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zipnote(1)						      General Commands Manual							zipnote(1)

zipnote - write the comments in zipfile to stdout, edit comments and rename files in zipfile SYNOPSIS
zipnote [-w] [-b path] [-h] [-v] [-L] zipfile ARGUMENTS
zipfile Zipfile to read comments from or edit. OPTIONS
-w Write comments to a zipfile from stdin (see below). -b path Use path for the temporary zip file. -h Show a short help. -v Show version information. -L Show software license. DESCRIPTION
zipnote writes the comments in a zipfile to stdout. This is the default mode. A second mode allows updating the comments in a zipfile as well as allows changing the names of the files in the zipfile. These modes are described below. EXAMPLES
To write all comments in a zipfile to stdout use for example zipnote > foo.tmp This writes all comments in the zipfile to the file foo.tmp in a specific format. If desired, this file can then be edited to change the comments and then used to update the zipfile. zipnote -w < foo.tmp The names of the files in the zipfile can also be changed in this way. This is done by following lines like "@ name" in the created temporary file (called foo.tmp here) with lines like "@=newname" and then using the -w option as above. BUGS
The temporary file format is rather specific and zipnote is rather picky about it. It should be easier to change file names in a script. Does not yet support large (> 2 GB) or split archives. SEE ALSO
zip(1), unzip(1) AUTHOR
Info-ZIP v3.0 of 8 May 2008 zipnote(1)

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zipnote(1)						      General Commands Manual							zipnote(1)

zipsplit - split a zipfile into smaller zipfiles SYNOPSIS
zipsplit [-t] [-i] [-p] [-s] [-n size] [-r room] [-b path] [-h] [-v] [-L] zipfile ARGUMENTS
zipfile Zipfile to split. OPTIONS
-t Report how many files it will take, but don't make them. -i Make index (zipsplit.idx) and count its size against first zip file. -n size Make zip files no larger than "size" (default = 36000). -r room Leave room for "room" bytes on the first disk (default = 0). -b path Use path for the output zip files. -p Pause between output zip files. -s Do a sequential split even if it takes more zip files. -h Show a short help. -v Show version information. -L Show software license. DESCRIPTION
zipsplit reads a zipfile and splits it into smaller zipfiles. EXAMPLES
To be filled in. BUGS
Does not yet support large (> 2 GB) or split archives. SEE ALSO
zip(1), unzip(1) AUTHOR
Info-ZIP v3.0 of 8 May 2008 zipnote(1)
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