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XML2MAN(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						XML2MAN(1)

xml2man -- MPGL to mdoc (man page) translator SYNOPSIS
xml2man [-f] filename [output_filename] OPTIONS
The available options are as follows: -f Force destination file to be overwritten if it exists. filename the file to be processed output_filename the destination file ENVIRONMENT
This program was designed to convert Man Page Generation Language (MPGL) XML files into mdoc-based manual pages. The MPGL is a fairly direct translation of mdoc to XML. SEE ALSO
For more information on hdxml2manxml, see hdxml2manxml(1), Darwin August 28, 2002 Darwin

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mdoc-validate(1)					      General Commands Manual						  mdoc-validate(1)

mdoc validate - Validate XML documents against a schema SYNOPSIS
mdoc validate validates the specified PATHS against a specified format schema. OPTIONS
--format=FORMAT The documentation format to validate PATHS against. Supported formats include: ecma. See the FORMATS section below for more information about these formats. The default format (if none is specified) is ecma. -h, -?, --help Display a help message and exit. FORMATS
The following documentation formats are supported: ecma The Mono ECMA Documentation Format validates all output generated by mdoc-update(1) against an XML schema, including the index.xml, ns-*.xml, and NamespaceName/TypeName.xml files. See mdoc(5) for details about this file format. EXAMPLES
To validate the mdoc-update(1) output stored within a directory (and all documentation within that directory, recursively), use: mdoc validate /path/to/ecma/docs MAILING LISTS
Visit for details. WEB SITE
Visit for details mdoc-validate(1)
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