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1394(7d) [opensolaris man page]

ieee1394(7D)							      Devices							      ieee1394(7D)

ieee1394, firewire, 1394 - Solaris IEEE-1394 Architecture DESCRIPTION
IEEE-1394 provides a means for interconnecting devices in computer and home entertainment systems. (The IEEE-1394 architecture is also known as Firewire, an Apple Computer trademark, and i.Link, a Sony trademark). The most common IEEE-1394 devices are digital camcorders, mass-storage devices and cameras (including webcam-type devices). For more information on USB, refer to the 1394 Trade Association website at The Solaris IEEE-1394 architecture supports up to 63 hot-pluggable IEEE-1394 devices per IEEE-1394 bus. The maximum data transfer rate is 400 Mbits, depending on the capabilities of the attached device. The Solaris IEEE-1394 architecture supports devices implementing a number of different specifications. The basic behavior of the IEEE-1394 bus is described in the IEEE 1394-1995 and IEEE 1394a-2000 specifications. IEEE-1394 host controllers implementing the 1394 Open Host Controller Interface specification are supported. Camcorders implementing the IEC 61883 and 1394 Trade Association AV/C specifications are supported. Mass-storage devices implementing the ANSI SBP-2 specification are supported. Digital cameras implementing the 1394 Trade Association 1394-based Digital Camera (IIDC) specification are supported. FILES
Listed below are drivers and modules which either utilize or are utilized by the Solaris IEEE-1394 architecture. Drivers in /kernel/drv are 32 bit drivers (only). Drivers in /kernel/drv/sparcv9 or /kernel/drv/amd64 are 64 bit drivers. +--------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------+ | SUPPORT MODULE(S) | FUNCTION | +--------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------+ |/kernel/misc/[sparcv9|amd64/]s1394 | IEEE-1394 framework | +--------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------+ |/kernel/misc/[sparcv9|amd64/]sbp2 | Serial Bus Protocol-2 (SBP-2) | +--------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+ | TARGET DRIVER | DEVICE CLASS | +--------------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]s1394 | IEEE-1394 framework | +--------------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]scsa1394 | mass storage class | +--------------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]av1394 | camcorder (AV/C) class | +--------------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]dcam1394 | digital camera (IIDC) class | +--------------------------------------------------------+-----------------------------+ +--------------------------------------------------------+----------+ | HOST CONTROLLER INTERFACE DRIVER(S) | DEVICE | +--------------------------------------------------------+----------+ |/kernel/drv/[sparcv9|amd64/]hci1394 | Open HCI | +--------------------------------------------------------+----------+ ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Architecture |PCI-based systems | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNW1394, SUNW1394h, SUN- | | |Wav1394, SUNWscsa1394, SUN- | | |Wsbp2, SUNWfwdc, SUNWfwdcu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5), av1394(7D), dcam1394(7D), hci1394(7D), scsa1394(7D) IEEE 1394a Specification - 1394 Trade Association, 2000 IEEE 1394 Specification - 1394 Trade Association, 1995 NOTES
Booting from IEEE-1394 mass-storage devices is not supported, but may be possible if supported by the BIOS of the computer system. SunOS 5.11 30 August 2005 ieee1394(7D)
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