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strsetup(8) [osf1 man page]

strsetup(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       strsetup(8)

strsetup - STREAMS setup and information command SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/strsetup [-cdfi] OPTIONS
Lists the current kernel configuration of STREAMS modules and devices. Any user can run the strsetup -c command. Deletes all character special files listed in the configuration file that do not map to currently configured STREAMS drivers. Specifies a file that contains the specifications to build third party or installation-specific character files for STREAMS-based drivers. It uses the same specification format as the strsetup.conf file. Creates the STREAMS-based special files appropriate for your kernel configuration. By default the strsetup command uses the information in the /etc/strsetup.conf file to build the STREAMS-based special files with the correct names, file permissions, and minor numbers. If the strsetup.conf file does not exist, the strsetup command defaults to creating clone character spe- cial files. The strsetup -i command is run automatically at boot time. DESCRIPTION
The strsetup command displays the setup of your STREAMS modules and creates the appropriate character special files for the STREAMS-based drivers in your kernel configuration. FILES
Default directory in which the -i option creates the pseudodevices SEE ALSO
Commands: netsetup(8) Files: strsetup.conf(4) System Administration strsetup(8)

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