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vfragpg(8) [osf1 man page]

vfragpg(8)						      System Manager's Manual							vfragpg(8)

vfragpg - prints a single header page of a frag file SYNOPSIS
/sbin/advfs/vfragpg special page_LBN OPERANDS
Specifies the block special device name, such as /dev/disk/dsk2c. Specifies the logical block number of the page. DESCRIPTION
The vfragpg command allows you to see the structure of a single header page in a frag file. Use showfile -x /usr/.tags/1 to locate the logical block number of the page. RESTRICTIONS
You must have root user privileges to access this command. EXAMPLES
The following example shows the headers for the frag file with logical block number 10672 on the device /dev/disk/dsk3a: # vfragpg /dev/disk/dsk3a 10672 self 0 nextFreeGrp -1 fragType 6 freefrgs 14 ver 1 frag on free list : 43, nextFree = 49 frag on free list : 49, nextFree = 55 frag on free list : 55, nextFree = 61 frag on free list : 61, nextFree = 67 frag on free list : 67, nextFree = 73 frag on free list : 73, nextFree = 79 frag on free list : 79, nextFree = 85 frag on free list : 85, nextFree = 91 frag on free list : 91, nextFree = 97 frag on free list : 97, nextFree = 103 frag on free list : 103, nextFree = 109 frag on free list : 109, nextFree = 115 frag on free list : 115, nextFree = 121 frag on free list : 121, nextFree = -1 # SEE ALSO
advfs(4), showfile(8), shfragbf(8) vfragpg(8)

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URI::Split(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					     URI::Split(3)

URI::Split - Parse and compose URI strings SYNOPSIS
use URI::Split qw(uri_split uri_join); ($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag) = uri_split($uri); $uri = uri_join($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag); DESCRIPTION
Provides functions to parse and compose URI strings. The following functions are provided: ($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag) = uri_split($uri) Breaks up a URI string into its component parts. An "undef" value is returned for those parts that are not present. The $path part is always present (but can be the empty string) and is thus never returned as "undef". No sensible value is returned if this function is called in a scalar context. $uri = uri_join($scheme, $auth, $path, $query, $frag) Puts together a URI string from its parts. Missing parts are signaled by passing "undef" for the corresponding argument. Minimal escaping is applied to parts that contain reserved chars that would confuse a parser. For instance, any occurrence of '?' or '#' in $path is always escaped, as it would otherwise be parsed back as a query or fragment. SEE ALSO
Copyright 2003, Gisle Aas This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.16.3 2012-02-11 URI::Split(3)

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