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DXmSvnGetHighlighted(3X)												  DXmSvnGetHighlighted(3X)

DXmSvnGetHighlighted - Retrieves (returns) a list of entries currently highlighted by the user. SYNOPSIS
void DXmSvnGetHighlighted( Widget widget, int *entries(), XtPointer *tags(), int len ); PARAMETERS
The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget. A pointer to an array of integers to receive the highlighted entry numbers. A pointer to an array of longwords to receive the application's entry_tag value for each highlighted entry. If tags are not required, a null pointer may be passed. An integer that represents the number of entries allocated in the provided array. DESCRIPTION
The DXmSvnGetHighlighted routine returns a list of entries that are currently highlighted by the user. Make this call in your application between calls to DXmSvnDisableDisplay and DXmSvnEnableDisplay to ensure that the highlighted list is not changing. The application is responsible for managing the memory used to return this list of highlighted entries. As such, note the following: At the minimum, the number of entries in the array should be capable of holding the number of entries indicated by the value returned from the DXmSvnGetNumHighlighted routine. If there are more entries in the array than the application will need, the SVN widget will set the value for those extra entries to 0. If the capacity of the arrays passed is less than the number of selected entries, only the number of entries allocated in the provided array (the value for len) will be returned. DXmSvnGetHighlighted(3X)

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DXmSvnDisableDisplay(3X)												  DXmSvnDisableDisplay(3X)

DXmSvnDisableDisplay - Temporarily disables the SVN widget from generating a display. SYNOPSIS
void DXmSvnDisableDisplay( Widget widget ); PARAMETERS
The identifier (widget ID) of the SVN widget. DESCRIPTION
The DXmSvnDisableDisplay routine allows your application to make changes to the SVN widget without the user making additional changes. For example, the DXmSvnDisableDisplay routine must be called when the user has selected to either expand or collapse an entry in the structure. No further user actions will be processed (because the SVN widget is temporarily disabled) until that expand or collapse operation has been completed and the DXmSvnEnableDisplay routine has been called (which re-enables the SVN widget and makes the changes visible to the user). The kinds of changes that can be implemented while the widget is disabled include the following: Calling the DXmSvnSelectAll or DXmSvn- ClearSelections routine to change selections Calling the DXmSvnAddEntries or DXmSvnDeleteEntries routine to change the underlying structure Changing the appearance of an entry (adding highlighting or sensitivity, for example) This routine is required only when the changes are not in response to an SVN callback. (The SVN widget automatically disables the SVN wid- get prior to issuing the callback and automatically enables the widget upon return.) SEE ALSO
DXmSvnEnableDisplay(3X) DXmSvnDisableDisplay(3X)
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