFoundErr collectionIndexRangeErr Display Manager error codes (-6220...-6269) kDMGenErr Unexpected Error Mirroring-Specific Errors kDMMirroringOnAlready Returned by all calls that need mirroring to be off to do their thing. kDMWrongNumberOfDisplays Can only handle 2 displays for now. kDMMirroringBlocked DMBlockMirroring() has been called. kDMCantBlock Mirroring is already on, canIt Block now (call DMUnMirror() first). kDMMirroringNotOn Returned by all calls that need mirroring to be on to do their thing. Other Display Manager Errors kSysSWTooOld Missing critical pieces of System Software. kDMSWNotInitializedErr Required software not initialized (eg windowmanager or display mgr). kDMDriverNotDisplayMgrAwareErr Video Driver does not support display manager. kDMDisplayNotFoundErr Could not find item (will someday remove). kDMNotFoundErr Could not find item. kDMDisplayAlreadyInstalledErr Attempt to add an already installed display. kDMMainDisplayCannotMoveErr Trying to move main display (or a display mirrored to it) kDMNoDeviceTableclothErr obsolete laTooSmallBufferErr output buffer is too small to store any result laEnvironmentBusyErr specified environment is used laEnvironmentNotFoundErr can't fint the specified environment laEnvironmentExistErr same name environment is already exists laInvalidPathErr path is not correct laNoMoreMorphemeErr nothing to read laFailAnalysisErr analysis failed laTextOverFlowErr text is too long laDictionaryNotOpenedErr the dictionary is not opened laDictionaryUnknownErr can't use this dictionary with this environment laDictionaryTooManyErr too many dictionaries laPropertyValueErr Invalid property value laPropertyUnknownErr the property is unknown to this environment laPropertyIsReadOnlyErr the property is read only laPropertyNotFoundErr can't find the property laPropertyErr Error in properties kUSBNoErr kUSBNoTran kUSBNoDelay kUSBNotSent2Err Transaction not sent kUSBNotSent1Err Transaction not sent kUSBBufUnderRunErr Host hardware failure on data out, PCI busy? kUSBBufOvrRunErr Host hardware failure on data in, PCI busy? kUSBRes2Err kUSBRes1Err kUSBUnderRunErr Less data than buffer kUSBOverRunErr Packet too large or more data than buffer kUSBWrongPIDErr Pipe stall, Bad or wrong PID kUSBPIDCheckErr Pipe stall, PID CRC error kUSBNotRespondingErr Pipe stall, No device, device hung kUSBEndpointStallErr Device didn't understand kUSBDataToggleErr Pipe stall, Bad data toggle kUSBBitstufErr Pipe stall, bitstuffing kUSBCRCErr Pipe stall, bad CRC kUSBQueueFull Internal queue maxxed kUSBNotHandled Notification was not handled (same as NotFound) kUSBUnknownNotification Notification type not defined kUSBInternalReserved10 kUSBInternalReserved9 kUSBInternalReserved8 kUSBInternalReserved7 kUSBInternalReserved6 kUSBInternalReserved5 kUSBInternalReserved4 kUSBInternalReserved3 kUSBInternalReserved2 kUSBPortDisabled The port you are attached to is disabled, use USBDeviceReset. kUSBQueueAborted Pipe zero stall cleared. kUSBTimedOut Transaction timed out. kUSBDeviceDisconnected Disconnected during suspend or reset kUSBDeviceNotSuspended device is not suspended for resume kUSBDeviceSuspended Device is suspended kUSBInvalidBuffer bad buffer, usually nil kUSBDevicePowerProblem Device has a power problem kUSBDeviceBusy Device is already being configured kUSBUnknownInterfaceErr Interface ref not recognised kUSBPipeStalledError Pipe has stalled, error needs to be cleared kUSBPipeIdleError Pipe is Idle, it will not accept transactions kUSBNoBandwidthError Not enough bandwidth available kUSBAbortedError Pipe aborted kUSBFlagsError Unused flags not zeroed kUSBCompletionError no completion routine specified kUSBPBLengthError pbLength too small kUSBPBVersionError Wrong pbVersion kUSBNotFound Not found kUSBOutOfMemoryErr Out of memory kUSBDeviceErr Device error kUSBNoDeviceErr No device kUSBAlreadyOpenErr Already open kUSBTooManyTransactionsErr Too many transactions kUSBUnknownRequestErr Unknown request kUSBRqErr Request error kUSBIncorrectTypeErr Incorrect type kUSBTooManyPipesErr Too many pipes kUSBUnknownPipeErr Pipe ref not recognised kUSBUnknownDeviceErr device ref not recognised dcmParamErr bad parameter dcmNotDictionaryErr not dictionary dcmBadDictionaryErr invalid dictionary dcmPermissionErr invalid permission dcmDictionaryNotOpenErr dictionary not opened dcmDictionaryBusyErr dictionary is busy dcmBlockFullErr dictionary block full dcmNoRecordErr no such record dcmDupRecordErr same record already exist dcmNecessaryFieldErr lack required/identify field dcmBadFieldInfoErr incomplete information dcmBadFieldTypeErr no such field type supported dcmNoFieldErr no such field exist dcmBadKeyErr bad key information dcmTooManyKeyErr too many key field dcmBadDataSizeErr too big data size dcmBadFindMethodErr no such find method supported dcmBadPropertyErr no such property exist dcmProtectedErr need keyword to use dictionary dcmNoAccessMethodErr no such AccessMethod dcmBadFeatureErr invalid AccessMethod feature dcmIterationCompleteErr no more item in iterator kRAInvalidParameter kRAInvalidPort kRAStartupFailed kRAPortSetupFailed kRAOutOfMemory kRANotSupported kRAMissingResources kRAIncompatiblePrefs kRANotConnected kRAConnectionCanceled kRAUnknownUser kRAInvalidPassword kRAInternalError kRAInstallationDamaged kRAPortBusy kRAUnknownPortState kRAInvalidPortState kRAInvalidSerialProtocol kRAUserLoginDisabled kRAUserPwdChangeRequired kRAUserPwdEntryRequired kRAUserInteractionRequired kRAInitOpenTransportFailed kRARemoteAccessNotReady kRATCPIPInactive TCP/IP inactive, cannot be loaded kRATCPIPNotConfigured TCP/IP not configured, could be loaded kRANotPrimaryInterface when IPCP is not primary TCP/IP intf. kRAConfigurationDBInitErr kRAPPPProtocolRejected kRAPPPAuthenticationFailed kRAPPPNegotiationFailed kRAPPPUserDisconnected kRAPPPPeerDisconnected kRAPeerNotResponding kRAATalkInactive kRAExtAuthenticationFailed kRANCPRejectedbyPeer kRADuplicateIPAddr kRACallBackFailed kATSUInvalidTextLayoutErr An attempt was made to use a ATSUTextLayout which hadn't been initialized or is otherwise kATSUInvalidStyleErr An attempt was made to use a ATSUStyle which hadn't been properly allocated or is otherwise kATSUInvalidTextRangeErr An attempt was made to extract information from or perform an operation on a ATSUTextLayout kATSUFontsMatched This is not an error code but is returned by ATSUMatchFontsToText() when changes need to kATSUFontsNotMatched This value is returned by ATSUMatchFontsToText() when the text contains Unicode characters which kATSUNoCorrespondingFontErr This value is retrned by font ID conversion routines ATSUFONDtoFontID() and ATSUFontIDtoFOND() kATSUInvalidFontErr Used when an attempt was made to use an invalid font ID. kATSUInvalidAttributeValueErr Used when an attempt was made to use an attribute with a bad or undefined value. kATSUInvalidAttributeSizeErr Used when an attempt was made to use an attribute with a bad size. kATSUInvalidAttributeTagErr Used when an attempt was made to use a tag value that was not appropriate for the function call it was used. kATSUInvalidCacheErr Used when an attempt was made to read in style data from an invalid cache. Either the format of the kATSUNotSetErr Used when the client attempts to retrieve an attribute, font feature, or font variation from a style when it kATSUNoStyleRunsAssignedErr Used when an attempt was made to measure, highlight or draw a ATSUTextLayout object that has no styleRuns associated with it. kATSUQuickDrawTextErr Used when QuickDraw Text encounters an error rendering or measuring a line of ATSUI text. kATSULowLevelErr Used when an error was encountered within the low level ATS mechanism performing an operation requested by ATSUI. kATSUNoFontCmapAvailableErr Used when no CMAP table can be accessed or synthesized for the font passed into a SetAttributes Font call. kATSUNoFontScalerAvailableErr Used when no font scaler is available for the font passed into a SetAttributes Font call. kATSUCoordinateOverflowErr Used to indicate the coordinates provided to an ATSUI routine caused a coordinate overflow (i.e. > 32K). kATSULineBreakInWord This is not an error code but is returned by ATSUBreakLine to indicate that the returned offset is within a word since there was kATSUBusyObjectErr An ATSUI object is being used by another thread kATSUInvalidFontFallbacksErr An attempt was made to use a ATSUFontFallbacks which hadn't been initialized or is otherwise general text errors kTextUnsupportedEncodingErr specified encoding not supported for this operation kTextMalformedInputErr in DBCS, for example, high byte followed by invalid low byte kTextUndefinedElementErr text conversion errors kTECMissingTableErr kTECTableChecksumErr kTECTableFormatErr kTECCorruptConverterErr invalid converter object reference kTECNoConversionPathErr kTECBufferBelowMinimumSizeErr output buffer too small to allow processing of first input text element kTECArrayFullErr supplied name buffer or TextRun, TextEncoding, or UnicodeMapping array is too small kTECBadTextRunErr kTECPartialCharErr input buffer ends in the middle of a multibyte character, conversion stopped kTECUnmappableElementErr kTECIncompleteElementErr text element may be incomplete or is too long for internal buffers kTECDirectionErr direction stack overflow, etc. kTECGlobalsUnavailableErr globals have already been deallocated (premature TERM) kTECItemUnavailableErr item (e.g. name) not available for specified region (& encoding if relevant) text conversion status codes kTECUsedFallbacksStatus kTECNeedFlushStatus kTECOutputBufferFullStatus output buffer has no room for conversion of next input text element (partial conversion) deprecated error & status codes for low-level converter unicodeChecksumErr unicodeNoTableErr unicodeVariantErr unicodeFallbacksErr unicodePartConvertErr unicodeBufErr unicodeCharErr unicodeElementErr unicodeNotFoundErr unicodeTableFormatErr unicodeDirectionErr unicodeContextualErr kUTCUnderflowErr kUTCOverflowErr codecErr noCodecErr codecUnimpErr codecSizeErr codecScreenBufErr codecImageBufErr codecSpoolErr codecAbortErr codecWouldOffscreenErr codecBadDataErr codecDataVersErr codecExtensionNotFoundErr scTypeNotFoundErr codecConditionErr codecOpenErr codecCantWhenErr codecCantQueueErr codecNothingToBlitErr codecNoMemoryPleaseWaitErr codecDisabledErr codec disabled itself -- pass codecFlagReenable to reset codecNeedToFlushChainErr lockPortBitsBadSurfaceErr lockPortBitsWindowMovedErr lockPortBitsWindowResizedErr lockPortBitsWindowClippedErr lockPortBitsBadPortErr lockPortBitsSurfaceLostErr codecParameterDialogConfirm codecNeedAccessKeyErr codec needs password in order to decompress codecOffscreenFailedErr codecDroppedFrameErr returned from ImageCodecDrawBand directXObjectAlreadyExists lockPortBitsWrongGDeviceErr kBadAdapterErr invalid adapter number kBadAttributeErr specified attributes field value is invalid kBadBaseErr specified base system memory address is invalid kBadEDCErr specified EDC generator specified is invalid kBadIRQErr specified IRQ level is invalid kBadOffsetErr specified PC card memory array offset is invalid kBadPageErr specified page is invalid kBadSizeErr specified size is invalid kBadSocketErr specified logical or physical socket number is invalid kBadTypeErr specified window or interface type is invalid kBadVccErr specified Vcc power level index is invalid kBadVppErr specified Vpp1 or Vpp2 power level index is invalid kBadWindowErr specified window is invalid kBadArgLengthErr ArgLength argument is invalid kBadArgsErr values in argument packet are invalid kBadHandleErr clientHandle is invalid kBadCISErr CIS on card is invalid kBadSpeedErr specified speed is unavailable kReadFailureErr unable to complete read request kWriteFailureErr unable to complete write request kGeneralFailureErr an undefined error has occurred kNoCardErr no PC card in the socket kUnsupportedFunctionErr function is not supported by this implementation kUnsupportedModeErr mode is not supported kBusyErr unable to process request at this time - try later kWriteProtectedErr media is write-protected kConfigurationLockedErr a configuration has already been locked kInUseErr requested resource is being used by a client kNoMoreItemsErr there are no more of the requested item kOutOfResourceErr Card Services has exhausted the resource kNoCardSevicesSocketsErr kInvalidRegEntryErr kBadLinkErr kBadDeviceErr k16BitCardErr kCardBusCardErr kPassCallToChainErr kCantConfigureCardErr kPostCardEventErr _PCCSLPostCardEvent failed and dropped an event kInvalidDeviceNumber kUnsupportedVsErr Unsupported Voltage Sense kInvalidCSClientErr Card Services ClientID is not registered kBadTupleDataErr Data in tuple is invalid kBadCustomIFIDErr Custom interface ID is invalid kNoIOWindowRequestedErr Request I/O window before calling configuration kNoMoreTimerClientsErr All timer callbacks are in use kNoMoreInterruptSlotsErr All internal Interrupt slots are in use kNoClientTableErr The client table has not be initialized yet kUnsupportedCardErr Card not supported by generic enabler kNoCardEnablersFoundErr No Enablers were found kNoEnablerForCardErr No Enablers were found that can support the card kNoCompatibleNameErr There is no compatible driver name for this device kClientRequestDenied CS Clients should return this code inorder to deny a request-type CS Event kNotReadyErr PC Card failed to go ready kTooManyIOWindowsErr device requested more than one I/O window kAlreadySavedStateErr The state has been saved on previous call kAttemptDupCardEntryErr The Enabler was asked to create a duplicate card entry kCardPowerOffErr Power to the card has been turned off kNotZVCapableErr This socket does not support Zoomed Video noDeviceForChannel grabTimeComplete cantDoThatInCurrentMode notEnoughMemoryToGrab notEnoughDiskSpaceToGrab couldntGetRequiredComponent badSGChannel seqGrabInfoNotAvailable deviceCantMeetRequest badControllerHeight editingNotAllowed controllerBoundsNotExact cannotSetWidthOfAttachedController controllerHasFixedHeight errAEBadKeyForm errAECantHandleClass errAECantSupplyType errAECantUndo errAEEventFailed errAEIndexTooLarge errAEInTransaction errAELocalOnly errAENoSuchTransaction errAENotAnElement errAENotASingleObject errAENotModifiable errAENoUserSelection errAEPrivilegeError errAEReadDenied errAETypeError errAEWriteDenied errAENotAnEnumMember enumerated value in SetData is not allowed for this property errAECantPutThatThere in make new, duplicate, etc. class can't be an element of container telGenericError telNoErr telNoTools no telephone tools found in extension folder telBadTermErr invalid TELHandle or handle not found telBadDNErr TELDNHandle not found or invalid telBadCAErr TELCAHandle not found or invalid telBadHandErr bad handle specified telBadProcErr bad msgProc specified telCAUnavail a CA is not available telNoMemErr no memory to allocate handle telNoOpenErr unable to open terminal telBadHTypeErr bad hook type specified telHTypeNotSupp hook type not supported by this tool telBadLevelErr bad volume level setting telBadVTypeErr bad volume type error telVTypeNotSupp volume type not supported by this tool telBadAPattErr bad alerting pattern specified telAPattNotSupp alerting pattern not supported by tool telBadIndex bad index specified telIndexNotSupp index not supported by this tool telBadStateErr bad device state specified telStateNotSupp device state not supported by tool telBadIntExt bad internal external error telIntExtNotSupp internal external type not supported by this tool telBadDNDType bad DND type specified telDNDTypeNotSupp DND type is not supported by this tool telFeatNotSub feature not subscribed telFeatNotAvail feature subscribed but not available telFeatActive feature already active telFeatNotSupp feature program call not supported by this tool telConfLimitErr limit specified is too high for this configuration telConfNoLimit no limit was specified but required telConfErr conference was not prepared telConfRej conference request was rejected telTransferErr transfer not prepared telTransferRej transfer request rejected telCBErr call back feature not set previously telConfLimitExceeded attempt to exceed switch conference limits telBadDNType DN type invalid telBadPageID bad page ID specified telBadIntercomID bad intercom ID specified telBadFeatureID bad feature ID specified telBadFwdType bad fwdType specified telBadPickupGroupID bad pickup group ID specified telBadParkID bad park id specified telBadSelect unable to select or deselect DN telBadBearerType bad bearerType specified telBadRate bad rate specified telDNTypeNotSupp DN type not supported by tool telFwdTypeNotSupp forward type not supported by tool telBadDisplayMode bad display mode specified telDisplayModeNotSupp display mode not supported by tool telNoCallbackRef no call back reference was specified, but is required telAlreadyOpen terminal already open telStillNeeded terminal driver still needed by someone else telTermNotOpen terminal not opened via TELOpenTerm telCANotAcceptable CA not "acceptable" telCANotRejectable CA not "rejectable" telCANotDeflectable CA not "deflectable" telPBErr parameter block error, bad format telBadFunction bad msgCode specified telNoTools = -10101, unable to find any telephone tools telNoSuchTool unable to find tool with name specified telUnknownErr unable to set config telNoCommFolder Communications/Extensions X not found telInitFailed initialization failed telBadCodeResource code resource not found telDeviceNotFound device not found telBadProcID invalid procID telValidateFailed telValidate failed telAutoAnsNotOn autoAnswer in not turned on telDetAlreadyOn detection is already turned on telBadSWErr Software not installed properly telBadSampleRate incompatible sample rate Power Manager Errors pmBusyErr Power Mgr never ready to start handshake pmReplyTOErr Timed out waiting for reply pmSendStartErr during send, pmgr did not start hs pmSendEndErr during send, pmgr did not finish hs pmRecvStartErr during receive, pmgr did not start hs kPowerHandlerExistsForDeviceErr kPowerHandlerNotFoundForDeviceErr kPowerHandlerNotFoundForProcErr kPowerMgtMessageNotHandled kPowerMgtRequestDenied kCantReportProcessorTemperatureErr kProcessorTempRoutineRequiresMPLib2 kNoSuchPowerSource debuggingExecutionContextErr routine cannot be called at this time debuggingDuplicateSignatureErr componentSignature already registered debuggingDuplicateOptionErr optionSelectorNum already registered debuggingInvalidSignatureErr componentSignature not registered debuggingInvalidOptionErr optionSelectorNum is not registered debuggingInvalidNameErr componentName or optionName is invalid (NULL) debuggingNoCallbackErr debugging component has no callback kHIDVersionIncompatibleErr kHIDSuccess kHIDInvalidRangePageErr kHIDReportIDZeroErr kHIDReportCountZeroErr kHIDReportSizeZeroErr kHIDUnmatchedDesignatorRangeErr kHIDUnmatchedStringRangeErr kHIDInvertedUsageRangeErr kHIDUnmatchedUsageRangeErr kHIDInvertedPhysicalRangeErr kHIDInvertedLogicalRangeErr kHIDBadLogicalMaximumErr kHIDBadLogicalMinimumErr kHIDUsagePageZeroErr kHIDEndOfDescriptorErr kHIDNotEnoughMemoryErr kHIDBadParameterErr kHIDNullPointerErr kHIDInvalidReportLengthErr kHIDInvalidReportTypeErr kHIDBadLogPhysValuesErr kHIDIncompatibleReportErr kHIDInvalidPreparsedDataErr kHIDNotValueArrayErr kHIDUsageNotFoundErr kHIDValueOutOfRangeErr kHIDBufferTooSmallErr kHIDNullStateErr kModemOutOfMemory kModemPreferencesMissing kTXNEndIterationErr kTXNCannotAddFrameErr kTXNInvalidFrameIDErr kTXNIllegalToCrossDataBoundariesErr kTXNUserCanceledOperationErr kTXNBadDefaultFileTypeWarning kTXNCannotSetAutoIndentErr kTXNRunIndexOutofBoundsErr kTXNNoMatchErr kTXNAttributeTagInvalidForRunErr dataValue is set to this per invalid tag kTXNSomeOrAllTagsInvalidForRunErr kTXNInvalidRunIndex kTXNAlreadyInitializedErr kTXNCannotTurnTSMOffWhenUsingUnicodeErr kTXNCopyNotAllowedInEchoModeErr kTXNDataTypeNotAllowedErr kTXNATSUIIsNotInstalledErr kTXNOutsideOfLineErr errKCNotAvailable errKCReadOnly errKCAuthFailed errKCNoSuchKeychain errKCInvalidKeychain errKCDuplicateKeychain errKCDuplicateCallback errKCInvalidCallback errKCDuplicateItem errKCItemNotFound errKCBufferTooSmall errKCDataTooLarge errKCNoSuchAttr errKCInvalidItemRef errKCInvalidSearchRef errKCNoSuchClass errKCNoDefaultKeychain errKCInteractionNotAllowed errKCReadOnlyAttr errKCWrongKCVersion errKCKeySizeNotAllowed errKCNoStorageModule errKCNoCertificateModule errKCNoPolicyModule errKCInteractionRequired errKCDataNotAvailable errKCDataNotModifiable kUCOutputBufferTooSmall Output buffer too small for Unicode string result kUCTSNoKeysAddedToObjectErr kMPIterationEndErr kMPPrivilegedErr kMPProcessCreatedErr kMPProcessTerminatedErr kMPTaskCreatedErr kMPTaskBlockedErr kMPTaskStoppedErr A convention used with MPThrowException. kMPBlueBlockingErr kMPDeletedErr kMPTimeoutErr kMPTaskAbortedErr kMPInsufficientResourcesErr kCollateAttributesNotFoundErr kCollateInvalidOptions kCollateMissingUnicodeTableErr kCollateUnicodeConvertFailedErr kCollatePatternNotFoundErr kCollateInvalidChar kCollateBufferTooSmall kFNSInvalidReferenceErr ref. was NULL or otherwise bad kFNSBadReferenceVersionErr ref. version is out of known range kFNSInvalidProfileErr profile is NULL or otherwise bad kFNSBadProfileVersionErr profile version is out of known range kFNSDuplicateReferenceErr the ref. being added is already in the profile kFNSMismatchErr reference didn't match or wasn't found in profile kFNSInsufficientDataErr insufficient data for the operation kFNSBadFlattenedSizeErr flattened size didn't match input or was too small kLocalesBufferTooSmallErr kLocalesTableFormatErr kALMInternalErr kALMGroupNotFoundErr kALMNoSuchModuleErr kALMModuleCommunicationErr kALMDuplicateModuleErr kALMInstallationErr kALMDeferSwitchErr kSSpInternalErr kSSpVersionErr kSSpCantInstallErr kSSpParallelUpVectorErr kNSpInitializationFailedErr kNSpAlreadyInitializedErr kNSpTopologyNotSupportedErr kNSpPipeFullErr kNSpHostFailedErr kNSpProtocolNotAvailableErr kNSpInvalidGameRefErr kNSpInvalidParameterErr kNSpOTNotPresentErr kNSpOTVersionTooOldErr kNSpMemAllocationErr kNSpAlreadyAdvertisingErr kNSpNotAdvertisingErr kNSpInvalidAddressErr kNSpFreeQExhaustedErr kNSpRemovePlayerFailedErr kNSpAddressInUseErr kNSpFeatureNotImplementedErr kNSpNameRequiredErr kNSpInvalidPlayerIDErr kNSpInvalidGroupIDErr kNSpNoPlayersErr kNSpNoGroupsErr kNSpNoHostVolunteersErr kNSpCreateGroupFailedErr kNSpAddPlayerFailedErr kNSpInvalidDefinitionErr kNSpInvalidProtocolRefErr kNSpInvalidProtocolListErr kNSpTimeoutErr kNSpGameTerminatedErr kNSpConnectFailedErr kNSpSendFailedErr kNSpMessageTooBigErr kNSpCantBlockErr kISpInternalErr kISpSystemListErr kISpBufferToSmallErr kISpElementInListErr kISpElementNotInListErr kISpSystemInactiveErr kISpDeviceInactiveErr kISpSystemActiveErr kISpDeviceActiveErr kDSpNotInitializedErr kDSpSystemSWTooOldErr kDSpInvalidContextErr kDSpInvalidAttributesErr kDSpContextAlreadyReservedErr kDSpContextNotReservedErr kDSpContextNotFoundErr kDSpFrameRateNotReadyErr kDSpConfirmSwitchWarning kDSpInternalErr kFBCvTwinExceptionErr no telling what it was kFBCnoIndexesFound kFBCallocFailed probably low memory kFBCbadParam kFBCfileNotIndexed kFBCbadIndexFile bad FSSpec, or bad data in file kFBCcompactionFailed V-Twin exception caught kFBCvalidationFailed V-Twin exception caught kFBCindexingFailed V-Twin exception caught kFBCcommitFailed V-Twin exception caught kFBCdeletionFailed V-Twin exception caught kFBCmoveFailed V-Twin exception caught kFBCtokenizationFailed couldn't read from document or query kFBCmergingFailed couldn't merge index files kFBCindexCreationFailed couldn't create index kFBCaccessorStoreFailed kFBCaddDocFailed kFBCflushFailed kFBCindexNotFound kFBCnoSearchSession kFBCindexingCanceled kFBCaccessCanceled kFBCindexFileDestroyed kFBCindexNotAvailable kFBCsearchFailed kFBCsomeFilesNotIndexed kFBCillegalSessionChange tried to add/remove vols to a session that has hits kFBCanalysisNotAvailable kFBCbadIndexFileVersion kFBCsummarizationCanceled kFBCindexDiskIOFailed kFBCbadSearchSession notAQTVRMovieErr constraintReachedErr callNotSupportedByNodeErr selectorNotSupportedByNodeErr invalidNodeIDErr invalidViewStateErr timeNotInViewErr propertyNotSupportedByNodeErr settingNotSupportedByNodeErr limitReachedErr invalidNodeFormatErr invalidHotSpotIDErr noMemoryNodeFailedInitialize streamingNodeNotReadyErr qtvrLibraryLoadErr themeInvalidBrushErr pattern index invalid themeProcessRegisteredErr themeProcessNotRegisteredErr themeBadTextColorErr themeHasNoAccentsErr themeBadCursorIndexErr themeScriptFontNotFoundErr theme font requested for uninstalled script system Control Manager Error Codes errMessageNotSupported errDataNotSupported errControlDoesntSupportFocus errUnknownControl errCouldntSetFocus errNoRootControl errRootAlreadyExists errInvalidPartCode errControlsAlreadyExist errControlIsNotEmbedder errDataSizeMismatch errControlHiddenOrDisabled errCantEmbedIntoSelf errCantEmbedRoot errItemNotControl controlInvalidDataVersionErr controlPropertyInvalid controlPropertyNotFoundErr kURLInvalidURLReferenceError kURLProgressAlreadyDisplayedError kURLDestinationExistsError kURLInvalidURLError kURLUnsupportedSchemeError kURLServerBusyError kURLAuthenticationError kURLPropertyNotYetKnownError kURLUnknownPropertyError kURLPropertyBufferTooSmallError kURLUnsettablePropertyError kURLInvalidCallError kURLFileEmptyError kURLExtensionFailureError kURLInvalidConfigurationError kURLAccessNotAvailableError badComponentInstance when cast to an OSErr this is -32767 dsBusError bus error dsAddressErr address error dsIllInstErr illegal instruction error dsZeroDivErr zero divide error dsChkErr check trap error dsOvflowErr overflow trap error dsPrivErr privilege violation error dsTraceErr trace mode error dsLineAErr line 1010 trap error dsLineFErr line 1111 trap error dsMiscErr miscellaneous hardware exception error dsCoreErr unimplemented core routine error dsIrqErr uninstalled interrupt error dsIOCoreErr IO Core Error dsLoadErr Segment Loader Error dsFPErr Floating point error dsNoPackErr package 0 not present dsNoPk1 package 1 not present dsNoPk3 package 3 not present dsNoPk4 package 4 not present dsNoPk5 package 5 not present dsNoPk6 package 6 not present dsNoPk7 package 7 not present dsMemFullErr out of memory! dsBadLaunch can't launch file dsFSErr file system map has been trashed dsStknHeap stack has moved into application heap negZcbFreeErr ZcbFree has gone negative dsFinderErr can't load the Finder error dsBadSlotInt unserviceable slot interrupt dsBadSANEOpcode bad opcode given to SANE Pack4 dsBadPatchHeader SetTrapAddress saw the n~come-fromi header menuPrgErr happens when a menu is purged dsMBarNFnd Menu Manager Errors dsHMenuFindErr Menu Manager Errors dsWDEFNotFound could not load WDEF dsCDEFNotFound could not load CDEF dsNoFPU an FPU instruction was executed and the machine doesnIt have one dsNoPatch Can't patch for particular Model Mac dsBadPatch Can't load patch resource dsParityErr memory parity error dsOldSystem System is too old for this ROM ds32BitMode booting in 32-bit on a 24-bit sys dsNeedToWriteBootBlocks need to write new boot blocks dsNotEnoughRAMToBoot must have at least 1.5MB of RAM to boot 7.0 dsBufPtrTooLow bufPtr moved too far during boot dsVMDeferredFuncTableFull VM's DeferUserFn table is full dsVMBadBackingStore Error occurred while reading or writing the VM backing-store file dsCantHoldSystemHeap Unable to hold the system heap during boot dsSystemRequiresPowerPC Startup disk requires PowerPC dsGibblyMovedToDisabledFolder For debug builds only, signals that active gibbly was disabled during boot. dsUnBootableSystem Active system file will not boot on this system because it was designed only to boot from a CD. dsMustUseFCBAccessors FCBSPtr and FSFCBLen are invalid - must use FSM FCB accessor functions dsMacOSROMVersionTooOld The version of the "Mac OS ROM" file is too old to be used with the installed version of system software dsLostConnectionToNetworkDisk Lost communication with Netboot server dsRAMDiskTooBig The RAM disk is too big to boot safely; will be turned off dsWriteToSupervisorStackGuardPage the supervisor stack overflowed into its guard page dsReinsert request user to reinsert off-line volume shutDownAlert handled like a shutdown error dsShutDownOrRestart user choice between ShutDown and Restart dsSwitchOffOrRestart user choice between switching off and Restart dsForcedQuit allow the user to ExitToShell, return if Cancel dsRemoveDisk request user to remove disk from manual eject drive dsDirtyDisk request user to return a manually-ejected dirty disk dsShutDownOrResume allow user to return to Finder or ShutDown dsSCSIWarn Portable SCSI adapter warning. dsMBSysError Media Bay replace warning. dsMBFlpySysError Media Bay, floppy replace warning. dsMBATASysError Media Bay, ATA replace warning. dsMBATAPISysError Media Bay, ATAPI replace warning... dsMBExternFlpySysError Media Bay, external floppy drive reconnect warning dsNoExtsMacsBug not a SysErr, just a placeholder dsNoExtsDisassembler not a SysErr, just a placeholder dsMacsBugInstalled say n~MacsBug Installedi dsDisassemblerInstalled say n~Disassembler Installedi dsExtensionsDisabled say n~Extensions Disabledi dsGreeting welcome to Macintosh greeting dsSysErr general system error old names here for compatibilityIs sake CDEFNFnd dsNotThe1 not the disk I wanted dsBadStartupDisk unable to mount boot volume (sad Mac only) dsSystemFileErr canIt find System file to open (sad Mac only) dsHD20Installed say n~HD20 Startupi mBarNFnd system error code for MBDF not found fsDSIntErr non-hardware Internal file system error hMenuFindErr could not find HMenu's parent in MenuKey (wrong error code - obsolete) userBreak user debugger break strUserBreak user debugger break; display string on stack DS Errors which are specific to the new runtime model introduced with PowerPC dsBadLibrary Bad shared library TO DO
* make some sensible export tags SOURCE AVAILABILITY
This source is part of a SourceForge project which always has the latest sources in CVS, as well as all of the previous releases. If, for some reason, I disappear from the world, one of the other members of the project can shepherd this module appropriately. AUTHOR
brian d foy, "<>" COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
Copyright (c) 2002-2007 brian d foy. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.12.5 2007-12-09 Errors(3)
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