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SUNW.SCTelemetry(5)		    Sun Cluster Miscellaneous		      SUNW.SCTelemetry(5)

       SUNW.SCTelemetry, SCTelemetry - resource type for collecting data on system resource usage

       SUNW.SCTelemetry  is  the  resource  type that enables you to collect data on the usage of
       system resources. SUNW.SCTelemetry stores system resource usage data in a Java DB database
       for  seven days. The resource of type SUNW.SCTelemetry has a dependency on the resource of
       type SUNW.derby. For more information, see the SUNW.derby(5) man page.

       The extension properties associated with the SUNW.SCTelemetry resource type  are  as  fol-


	   Specifies whether the extended accounting log file is cleaned up, that is whether his-
	   torical data is deleted. Possible values for Extended_accounting_cleanup are TRUE  and

	   Category		       Optional

	   Default		       TRUE

	   Tunable		       Anytime


	   Controls  fault-monitor  restarts. The property indicates the number of times that the
	   process monitor facility restarts the fault monitor.  The property corresponds to  the
	   -n  option  passed  to the pmfadm(1M) command. The Resource Group Manager (RGM) counts
	   the number of restarts in a specified  time	window.  See  the  Monitor_retry_interval
	   property for more information. Note that Monitor_retry_count refers to the restarts of
	   the fault monitor itself, not to the resource of type SUNW.SCTelemetry.

	   Category		       Optional

	   Default		       2

	   Tunable		       Anytime


	   Indicates the time window in minutes during which the RGM counts  fault-monitor  fail-
	   ures.  The property corresponds to the -t option passed to the pmfadm(1M) command.  If
	   the number  of  times  the  fault  monitor  fails  exceeds  the  value  of  the  Moni-
	   tor_retry_count property, the process monitor facility does not restart the fault mon-

	   Category		       Optional

	   Default		       2 minutes

	   Tunable		       Anytime


	   Specifies the timeout value, in seconds, for the probe.

	   Category		       Optional

	   Default		       30 seconds

	   Tunable		       Anytime


	   Specifies how often monitoring  data  is  collected.  The  Telemetry_sampling_interval
	   property must have a value of between 30 and 3600.

	   Category		       Mandatory

	   Default		       60

	   Tunable		       Anytime

       pmfadm(1M), SUNW.derby(5)

Sun Cluster 3.2 			   12 Jul 2005			      SUNW.SCTelemetry(5)
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