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dsmemberutil(1) [osx man page]

dsmemberutil(1) 					    BSD General Commands Manual 					   dsmemberutil(1)

dsmemberutil -- various operations for the membership APIs, including state dump, check memberships, UUIDs, etc. SYNOPSIS
dsmemberutil [-v] [-h] command [options] DESCRIPTION
dsmemberutil is a program that implements the membership API calls in a command line utility. FLAGS
A list of flags and their descriptions: -h Lists the options for calling dsmemberutil -v Causes dsmemberutil to operate in verbose mode. COMMANDS
The action of each command is described below: getuuid -ugUGsS value Takes any of the options and returns the associated UUID. getid -UGsSX value Takes any of the options and returns the associated UID or GID depending on option provided. getsid -ugUGX value Takes any of the options and returns the associated SID. checkmembership -uUxs param -gGXS param Returns if a user or group with the associated option is a member of the group. flushcache Flushes the current membership cache. Legacy commands such as dumpstate and statistics are gone. See odutil(1) for show cache and statistics operations. A list of options available. In some cases -xX and -sS can be used synonymously due to nature of the value. -u uid Using user with UID -U name Using user with name -s sid Using user with SID -x uuid Using user with UUID -g gid Using group with GID -G name Using group with name -S sid Using group with SID -X uuid Using group with UUID EXAMPLES
Get a user's uuid: % dsmemberutil getuuid -u 501 EEA4F2F6-B268-49E7-9C6F-E3C4A37DA4FD Get a group's uuid % dsmemberutil getuuid -g 0 ABCDEFAB-CDEF-ABCD-EFAB-CDEF00000000 Get a user's or group's id from a uuid % dsmemberutil getid -X ABCDEFAB-CDEF-ABCD-EFAB-CDEF0000000C gid: 12 Check a user's membership in a group (using UID and GID) % dsmemberutil checkmembership -u 501 -g 0 user is not a member of the group Check a user's membership in a group (using names) % dsmemberutil checkmembership -U root -G wheel user is a member of the group SEE ALSO
odutil(1), dseditgroup(1), dscacheutil(1) Darwin Jan 1, 2007 Darwin

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MBR_CHECK_MEMBERSHIP(3) 				   BSD Library Functions Manual 				   MBR_CHECK_MEMBERSHIP(3)

mbr_check_membership, mbr_check_service_membership -- check whether a user is a member of a group or service ACL SYNOPSIS
#include <membership.h> int mbr_check_membership(uuid_t user, uuid_t group, int *ismember); int mbr_check_service_membership(uuid_t user, const char *service, int *ismember); DESCRIPTION
mbr_check_membership() tests if a given user is a member of a group (either direct or indirect via a nested group). ismember is set to 1 if the user is a member or 0 if not a member of the group. mbr_check_service_membership() similarly tests if a given user is a member of a ser- vice ACL group. Service ACLs are special groups defined with the prefix "". The service is then prefixed (e.g., "afp" would check ""). There is a special group that grants accessto all services called "". Users may belong to any number of groups. mbr_check_membership() should always be used to check group membership, rather than calling getgroups(2) or getgrouplist(2). The setgroups(2) and getgroups(2) routines are limited to a fixed number of gids, and so may not include all of a user's groups. There are two special cases. If the two uuids are equal, then ismember is set to 1. If the group uuid is equal to the reserved "everyone" uuid (ABCDEFAB-CDEF-ABCD-EFAB-CDEF0000000C), then ismember will be set to 1 for any valid user. Group membership information is managed by opendirectoryd(8). RETURN VALUES
mbr_check_membership() does not test whether group exists or not. Querying membership for a nonexistent group will result in ismember being set to 0. The function returns 0 on success or one of the following error codes on failure: [EIO] Communication with opendirectoryd(8) failed. [ENOENT] user can not be found. mbr_check_service_membership() is identical to mbr_check_membership() except that ENOENT means no service ACL has been defined. SEE ALSO
odutil(1), setgroups(2), getgroups(2), mbr_uid_to_uuid(3), opendirectoryd(8) Mac OS X November 5, 2011 Mac OS X
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