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hba_getnumberofadapters(3hbaapi) [opensolaris man page]

HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(3HBAAPI)	      Common Fibre Channel HBA Information Library Functions		  HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(3HBAAPI)

HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters - report the number of HBAs known to the Common Library SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag... ] file... -lHBAAPI [ library... ] #include <hbaapi.h> HBA_UINT32 HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(void); DESCRIPTION
The HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters() function report the number of HBAs known to the Common Library. This number is the sum of the number of HBAs reported by each VSL loaded by the Common Library. RETURN VALUES
The HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters() function returns the number of adapters known to the Common Library will be returned. EXAMPLES
Example 1 Using HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters() numberOfAdapters = HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(); for (hbaCount = 0; hbaCount < numberOfAdapters; hbaCount++) { /* ... */ } ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-------------------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-------------------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Standard: FC-MI 1.92 (API version 1) | +-----------------------------+-------------------------------------+ | |Standard: FC-HBA Version 4 (API ver- | | |sion 2) | +-----------------------------+-------------------------------------+ |MT-Level |Safe | +-----------------------------+-------------------------------------+ SEE ALSO
libhbaapi(3LIB), attributes(5) T11 FC-MI Specification SunOS 5.11 1 Sep 2003 HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters(3HBAAPI)

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