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sys_attrs_vba_vipvic(7) [osf1 man page]

vme_manual_setup(7)					 Miscellaneous Information Manual				       vme_manual_setup(7)

vme_manual_setup, sys_attrs_vba_vipvic - Describes how to set up VIP/VIC-based Alpha VME systems for use on the VMEbus, including how to modify attributes of the vba_vipvic kernel subsystem DESCRIPTION
VMEbus setup allows you to run the operating system on the following VIP/VIC-based AXPvme and Alpha VME systems: AXPvme single-board computers (SBCs) Alpha VME 4/224 and 4/228 SBCs Alpha VME 5/352 and 5/480 SBCs Alpha VME 2100 system For information about installing the operating system on the listed systems, see the Installation Guide. For information about setting up UNIVERSE II-based Alpha VME systems for use on the VMEbus, see the sys_attrs_vba_univ(7) reference page. See System Configuration Supplement: OEM Platforms for detailed information about the use of the VMEbus on the listed systems, including the following topics: Configuring the vba_vipvic subsystem Configuring VMEbus A32 and A24 address spaces Configuring the VMEbus A16 address space Configuring VMEbus interrupts Using VMEbus hardware byte-swapping modes Sharing memory between big endian and little endian proces- sors Performing VMEbus slave block transfers Performing VMEbus master block transfers with local DMA Using the realtime interrupt-handling routine rt_post_callout The defaults supplied for various VMEbus parameters are listed below. The default values specified should provide proper VMEbus operation for most applications. Be careful when modifying these values; not all adapters support all fields. Parameter Default Meaning -------------------------------------------------------------------- VME_Br_Lev 0x03 Bus request level 3 for master cycles VIC_Arb_Mode 0x00 Arbitration mode is round robin VME_Fair_Req 0x00 VMEbus fair requester disabled VIC_Loc_Bus_To 0x05 Local bus timeout period is 256 microseconds VME_Bus_To 0x06 VMEbus timeout period is 512 microseconds VIC_Rel_Mode 0 Release mode is release on request (ROR) VIC_Syscon 1 System controller VMEbus reset is enabled VIC_Wrt_Post 0 Disable VIC master write posting VIC_DMA_Intrlv 15 DMA interleave gap is 3.75 microseconds (value * 250 nanoseconds) Lmt_DMA_Rd 0 No DMA read limit Lmt_DMA_Wrt 0 No DMA write limit Frce_Hw_DMA 0 Do not force hardware DMA engine fo SMP system A32_Base 0x08000000 A32 inbound DMA window base address A32_Size 0x8000000 A32 window size (128 MB) A24_Base 0x00C00000 A24 inbound DMA window base address A24_Size 0x400000 A24 window size (4 MB) A16_Base 0x00000100 A16 interprocessor communication base address A16_Mask 0x00000000 A16 interprocessor communication mask A24_A32_Ovrlap 1 Inbound A24/A32, if same space, overlap The following VMEbus interrupt parameters provide initial defaults that are later overwritten by system priority level (SPL) values sup- plied by the platform. See the values listed in System Configuration Supplement: OEM Platforms, or query the values at run time using the command sysconfig -q vba_vipvic. Parameter Default Meaning -------------------------------------------------------------------- Irq0_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ level to system SPL map Irq1_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 1 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Irq2_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 2 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Irq3_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 3 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Irq4_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 4 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Irq5_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 5 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Irq6_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 6 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Irq7_SPL 3 VMEbus IRQ 7 to SPL SPLDEVLOW Adapt_Blk_SPL 3 Adapter resource blocking SPL SPLDEVLOW DMA_Access_Space 0 Adapter MBLT I/O access: sparse RELATED INFORMATION
Interfaces: sys_attrs_vme_vba(7), sys_attrs_vba_univ(7), sysconfigdb(8), sys_attrs(5) System Configuration Supplement: OEM Platforms, Device Driver Kit manual Writing VMEbus Device Drivers delim off vme_manual_setup(7)
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