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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for sasl_appname.conf (opensolaris section 4)

sasl_appname.conf(4)			   File Formats 		     sasl_appname.conf(4)

       sasl_appname.conf - SASL options and configuration file


       The  /etc/sasl/appname.conf  file is a user-supplied configuration file that supports user
       set options for server applications.

       You can modify the behavior of libsasl and its plug-ins for server applications by  speci-
       fying  option  values  in  /etc/sasl/appname.conf  file,  where appname is the application
       defined name of the application. For sendmail, the file would be  /etc/sasl/Sendmail.conf.
       See your application documentation for information on the application name.

       Options	that you set in a appname.conf file do not override SASL options specified by the
       application itself.

       The format for each option setting is:


       You can comment lines in the file by using a leading #.

       The SASL library supports the following options for server applications:

       auto_transition		When set to yes, plain users and login plug-ins are automatically
				transitioned to other mechanisms when they do a successful plain-
				text authentication. The default value for auto_transition is no.

       auxprop_plugin		A space-separated list of names of auxiliary property plug-ins to
				use.  By  default, SASL will use or query all available auxiliary
				property plug-ins.

       canon_user_plugin	The name of the canonical user plug-in to use.	By  default,  the
				value  of  canon_user_plugin is INTERNAL, to indicated the use of
				built-in plug-ins..

       log_level		An integer value for the desired level of logging for  a  server,
				as   defined   in  <sasl.h>.  This  sets  the  log_level  in  the
				sasl_server_params_t struct in /usr/include/sasl/saslplug.h.  The
				default value for log_level is 1 to indicate SASL_LOG_ERR.

       mech_list		Whitespace  separated list of SASL mechanisms to allow, for exam-
				ple, DIGEST-MD5 GSSAPI. The mech_list option is used to  restrict
				the mechanisms to a subset of the installed plug-ins. By default,
				SASL will use all available mechanisms.

       pw_check 		Whitespace separated list of mechanisms used to verify	passwords
				that  are  used  by  sasl_checkpass(3SASL). The default value for
				pw_check is auxprop.

       reauth_timeout		This SASL option is used by the server	DIGEST-MD5  plug-in.  The
				value  of  reauth_timeout is the length in time (in minutes) that
				authentication information will be cached for a fast reauthoriza-
				tion.  A  value  of  0	will disable reauthorization. The default
				value of reauth_timeout is 1440 (24 hours).

       server_load_mech_list	A space separated list of mechanisms to load. If in  the  process
				of  loading  server plug-ns no desired mechanisms are included in
				the plug-in, the plug-in will be unloaded. By default, SASL loads
				all server plug-ins.

       user_authid		If  the value of user_authid is yes, then the GSSAPI will acquire
				the client credentials rather than use	the  default  credentials
				when  it  creates  the	GSS  client security context. The default
				value of user_authid is no, whereby SASL uses the default  client
				Kerberos identity.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Interface Stability	     |Evolving			   |


SunOS 5.11				   14 Oct 2003			     sasl_appname.conf(4)

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