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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for registration_profile (opensolaris section 4)

registration_profile(4) 			     File Formats			      registration_profile(4)

registration_profile - template for Basic Registration information
The registration profile is a template for the information provided for Basic Registration. The information in this template is consumed by the sconadm(1M) utility. sconadm is the command-line alternative to the Basic Registration GUI. An example of the registration profile template is provided in /usr/lib/breg/data/RegistrationProfile.proper- ties. This file is owned by root, with read-only permissions. As root, you can copy the file to a location of your choosing and edit the file. The registration profile template contains the following properties: userName= password= hostName= subscriptionKey= portalEnabled= proxyHostName= proxyPort= proxyUserName= proxyPassword= Values are not required for every property. The filling in or leaving blank a property depends on the task you intend to perform. Possible tasks are registering a new system, reregistering a system, and establishing a proxy. See sconadm(1M) for examples. The properties defined for a registration template are as follows: userName Corresponds to Sun Online Account user name. password Corresponds to Sun Online Account password. hostName Hostname of the machine to be registered (defaults to Unix host name, if not provided). subscriptionKey Enable access to all updates by providing your Sun Subscription Key for entitlement. Note - The Sun Subscription Key is now known as the Sun Service Plan Number. However, the name of this field (subscriptionKey) remains unchanged. portalEnabled If true, enable local client to be managed at the Sun-hosted Update Connection Service. If false, disable local client to be managed at the Sun-hosted Update Connection Service. proxyHostName Your HTTP web proxy host name. proxyPort Your HTTP web proxy port number. proxyUserName Your HTTP web proxy user name. proxyPassword Your HTTP web proxy password.
Example 1 Sample Registration Profile Below are the contents of a sample registration profile. Such a profile might be used to specify a proxy server with authentication. userName= password= hostName= subscriptionKey= portalEnabled= proxyHostName=webcache.mycompany.com proxyPort=8080 proxyUserName=myCompanyProxyUserName proxyPassword=myCompanyProxyPassword
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWbrg | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Stable | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+
sconadm(1M), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 27 Feb 2006 registration_profile(4)

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