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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for sunw.derby (opensolaris section 5)

SUNW.derby(5)				      Sun Cluster Miscellaneous 				SUNW.derby(5)

SUNW.derby, derby - resource type implementation of the Java DB database
SUNW.derby is the failover resource type that enables you to use the Java DB database with Sun Cluster. The Java DB database is based on the Derby database. For information about the database, see http://db.apache.org/derby/. The extension properties associated with the SUNW.derby resource type are as follows: Child_mon_level(integer) Provides control over the processes that are monitored through the process monitor facility. This property denotes the level to which the forked children processes are monitored. Omitting this property or setting this property to the default value is the same as omitting the -C option for pmfadm(1M) (all children and their descendents are monitored). Category Optional Default -1 Tunable At creation DB_path(string) Specifies the location of the data file for the Java DB database. The value for DB_path is a string specifying PATH. The specified path should be a path controlled by your chosen storage, for example HAStoragePlus. Category Mandatory Default -1 Tunable At creation DB_port(integer) Specifies the port for the Java DB database. Category Mandatory Default 1527 Tunable At creation DB_probe_port(integer) Specifies the port that Sun Cluster uses to test the health of the server for the Java DB database. Category Mandatory Default 1528 Tunable At creation Monitor_retry_count(integer) Controls fault-monitor restarts. The property indicates the number of times that the process monitor facility restarts the fault monitor. The property corresponds to the -n option passed to the pmfadm(1M) command. The Resource Group Manager (RGM) counts the number of restarts in a specified time window (see Monitor_retry_interval). Note that Monitor_retry_count refers to the restarts of the fault monitor itself, not of the SUNW.derby resource. Category Optional Default 2 Tunable Anytime Monitor_retry_interval(integer) Indicates the time window in minutes during which the RGM counts fault-monitor failures. The property cor- responds to the -t option passed to the pmfadm(1M) command. If the number of times that the fault monitor fails exceeds the value of the extension property Monitor_retry_count, the process monitor facility does not restart the fault monitor. Category Optional Default 2 minutes Tunable Anytime Probe_timeout(integer) Specifies the timeout value, in seconds, for the probe command. Category Optional Default 30 seconds Tunable Anytime
pmfadm(1M) Sun Cluster 3.2 12 Nov 2005 SUNW.derby(5)

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