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intro(7) [osf1 man page]

intro(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual						  intro(7)

intro - Introduction to special files DESCRIPTION
Section 7 describes the special files, related driver functions, and networking support available in the system. In this section of the reference pages, the SYNOPSIS heading of each configurable device gives a sample specification for use in constructing a system description for the config program. The DIAGNOSTICS heading lists messages that may appear on the console and in the system error log file /usr/adm/syserr/syserr.hostname due to errors in device operation. Software support for configurable devices comes in two forms. A hardware device may be supported with a character or block device driver or, if used within the networking subsystem, may be supported with a network interface driver. There are some devices that have fixed input/output space CSR addresses and interrupt vector addresses. There are no address switches or jumpers that need to be set up by the customer or Field Service. Some reference pages in this section may contain suffixes to allow their files to exist with those of other reference pages having the same base name and section number. When used, suffixes are made up of one to four letters. See the man(1) reference page for more information on suffixes. FILES
Commands: MAKEDEV(8) delim off intro(7)

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lssf(1M)																  lssf(1M)

lssf - list a special file SYNOPSIS
special_file ... special_file DESCRIPTION
In the first form, lists information about a special file. For each special_file name, determines the major number of the special file and whether it is block or character (using It then scans the system for the device that is associated with the special file. When the device is found, the minor number of the special file is decoded. A mnemonic description of the minor number is printed on standard output along with the hardware path (in other words, address) of the device. Mnemonics used to describe the fields are closely related to the options used with (see mksf(1M)). In the second form, displays the list of stale device special files present in selected directories under the directory. In the third form, executes a Critical Resource Analysis (CRA) on the Options recognizes the following options: Displays the Critical Resource Analysis (CRA) of Displays the stale device special files present in the directories below, which contain special files for mass storage devices. The stale device special files correspond to nodes that have an entry in the system I/O configuration files but the corresponding device is not found. The device special files can either be legacy or persistent (see intro(7)). DIAGNOSTICS
Most diagnostic messages from are self explanatory. Listed below are some messages deserving further clarification. Warnings allow to continue. Warnings There is no information about the device in the kernel. The special file is not usable. Use to remove the special file (see rmsf(1M)). The major number associated with the special file is not in the kernel. Use to add the appropriate driver to the kernel (see kcmodule(1M)). The indicated device driver or device class is not present in the kernel. An of a special file pointing to an unusable device fails. To make the device usable, the appro- priate device driver and/or device class must be added to the kernel using If the device is no longer needed, should be used to remove the special files and update the system I/O configuration files. The file is not associated with an IO device. EXAMPLES
Suppose a special file is created with the command The command then produces: Suppose a special file is created with the command The command then produces: Display stale device special files: Display Critical Resource Analysis information for /dev/disk/disk7: AUTHOR
was developed by HP. FILES
I/O system special file I/O system configuration database I/O system configuration database SEE ALSO
insf(1M), kcmodule(1M), mksf(1M), rmsf(1M), intro(7). lssf(1M)

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