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cancel(1)							    Apple Inc.								 cancel(1)

cancel - cancel jobs SYNOPSIS
cancel [ -E ] [ -U username ] [ -a ] [ -h hostname[:port] ] [ -u username ] [ -x ] [ id ] [ destination ] [ destination-id ] DESCRIPTION
cancel cancels existing print jobs. The -a option will remove all jobs from the specified destination. OPTIONS
The following options are recognized by cancel: -E Forces encryption when connecting to the server. -U username Specifies the username to use when connecting to the server. -a Cancel all jobs on the named destination, or all jobs on all destinations if none is provided. -h hostname[:port] Chooses an alternate server. -u username Cancels jobs owned by username. -x Deletes job data files in addition to canceling. COMPATIBILITY
Unlike the System V printing system, CUPS allows printer names to contain any printable character except SPACE, TAB, "/", or "#". Also, printer and class names are not case-sensitive. NOTES
Administrators wishing to prevent unauthorized cancellation of jobs via the -u option should require authentication for Cancel-Jobs opera- tions in cupsd.conf(5). SEE ALSO
lp(1), lpmove(8), lpstat(1), http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc. 21 January 2013 CUPS cancel(1)

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lprm(1) 							    Apple Inc.								   lprm(1)

lprm - cancel print jobs SYNOPSIS
lprm [ -E ] [ -U username ] [ -h server[:port] ] [ -P destination[/instance] ] [ - ] [ job ID(s) ] DESCRIPTION
lprm cancels print jobs that have been queued for printing. If no arguments are supplied, the current job on the default destination is cancelled. You can specify one or more job ID numbers to cancel those jobs or use the - option to cancel all jobs. OPTIONS
The lprm command supports the following options: -E Forces encryption when connecting to the server. -P destination[/instance] Specifies the destination printer or class. -U username Specifies an alternate username. -h server[:port] Specifies an alternate server. COMPATIBILITY
The CUPS version of lprm is compatible with the standard Berkeley lprm command. SEE ALSO
cancel(1), lp(1), lpq(1), lpr(1), lpstat(1), http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2013 by Apple Inc. 28 August 2009 CUPS lprm(1)
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