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field_attributes(3form) [opensolaris man page]

field_attributes(3FORM) 												   field_attributes(3FORM)

form_field_attributes - color and attribute control for form fields SYNOPSIS
#include <form.h> int set_field_fore(FIELD *field, chtype attr); chtype field_fore(const FIELD *field); int set_field_back(FIELD *field, chtype attr); chtype field_back(const FIELD *field); int set_field_pad(FIELD *field, int pad); int field_pad(const FIELD *field); DESCRIPTION
The function set_field_fore sets the foreground attribute of field. This is the highlight used to display the field contents. The function field_fore returns the foreground attribute. The default is A_STANDOUT. The function set_field_back sets the background attribute of form. This is the highlight used to display the extent fields in the form. The function field_back returns the background attribute. The default is A_NORMAL. The function set_field_pad sets the character used to fill the field. The function field_pad returns the given form's pad character. The default is a blank. RETURN VALUE
These routines return one of the following: E_OK The routine succeeded. E_BAD_ARGUMENT Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument. E_SYSTEM_ERROR System error occurred (see errno). SEE ALSO
ncurses(3NCURSES) and related pages whose names begin "form_" for detailed descriptions of the entry points. NOTES
The header file <form.h> automatically includes the header file <curses.h>. PORTABILITY
These routines emulate the System V forms library. They were not supported on Version 7 or BSD versions. AUTHORS
Juergen Pfeifer. Manual pages and adaptation for new curses by Eric S. Raymond. field_attributes(3FORM)

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