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stl_ctrl(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						       stl_ctrl(4)

stl_ctrl - Software subset control files DESCRIPTION
Each software subset that is distributed for the setld command has an associated control file. This control file is created by the kits(1) utility. The control file's name consists of the subset name with the string .ctrl for a suffix. The control file contains attribute information for the subset. Once the subset has been installed on a system, the control file is placed in the usr/.smdb. directory. The attribute definitions in the file are stored one per line as attribute name/value pairs separated by equals signs (=). The attributes are: NAME The name (text description) of the product of which this subset is a component, as given by the NAME attribute defined in the prod- uct attributes section of the key file. DESC The text description of the subset, as given in the subset descriptor for this subset in the key file. ROOTSIZE The size in bytes that are used on the root file system. USRSIZE The size in bytes that are used on the usr file system. VARSIZE The size in bytes that are used on the ar file system. MTLOC Two integers separated by a colon (:). These integers are used by the setld utility to find the subset on tape media. The first number specifies the volume in the product tape set; the second is the location within that volume. The values established for this attribute by the kits utility are placeholders. The actual values are generated as the subset is being written to tape by the gen- tapes command. DEPS The dependency list for this subset. FLAGS The value specified by the flags field of this subset's record in the key file. EXAMPLES
The following example shows the contents of OATDCB100.ctrl, the control file for a hypothetical subset: NAME='Orpheus Authoring Tools OAT- DCB100' DESC='Document Building Tools' ROOTSIZE=12352 USRSIZE=43941 VARSIZE=8704 NVOLS=1:2 MTLOC=1:1 DEPS="." FLAGS=0 RELATED INFORMATION
gendisk(1), gentapes(1), kits(1), stl_key(4), setld(8) Guide to Preparing Product Kits delim off stl_ctrl(4)

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stl_key(5)							File Formats Manual							stl_key(5)

       stl_key - setld kit manufacturing key file

       The manufacturing key files are used by the software kitting program in producing software distribution packages in format.

       A  key file has a global data section and a subset descriptor section. The sections are separated by a line that is empty except for the %%
       character sequence.

       The global section contains the product level attributes of the product. Comments are permitted in this section. They begin with the number
       sign  (#)  character and end at the next newline character.  Attributes are specified by giving the attribute key, an equal sign (=), and a
       value for the attribute.  There must be no white space surrounding the equals sign (=). There are five attributes that must be present with
       non-null values. These are NAME, CODE, VERS, MI, and ROOT.  An explanation of each of the attributes follows:

	  NAME	    The name of the product. The value for NAME is a string of up to 40 characters.

	  CODE	    The 3-character product code for the product, for example, ULT.

	  VERS	    The 3-digit version code for the product, for example, 040.

	  MI	    The pathname of the master inventory file for the product.

	  ROOT	    A  flag with values of 0 or 1. It is used to determine if a ROOT image checksum should be computed for the product image file.
		    There is no ROOT image in any product other than ULTRIX. Set it to 0.

	  RXMAKE    A flag with values of 0 or 1. Setting it to 0 suppresses the manufacture of subset images for distribution on RX50	diskettes.
		    Omitting this attribute from the key file will cause the program to assume a default value of 1. Digital recommends setting it
		    to 0.

	  COMPRESS  A flag with values of 0 or 1. Setting it to 1 causes the subset images to be compressed  using  the  utility,  thereby  saving
		    space  on the distribution media. Setting it to 0 suppresses compression. Omitting this attribute from the key file will cause
		    the program to assign a default value of 0.

       The subset descriptor section contains one subset descriptor for each subset in the product. There is one subset  descriptor  per  line	in
       this section and comments are not permitted.

       A  subset  descriptor  contains subset-specific attributes in four fields separated by TAB (CTRL/I) characters. A description of each field

	  SUBSET    This field contains the name of the subset being described by the descriptor. The subset name is composed of the product code,
		    name and version code.

		    A list of subsets on which the described subset depends. If there are no such subsets, the period character (.) is used.  Mul-
		    tiple subset dependencies are separated by a vertical bar character (|).

	  FLAGS     A subset flags value. This is an integer. Bit 0 is used to mark the subset as irremovable. If bit 0 is set, can  never  delete
		    the  subset. Bit 1 is used to mark the subset as optional, otherwise it is mandatory and must be installed from the media when
		    encountered by

		    This is a description of the subset in 40 or fewer characters.  It is used in the menu that presents to a user installing  the
		    software. If spaces are desired in this field, the field must be enclosed in single quotes.

       The subset descriptors must be listed in the order in which the subsets are installed by

       The required attributes and default values are not optimal.

       Comments in the subset descriptor section will cause serious problems when encountered by the program.

       TAB formatting in the subset descriptors is tightly enforced by the program.

       This is an example key file:
	   #	 ULW400.k -
	   #	      ULTRIX WS V4.0 Server 2/2 (VAX) Mfg Key File
	   #	 "@(#)ULW400.k	2.2 (ULTRIX) 4/12/89"
	   #	 000  02-mar-1989    ccb
	   #	 Copy from V2.0 (VAX) Sources
	   #	 Revision update for V4.0

	   NAME='ULTRIX Worksystem Software V4.0'

	   UWSX11400  ULTINET400     0	  'X11/DECwindows User Environment'
	   UWSFONT400 UWSX11400 0    'X11/DECwindows 75dpi Fonts'
	   UWSFONT15400    .	2    'X11/DECwindows 100dpi Fonts'
	   UWSDECW400 .    2	'Optional DECwindows Applications'
	   UWSXDEV400 ULTPGMR400     2	  'Worksystems Development Software'
	   UWSMAN400  ULTDCMT400     2	  'UWS Manual Pages'

See Also
       kits(1), stl_comp(5), stl_ctrl(5), stl_image(5), setld(8)
       Guide to Preparing Software for Distribution on ULTRIX Systems

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