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libsys(3lib) [opensolaris man page]

libsys(3LIB)							Interface Libraries						      libsys(3LIB)

libsys - system library SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag... ] file... -lsys [ library... ] DESCRIPTION
Functions in this library provide basic system services. This library is implemented as a filter on the C library (see libc(3LIB)). INTERFACES
The shared object provides the public interfaces defined below. See Intro(3) for additional information on shared object inter- faces. __ctype __huge_val _access _acct _alarm _altzone _catclose _catgets _catopen _chdir _chmod _chown _chroot _close _closedir _creat _daylight _dup _environ _execl _execle _execlp _execv _execve _execvp _exit _fattach _fchdir _fchmod _fchown _fcntl _fdetach _fork _fpathconf _fstat _fstatvfs _fsync _ftok _getcontext _getcwd _getegid _geteuid _getgid _getgrgid _getgrnam _getgroups _getlogin _getmsg _getpgid _getpgrp _getpid _getpmsg _getppid _getpwnam _getpwuid _getrlimit _getsid _gettxt _getuid _grantpt _initgroups _ioctl _isastream _kill _lchown _link _lseek _lstat _makecontext _memcntl _mkdir _mknod _mlock _mmap _mount _mprotect _msgctl _msgget _msgrcv _msgsnd _msync _munlock _munmap _nice _numeric _open _opendir _pathconf _pause _pipe _poll _profil _ptrace _ptsname _putmsg _putpmsg _read _readdir _readlink _readv _rename _rewinddir _rmdir _seekdir _semctl _semget _semop _setcontext _setgid _setgroups _setpgid _setpgrp _setrlimit _setsid _setuid _shmat _shmctl _shmdt _shmget _sigaction _sigaddset _sigaltstack _sigdelset _sigemptyset _sigfillset _sighold _sigignore _sigismember _siglongjmp _sigpause _sigpending _sigprocmask _sigrelse _sigsend _sigsendset _sigset _sigsetjmp _sigsuspend _stat _statvfs _stime _swapcontext _symlink _sync _sysconf _telldir _time _times _timezone _ttyname _tzname _ulimit _umask _umount _uname _unlink _unlockpt _utime _wait _waitid _waitpid _write _writev access acct alarm atexit calloc catclose catgets catopen chdir chmod chown chroot close closedir creat daylight dup environ execl execle execlp execv execve execvp exit fattach fchdir fchmod fchown fcntl fdetach fork fpathconf free fstat fstatvfs fsync ftok getcontext getcwd getegid geteuid getgid getgrgid getgrnam getgroups getlogin getmsg getpgid getpgrp getpid getpmsg getppid getpwnam getpwuid getrlimit getsid gettxt getuid grantpt initgroups ioctl isastream kill lchown link localeconv lseek lstat makecontext malloc memcntl mkdir mknod mlock mmap mount mprotect msgctl msgget msgrcv msgsnd msync munlock munmap nice open opendir pathconf pause pipe poll profil ptrace ptsname putmsg putpmsg read readdir readlink readv realloc remove rename rewinddir rmdir seekdir semctl semget semop setcontext setgid setgroups setlocale setpgid setpgrp setrlimit setsid setuid shmat shmctl shmdt shmget sigaction sigaddset sigaltstack sigdelset sigemptyset sigfillset sighold sigignore sigismember siglongjmp signal sigpause sigpending sigprocmask sigrelse sigsend sigsendset sigset sigsetjmp sigsuspend stat statvfs stime strcoll strerror strftime strxfrm swapcontext symlink sync sysconf system telldir time times timezone ttyname tzname ulimit umask umount uname unlink unlockpt utime wait waitid waitpid write writev The following interfaces are unique to the SPARC version of this library: .div .mul .rem .stret1 .stret2 .stret4 .stret8 .udiv .umul .urem _Q_add _Q_cmp _Q_cmpe _Q_div _Q_dtoq _Q_feq _Q_fge _Q_fgt _Q_fle _Q_flt _Q_fne _Q_itoq _Q_mul _Q_neg _Q_qtod _Q_qtoi _Q_qtos _Q_qtou _Q_sqrt _Q_stoq _Q_sub _Q_utoq __dtou __ftou The following interfaces are unique to the x86 version of this library: __flt_rounds _fp_hw _fpstart _fxstat _lxstat _nuname _sbrk _xmknod _xstat nuname sbrk FILES
/usr/lib/ shared object ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcsl | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
pvs(1), Intro(2), Intro(3), libc(3LIB), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 22 May 2003 libsys(3LIB)

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