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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for device_maps (opensolaris section 4)

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device_maps(4)				   File Formats 			   device_maps(4)

       device_maps - device_maps file


       The  device_maps file contains access control information about each physical device. Each
       device is represented by a one line entry of the form:

	 device-name : device-type : device-list :



	   This is an arbitrary ASCII string naming the physical device. This field  contains  no
	   embedded white space or non-printable characters.


	   This  is  an arbitrary ASCII string naming the generic device type. This field identi-
	   fies and groups together devices of like type. This field contains no  embedded  white
	   space or non-printable characters.


	   This  is  a list of the device special files associated with the physical device. This
	   field contains valid device special file path names separated by white space.

       The device_maps file is an ASCII file that resides in the /etc/security directory.

       Lines in device_maps can end with a `\' to continue an entry on the next line.

       Comments may also be included. A `#' makes a comment of all further text  until	the  next
       NEWLINE not immediately preceded by a `\'.

       Leading and trailing blanks are allowed in any of the fields.

       The device_maps file must be created by the system administrator bef\ore device allocation
       is enabled.

       This file is owned by root, with a group of sys, and a mode of 0644.

       Example 1 A Sample device_maps File

       The following is a sample device_maps file:

	 # scsi tape
	 /dev/rst21 /dev/nrst21 /dev/rst5 /dev/nrst5 /dev/rst13 \
	 /dev/nrst13 /dev/rst29 /dev/nrst29 /dev/rmt/1l /dev/rmt/1m \
	 /dev/rmt/1 /dev/rmt/1h /dev/rmt/1u /dev/rmt/1ln /dev/rmt/1mn \
	 /dev/rmt/1n /dev/rmt/1hn /dev/rmt/1un /dev/rmt/1b /dev/rmt/1bn:\

       /etc/security/device_maps    Contains access control information for devices.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |      ATTRIBUTE TYPE	     |	    ATTRIBUTE VALUE	   |
       |Interface Stability	     |Uncommitted		   |

       allocate(1), bsmconv(1M), deallocate(1), list_devices(1), dminfo(1M),  device_allocate(4),

       The  functionality  described  in this man page is available only if  Solaris Auditing has
       been enabled. See bsmconv(1M) for more information.

       On systems configured with Trusted Extensions, the functionality is enabled by default. On
       such systems, the device_allocate(4) file is updated automatically by the system.

SunOS 5.11				   30 Apr 2008				   device_maps(4)
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