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it_tpgt_create(3iscsit) [opensolaris man page]

it_tgt_create(3ISCSIT)					iSCSI Management Library Functions				    it_tgt_create(3ISCSIT)

it_tgt_create, it_tgt_setprop, it_tgt_delete, it_tpgt_create, it_tpgt_delete, it_tgt_free, it_tpgt_free - create, modify and delete iSCSI Targets SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag... ] file... -liscsit [ library... ] #include <libiscsit.h> int it_tgt_create(it_config_t **cfg, it_tgt_t **tgt, char *tgt_name); int it_tgt_setprop(it_config_t *cfg it_tgt_t *tgt, nvlist_t *proplist, nvlist_t **errlist); int it_tgt_delete(it_config_t *cfg, it_tgt_t *tgt, boolean_t force); int it_tpgt_create(it_config_t *cfg, it_tgt_t *tgt, it_tpgt_t **tpgt, char *tpg_name, uint16_t tpgt_tag); void it_tpgt_delete(it_config_t *cfg, it_tgt_t *tgt, it_tpgt_t *tpgt); void it_tgt_free(it_tgt_t *tgt); void it_tpgt_free(it_tpgt_t *tpgt); PARAMETERS
cfg a pointer to the iSCSI configuration structure tgt a pointer to an iSCSI target structure tgt_name the target node name for the target to be created. The name must be in either IQN or EUI format. If this value is NULL, a node name will be generated automatically in IQN format. proplist a pointer to an nvlist_t containing the target properties to be set errlist an optional pointer to an nvlist_t that will be used to store specific errors (if any) when validating target properties force a boolean value indicating if the target should be set to offline before removing it from the configuration. If not specified, the operation will fail if the target is determined to be online tpgt a pointer to a target portal group tag structure tpgt_name the name of the target portal group to be associated with this target portal group tag tpgt_tag a 16-bit numerical identifier for this target portal group tag. Valid values are 2 through 65535. If tpgt_tag is '0', it_tpgt_create() will assign an appropriate tag number. If tpgt_tag is != 0, and the requested tag number is unavailable, another value will be chosen. DESCRIPTION
The it_tgt_create() function allocates and creates an it_tgt_t structure representing a new iSCSI target node. If tgt_name is NULL, then a unique target node name will be generated automatically. Otherwise, the value of tgt_name will be used as the target node name. The new it_tgt_t structure is added to the target list (cfg_tgt_list) in the configuration structure. The it_tgt_setprop() function validates the provided property list and sets the properties for the specified target. If errlist is not NULL, this function returns detailed errors for each property that failed. The format for errlist is key = property, value = error string. The it_tgt_delete() function removes the target represented by tgt from the configuration. The tgt argument is an existing it_tgt_t struc- ture within the configuration cfg. The it_tpgt_create() function allocates and creates an it_tpgt_t structure representing a new iSCSI target portal group tag. The new it_tpgt_t structure is added to the target tpgt list (tgt_tpgt_list) in the it_tgt_t structure. The it_tpgt_delete() function removes the target portal group tag represented by tpgt, from the configuration. The tpgt argument is an existing is_tpgt_t structure within the target tgt. The it_tgt_free() function frees an it_tgt_t structure. If tgt->next is not NULL, this function frees all structures in the list. The it_tpgt_free() function deallocates resources of an it_tpgt_t structure. If tpgt->next is not NULL, this function frees all members of the list. Configuration changes as a result of these functions are not instantiated until the modified configuration is committed by calling it_con- fig_commit(3ISCSIT). Target nvlist properties are as follows: nvlist Key Type Valid Values ------------------------------------------------------------------- targetchapuser string any string, or none to remove targetchapsecret string string of at least 12 characters but not more than 255 characters. secret will be base64 encoded when stored. alias string any string or none to remove auth string radius, chap, or none RETURN VALUES
The it_tgt_create(), it_tgt_setprop(), it_tgt_delete(), it_tpgt_create(), and it_tpgt_delete() functions return 0 on success and an error value on failure. ERRORS
The it_tgt_create(), it_tgt_setprop(), it_tgt_delete(), it_tpgt_create(), and it_tpgt_delete() functions will fail if: E2BIG All tag numbers are already in use. EBUSY The target is online. EEXIST The requested target node name is already configured. EINVAL A parameter or property is invalid. ENOMEM Resources could not be allocated. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Committed | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
it_config_commit(3ISCSIT), it_ini_create(3ISCSIT), it_portal_create(3ISCSIT), it_tpg_create(3ISCSIT), libiscsit(3LIB), libnvpair(3LIB), libstmf(3LIB), attributes(5) SunOS 5.11 1 Oct 2008 it_tgt_create(3ISCSIT)
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