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sip(7p) [opensolaris man page]

sip(7P) 							     Protocols								   sip(7P)

sip - SIP Proxy/registrar/redirect server DESCRIPTION
Solaris supports deployment of VoIP/SIP services by providing an RFC 3261-compliant SIP proxy/registrar/redirect server called SER from See the ser(8) man page under /usr/sfw/man. FILES
/etc/sfw/ser/ser.cfg /etc/sfw/ser/README.solaris.ser /usr/sfw/share/doc/ser/README SunOS 5.11 29 July 2004 sip(7P)

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siproxd(8)							Debian Distribution							siproxd(8)

siproxd - SIP Registrar/Proxy/Redirect Server SYNOPSIS
-h, --help Help Display -d, --debug <pattern> Debugging -c, --config <configuration file> Use specified Config file -p, --pid-file <pidfile> Create specified pidfile (overwrites if exists) DESCRIPTION
This program is generally used to handle SIP telephony. It works well behind for clients behind a nat and can proxy for them. It can also be used as a sip registrar for internet telephony. FILES
/etc/siproxd.conf General Configuration File /etc/siproxd_passwd.cfg Password file siproxd Sip Server SEE ALSO
To ENABLE siproxd change the 0 to a 1 in /etc/default/siproxd. kphone(1), linphone(1) BUGS
Contact Thomas Ries <> or Dan Weber <>, for any bugs with this program. AUTHOR
This manpage was written by Dan Weber <>, 2004 MirrorLynx 2004-02-15 siproxd(8)
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