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apropos(1) [osf1 man page]

apropos(1)						      General Commands Manual							apropos(1)

apropos - Locates reference pages by keyword SYNOPSIS
apropos keyword... The apropos command shows which reference pages contain instances of any of the given keywords in their purpose lines. OPTIONS
Specifies the word(s) for which apropos should search. DESCRIPTION
In looking for keywords, apropos considers each word separately and ignores the case of letters. Words that are part of other words are also considered; thus, when looking for the word compile, apropos will also find all instances of compiler. If the output of the apropos command begins with a name and reference section number, you can enter man section name. For example, if the output of the apropos command is make(1u), you can enter man 1u make to obtain the reference page on System V version of the make command. The apropos command works just like the man command with the -k option. EXAMPLES
To find reference pages with the keyword password in the purpose line, enter: apropos password FILES
Keyword database. SEE ALSO
Commands: man(1), whatis(1), catman(8) apropos(1)

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apropos(1)							   User Commands							apropos(1)

apropos - locate commands by keyword lookup SYNOPSIS
apropos keyword... DESCRIPTION
The apropos utility displays the man page name, section number, and a short description for each man page whose NAME line contains keyword. This information is contained in the /usr/share/man/windex database created by catman(1M). If catman(1M) was not run, or was run with the -n option, apropos fails. Each word is considered separately and the case of letters is ignored. Words which are part of other words are considered; for example, when looking for `compile', apropos finds all instances of `compiler' also. apropos is actually just the -k option to the man(1) command. EXAMPLES
Example 1 To find a man page whose NAME line contains a keyword Try example% apropos password and example% apropos editor If the line starts `filename(section) ...' you can run man -s section filename to display the man page for filename. Example 2 To find the man page for the subroutine printf() Try example% apropos format and then example% man -s 3s printf to get the manual page on the subroutine printf(). FILES
/usr/share/man/windex table of contents and keyword database ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWdoc | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |CSI |Enabled | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
man(1), whatis(1), catman(1M), attributes(5) DIAGNOSTICS
/usr/share/man/windex: No such file or directory This database does not exist. catman(1M) must be run to create it. SunOS 5.11 20 Dec 1996 apropos(1)

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