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mdutil(1) [osx man page]

mdutil(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 mdutil(1)

mdutil -- manage the metadata stores used by Spotlight SYNOPSIS
mdutil [-pEsav] [-i on | off] mountPoint ... DESCRIPTION
The mdutil command is useful for managing the metadata stores for mounted volumes. The following options are available: -p Spotlight caches indexes of some network devices locally. This option requests that a local caches be flushed to the appropriate network device. -E This flag will cause each local store for the volumes indicated to be erased. The stores will be rebuilt if appropriate. -i on | off Sets the indexing status for the provided volumes to on or off. Note that indexing may be delayed due to low disk space or other condi- tions. -d Disables Spotlight searches on the provided volume. -s Display the indexing status of the listed volumes. -a Apply command to all volumes. -v Print verbose information when available. SEE ALSO
mdfind(1), mds(8), mdimport(1) Mac OS X September 1, 2005 Mac OS X

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MDDIAGNOSE(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					     MDDIAGNOSE(8)

mddiagnose -- gather information to aid in diagnosing Spotlight issues SYNOPSIS
mddiagnose -h mddiagnose [-f path] [-e path] [-p path] [-n] DESCRIPTION
The mddiagnose tool gathers system and Spotlight information in order to assist Apple when investigating issues related to Spotlight. A great deal of information is harvested, spanning system state, system and Spotlight details. What mddiagnose Collects: o A spindump of the system o Several seconds of top output o Individual samples of mds and mdworker o Paths for all files used by Spotlight to contain its database on every volume o All system logs o All spin and crash reports for the following processes: mds mdworker o Recent spin and crash reports for the following processes, for all local users: mds mdworker o The query text and result quality statistics for recent Spotlight searches. The actual results of the searches are not gathered o General information about disks and mounted network shares o The path of the last file indexed by each mdworker process on behalf of Spotlight. The path of the last file which resulted in a crash of an mdworker process. In each case, only the path is gathered, not the contents of the file o Spotlight configuration for each volume currently mounted on your system. This includes the path and size of all files used inter- nally by Spotlight as well as a listing of paths that are user excluded from indexing o Comprehensive information about internal state of Spotlight What mddiagnose Doesn't Collect: o No user data is harvested from any volume o No paths or files found by any search are returned o No database storage or user files are returned o No authentication credentials are harvested from the system OPTIONS
-h Print full usage. -m Gather a subset of the normal report. -f path Write the diagnostic to the specified path. -p path Gather Spotlight permissions and filter information. Run as owner of that file. EXIT STATUS
mddiagnose exits with status 0 if there were no internal errors encountered during the diagnostic, or >0 when an error unrelated to external state occurs or unusable input is provided by the user. Mac OS X 15 March 2011 Mac OS X
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