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utmp(4) 						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							   utmp(4)

utmp, wtmp - Login records SYNOPSIS
#include <utmp.h> DESCRIPTION
The utmp file records information about who is currently using the system. The file is a sequence of utmp entries, as defined in struct utmp in the utmp.h file. The utmp structure gives the name of the special file associated with the user's terminal, the user's login name, and the time of the login in the form of time(3). The ut_type field is the type of entry, which can specify several symbolic constant values. The symbolic constants are defined in the utmp.h file. The wtmp file records all logins and logouts. A null user name indicates a logout on the associated terminal. A terminal referenced with a tilde (~) indicates that the system was rebooted at the indicated time. The adjacent pair of entries with terminal names referenced by a vertical bar (|) or a right brace (}) indicate the system-maintained time just before and just after a date command has changed the sys- tem's time frame. The wtmp file is maintained by login(1) and init(8). Neither of these programs creates the file, so, if it is removed, record keeping is turned off. See ac(8) for information on the file. FILES
ac(8), init(8), last(8), lastcomm(8), login(1), who(1), wtmpconvert(8). delim off utmp(4)

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UTMP(5) 							File Formats Manual							   UTMP(5)

utmp, wtmp - logged in users, login and logout history SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <utmp.h> DESCRIPTION
The files /etc/utmp and /usr/adm/wtmp respectively contain the currently logged in users, and the history of logins and logouts. Each file is an array of the following structure defined in <utmp.h>: struct utmp { char ut_user[8]; /* user name */ char ut_line[12]; /* terminal name */ char ut_host[16]; /* host name, when remote */ time_t ut_time; /* login/logout time */ }; #define ut_name ut_user/* for compatibility with other systems */ The structure contains more fields than those listed, but they are only of interest to init and login. Note that the ut_name field is a compatibility alias for ut_user, it is actually better to use it. A login entry is completely specified. A logout entry has a null string for ut_name. A shutdown or reboot entry has an ut_line field con- taining a "~" (tilde). The ut_name field is usually the name of the program that did the shutdown, or "reboot" at reboot. This is a bit confusing, but note that there should always be two such entries. If you see just one entry then the system has crashed, if you see two entries then the system was properly shut down and later rebooted. FILES
/etc/utmp Currently logged in users. /usr/adm/wtmp History of logins and logouts. SEE ALSO
who(1), ttyslot(3). AUTHOR
Kees J. Bot ( UTMP(5)
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