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iconutil(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       iconutil(1)

iconutil -- Utility to convert between '.iconset' and '.icns' files. SYNOPSIS
iconutil -c {icns | iconset} [-o file] file DESCRIPTION
iconutil converts between '.iconset' and '.icns' files. The tool takes a single source '.icns' file or '.iconset' and converts it to either a '.icns' or '.iconset' depending on the value of the -c flag's argument. It is possible to specify the name of the output file by passing the file path as the argument to the -o flag. If -o is not set iconutil will write converted '.icns' file or '.iconset' to the same directory as the source file using the same file name with the correct extension for the output type. OPTIONS
-c --convert {icns | iconset} Given the argument iconset, iconutil converts the source '.icns' file to an '.iconset'. The '.iconset' is saved in the same direc- tory as the source '.icns'. It is given the same file name as but with the '.iconset' file extension. If the argument is icns, iconutil converts the source '.iconset' to an '.icns'. The '.icns' is saved in the same directory as the source '.iconset'. It is given the same file name as the source file but with the '.iconset' file extension. -o --output Overrides the default output file name that iconutil uses to save the converted '.iconset' or '.icns' files. FILES
/usr/bin/iconutil Darwin June 2, 2019 Darwin

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geticonset(1x)                                                                                                                      geticonset(1x)

geticonset - gets the current Window Maker iconset SYNOPSIS
geticonset [options] [iconsetfile] DESCRIPTION
geticonset reads the WMWindowAttributes domain, and writes the iconset found there either to stdout or to iconsetfile. OPTIONS
--help print a help message --version print version number ENVIRONMENT
GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT specifies the initial path for the Defaults directory. "Defaults/" is appended to this variable to determine the actual location of the databases. If the varialbe is not set, it defaults to "~/GNUstep" FILES
GNUSTEP_USER_ROOT/Defaults/WMWindowAttributes is the actual file that's read. SEE ALSO
seticons(1x), wmaker(1x) AUTHOR
This man page was written by Marcelo Magallon <>. Window Maker was written by Alfredo K. Kojima <>. January 1999 geticonset(1x)
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