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mdimport(1) [osx man page]

mdimport(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       mdimport(1)

mdimport -- import file hierarchies into the metadata datastore. SYNOPSIS
mdimport [-VXLArgn] [-d level | category] [-w delay] file | directory DESCRIPTION
mdimport is used to test Spotlight plug-ins, list the installed plug-ins and schema, and re-index files handled by a plug-in when a new plug- in is installed. The following options are available: -g plugin Load the plugin at the provided path, ignoring system installed plugins. Useful for testing plugins that have not yet been installed. -V Print timing information for this run of mdimport. -A Print out the list of all of the attributes and their localizations in the current language and exit. -X Print the schema file and exit -r Ask the server to reimport files for UTIs claimed by the listed plugin. For example, the following would cause all of the chat files on the system to be reimported: mdimport -r /System/Library/Spotlight/Chat.mdimporter -p Print out performance information gathered during the run. -L Print the list of installed importers and exit. -d level Print debugging information. Level can be 1-4. -n Don't actually set the attributes on the file. Useful for debugging. -w msecs Wait for the specified interval between scanning files. NOTES
The -f switch is obsolete in Leopard and beyond. SEE ALSO
mdfind(1), mdutil(1), mdls(1) Mac OS X Oct 27, 2004 Mac OS X

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mdfind(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 mdfind(1)

mdfind -- finds files matching a given query SYNOPSIS
mdfind [-live] [-count] [-onlyin directory] [-name fileName] query DESCRIPTION
The mdfind command consults the central metadata store and returns a list of files that match the given metadata query. The query can be a string or a query expression. The following options are available: -0 Prints an ASCII NUL character after each result path. This is useful when used in conjunction with xargs -0. -live Causes the mdfind command to provide live-updates to the number of files matching the query. When an update causes the query results to change the number of matches is updated. The find can be cancelled by typing ctrl-C. -count Causes the mdfind command to output the total number of matches, instead of the path to the matching items. -onlyin dir Limit the scope of the search to the directory specified. -name fileName Searches for matching file names only. -literal Force the provided query string to be taken as a literal query string, without interpretation. -interpret Force the provided query string to be interpreted as if the user had typed the string into the Spotlight menu. For example, the string "search" would produce the following query string: (* = search* cdw || kMDItemTextContent = search* cdw) EXAMPLES
The following examples are shown as given to the shell. This returns all files with any metadata attribute value matching the string "image": mdfind image This returns all files that contain "MyFavoriteAuthor" in the kMDItemAuthor metadata attribute: mdfind "kMDItemAuthor == '*MyFavoriteAuthor*'" This returns all files with any metadata attribute value matching the string "skateboard". The find continues to run after gathering the initial results, providing a count of the number of files that match the query. mdfind -live skateboard To get a list of the available attributes for use in constructing queries, see mdimport(1), particularly the -X switch. SEE ALSO
mdimport(1), mdls(1), mdutil(1), xargs(1) Mac OS X June 10, 2004 Mac OS X
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