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fmodsw(9s) [opensolaris man page]

fmodsw(9S)						    Data Structures for Drivers 						fmodsw(9S)

fmodsw - STREAMS module declaration structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> #include <sys/conf.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI) DESCRIPTION
The fmodsw structure contains information for STREAMS modules. All STREAMS modules must define a fmodsw structure. f_name must match mi_idname in the module_info structure. See module_info(9S). f_name should also match the module binary name. (See WARN- INGS.) All modules must set the f_flag to D_MP to indicate that they safely allow multiple threads of execution. See mt-streams(9F) for additional flags. STRUCTURE MEMBERS
char f_name[FMNAMESZ + 1]; /* module name */ struct streamtab *f_str; /* streams information */ int f_flag; /* flags */ SEE ALSO
mt-streams(9F), modlstrmod(9S), module_info(9S) STREAMS Programming Guide WARNINGS
If f_name does not match the module binary name, unexpected failures can occur. SunOS 5.11 14 Nov 2002 fmodsw(9S)

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qinit(9S)                                                   Data Structures for Drivers                                                  qinit(9S)

qinit - STREAMS queue processing procedures structure SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> INTERFACE LEVEL
Architecture independent level 1 (DDI/DKI) DESCRIPTION
The qinit structure contains pointers to processing procedures for a QUEUE. The streamtab structure for the module or driver contains pointers to one queue(9S) structure for both upstream and downstream processing. STRUCTURE MEMBERS
int (*qi_putp)(); /* put procedure */ int (*qi_srvp)(); /* service procedure */ int (*qi_qopen)(); /* open procedure */ int (*qi_qclose)(); /* close procedure */ int (*qi_qadmin)(); /* unused */ struct module_info *qi_minfo; /* module parameters */ struct module_stat *qi_mstat; /* module statistics */ SEE ALSO
queue(9S), streamtab(9S) Writing Device Drivers STREAMS Programming Guide NOTES
This release includes no support for module statistics. SunOS 5.10 11 Apr 1991 qinit(9S)
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