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nl_types.h(3HEAD)						      Headers							 nl_types.h(3HEAD)

nl_types.h, nl_types - native language data types SYNOPSIS
#include <nl_types.h> DESCRIPTION
This header contains the following definitions: nl_catd Used by the message catalog functions catopen, catgets and catclose to identify a catalog. nl_item Used by nl_langinfo to identify items of langinfo data. Values for objects of type nl_item are defined in <langinfo.h>. NL_SETD Used by gencat when no $set directive is specified in a message text source file. This constant can be used in subsequent calls to catgets as the value of the set identifier parameter. NL_MGSMAX Maximum number of messages per set. NL_SETMAX Maximum number of sets per catalog. NL_TEXTMAX Maximum size of a message. SEE ALSO
gencat(1), catgets(3C), catopen(3C), nl_langinfo(3C), langinfo.h(3HEAD) SunOS 5.11 3 Jul 1990 nl_types.h(3HEAD)

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catopen(3int)															     catopen(3int)

       catopen, catclose - open/close a message catalog

       #include <nl_types.h>

       nl_catd catopen (name, oflag)
       char *name;
       int oflag;

       int catclose (catd)
       nl_catd catd;

       The  function opens a message catalog and returns a catalog descriptor.	The parameter name specifies the name of the message catalog to be
       opened.	If name contains a slash (/), then name specifies a pathname for the message catalog.  Otherwise, the environment variable is used
       with name substituted for %N.  For more information, see in the ULTRIX Reference Pages.	If does not exist in the environment, or if a mes-
       sage catalog cannot be opened in any of the paths specified by the current directory is used.

       The oflag is reserved for future use and must be set to zero(0).  The results of setting this field to any other value are undefined.

       The function closes the message catalog identified by

       Using causes another file descriptor to be allocated by the calling process for the duration of the call.

Return Values
       If successful, returns a message catalog descriptor for use on subsequent calls to and If unsuccessful, returns ()-1.

       The function returns 0 if successful, otherwise -1.

See Also
       intro(3int), setlocale(3), catgetmsg(3int), catgets(3int), environ(5int), nl_types(5int)
       Guide to Developing International Software

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