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xmmessageboxgetchild(3x) [osf1 man page]

XmMessageBoxGetChild(3X)												  XmMessageBoxGetChild(3X)

XmMessageBoxGetChild - A MessageBox function that is used to access a component SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/MessageB.h> Widget XmMessageBoxGetChild (widget, child) Widget widget; unsigned char child; DESCRIPTION
XmMessageBoxGetChild is used to access a component within a MessageBox. The parameters given to the function are the MessageBox widget and a value indicating which component to access. Specifies the MessageBox widget ID. Specifies a component within the MessageBox. The fol- lowing are legal values for this parameter: XmDIALOG_CANCEL_BUTTON XmDIALOG_DEFAULT_BUTTON XmDIALOG_HELP_BUTTON XmDIALOG_MESSAGE_LABEL XmDIALOG_OK_BUTTON XmDIALOG_SEPARATOR XmDIALOG_SYMBOL_LABEL For a complete definition of MessageBox and its associated resources, see XmMessageBox(3X). RETURN VALUE
Returns the widget ID of the specified MessageBox component. An application should not assume that the returned widget will be of any par- ticular class. SEE ALSO
XmMessageBox(3X) XmMessageBoxGetChild(3X)

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XmCreateMessageBox(3X)													    XmCreateMessageBox(3X)

XmCreateMessageBox - The MessageBox widget creation function SYNOPSIS
#include <Xm/MessageB.h> Widget XmCreateMessageBox (parent, name, arglist, argcount) Widget parent; String name; ArgList arglist; Cardinal argcount; DESCRIPTION
XmCreateMessageBox creates an unmanaged MessageBox. A MessageBox is used for common interaction tasks, which include giving information, asking questions, and reporting errors. It includes an optional symbol, a message, and three buttons. By default, there is no symbol. The default button labels are OK, Cancel, and Help. If the parent of the MessageBox is a DialogShell, use XtManageChild to pop up the MessageBox (passing the MessageBox as the widget parame- ter); use XtUnmanageChild to pop it down. Specifies the parent widget ID Specifies the name of the created widget Specifies the argument list Specifies the number of attribute/value pairs in the argument list (arglist) For a complete definition of MessageBox and its associated resources, see XmMessageBox(3X). RETURN VALUE
Returns the MessageBox widget ID. SEE ALSO
XmMessageBox(3X) XmCreateMessageBox(3X)
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