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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for pam_winbind (opensolaris section 7)

PAM_WINBIND(7)					7				   PAM_WINBIND(7)

       pam_winbind - PAM module for Winbind

       This tool is part of the samba(7) suite.

       pam_winbind is a PAM module that can authenticate users against the local domain by
       talking to the Winbind daemon.

       pam_winbind supports several options which can either be set in the PAM configuration
       files or in the pam_winbind configuration file situated at /etc/security/pam_winbind.conf.
       Options from the PAM configuration file take precedence to those from the configuration

	   Gives debugging output to syslog.

	   Gives detailed PAM state debugging output to syslog.

       require_membership_of=[SID or NAME]
	   If this option is set, pam_winbind will only succeed if the user is a member of the
	   given SID or NAME. A SID can be either a group-SID, an alias-SID or even an user-SID.
	   It is also possible to give a NAME instead of the SID. That name must have the form:
	   MYDOMAIN\\mygroup or MYDOMAIN\\myuser. pam_winbind will, in that case, lookup the SID
	   internally. Note that NAME may not contain any spaces. It is thus recommended to only
	   use SIDs. You can verify the list of SIDs a user is a member of with wbinfo


	   By default, pam_winbind tries to get the authentication token from a previous module.
	   If no token is available it asks the user for the old password. With this option,
	   pam_winbind aborts with an error if no authentication token from a previous module is

	   Set the new password to the one provided by the previously stacked password module. If
	   this option is not set pam_winbind will ask the user for the new password.

	   pam_winbind can authenticate using Kerberos when winbindd is talking to an Active
	   Directory domain controller. Kerberos authentication must be enabled with this
	   parameter. When Kerberos authentication can not succeed (e.g. due to clock skew),
	   winbindd will fallback to samlogon authentication over MSRPC. When this parameter is
	   used in conjunction with winbind refresh tickets, winbind will keep your Ticket
	   Granting Ticket (TGT) uptodate by refreshing it whenever necessary.

	   When pam_winbind is configured to try kerberos authentication by enabling the
	   krb5_auth option, it can store the retrieved Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT) in a
	   credential cache. The type of credential cache can be set with this option. Currently
	   the only supported value is: FILE. In that case a credential cache in the form of
	   /tmp/krb5cc_UID will be created, where UID is replaced with the numeric user id. Leave
	   empty to just do kerberos authentication without having a ticket cache after the logon
	   has succeeded.

	   Winbind allows to logon using cached credentials when winbind offline logon is
	   enabled. To use this feature from the PAM module this option must be set.

	   Do not emit any messages.

       wbinfo(1), winbindd(1M), smb.conf(4)

       This man page is correct for version 3.0 of Samba.

       The original Samba software and related utilities were created by Andrew Tridgell. Samba
       is now developed by the Samba Team as an Open Source project similar to the way the Linux
       kernel is developed.

       This manpage was written by Jelmer Vernooij and Guenther Deschner.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability	    | SUNWsmbar, SUNWsmbau |
       |Interface Stability | External		   |
       Source for Samba is available on http://opensolaris.org.

       Samba(7) delivers the set of four SMF(5) services as can be seen from the following

	    $ svcs samba wins winbind swat
	   disabled	  Apr_21   svc:/network/samba:default
	   disabled	  Apr_21   svc:/network/winbind:default
	   disabled	  Apr_21   svc:/network/wins:default
	   disabled	  Apr_21   svc:/network/swat:default

       where the services are:

	   runs the smbd daemon managing the CIFS sessions

	   runs the nmbd daemon enabling the browsing (WINS)

	   runs the winbindd daemon making the domain idmap

	   Samba Web Administration Tool is a service providing access to browser-based Samba
	   administration interface and on-line documentation.	The service runs on software
	   loopback network interface on port 901/tcp, i.e. opening "http://localhost:901/" in
	   browser will access the SWAT service on local machine.

       Please note: SWAT uses HTTP Basic Authentication scheme where user name and passwords are
       sent over the network in clear text. In the SWAT case the user name is root. Transferring
       such sensitive data is advisable only on the software loopback network interface or over
       secure networks.

Samba 3.0				    01/19/2009				   PAM_WINBIND(7)

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