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filechooser(3i) [opensolaris man page]

FileChooser(3I) 					    InterViews Reference Manual 					   FileChooser(3I)

FileChooser - dialog box for choosing a file name SYNOPSIS
#include <InterViews/filechooser.h> DESCRIPTION
FileChooser is a StringChooser that provides a complete dialog box interface to selecting a file name. The interface consists of two lines of descriptive text, a StringEditor for entering the file name explicitly, a FileBrowser, and two PushButtons, one for accepting and one for canceling the dialog. PUBLIC OPERATIONS
FileChooser(const char* title, const char* subtitle, const char* dir, int rows, int cols, const char* acceptLabel, Alignment) FileChooser(const char* name, const char*, const char*, const char*, int, int, const char* accept, Alignment) Construct a new FileChooser with the given title and subtitle, search directory dir, FileBrowser size specification rows and cols, label for the accept PushButton acceptLabel, and pop-up alignment. These constructors create all the elements of the dialog box and compose them into a default layout. void SetTitle(const char*) void SetSubtitle(const char*) Change the text in title or the subtitle. The new text will appear immediately in the dialog when either function is called. void SelectFile() Highlight the text in the StringEditor. void Update() FileChooser's Update simply calls Update on the FileBrowser instance to rescan the current directory and update its appearance. PROTECTED OPERATIONS
FileChooser(ButtonState*, Alignment = Center) Construct a new FileChooser with the given button state and pop-up alignment without creating FileBrowser, StringEditor, title, sub- title, or PushButton instances. This constructor should be called in subclasses requiring a specialized StringEditor or File- Browser. FileChooser(ButtonState*, const char* dir, int rows, int cols, Alignment) Construct a new FileChooser (along with its StringEditor and its FileBrowser) with the given button state, search directory, File- Browser size specification, and pop-up alignment without composing them into the default layout and without creating the title, sub- title, or PushButtons. This constructor should be used by FileChooser subclasses that define a specialized look and feel. SEE ALSO
Button(3I), Dialog(3I), FileBrowser(3I), StringChooser(3I), StringEditor(3I) InterViews 30 November 1989 FileChooser(3I)

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