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dlpi_open(3dlpi) [opensolaris man page]

dlpi_open(3DLPI)				  Data Link Provider Interface Library Functions				  dlpi_open(3DLPI)

dlpi_open - open DLPI link SYNOPSIS
cc [ flag ... ] file ... -ldlpi [ library ... ] #include <libdlpi.h> int dlpi_open(const char *linkname, dlpi_handle_t *dhp, uint_t flags); DESCRIPTION
The dlpi_open() function creates an open instance of the DLPI Version 2 link named by linkname and associates it with a dynamically-allo- cated dlpi_handle_t, which is returned to the caller in dhp upon success. The DLPI handle is left in the DL_UNBOUND DLPI state after a suc- cessful open of the DLPI link. The DLPI handles can only be used by one thread at a time, but multiple handles can be used by multiple threads. This function can open both DL_STYLE1 and DL_STYLE2 DLPI links. By default (if DLPI_DEVIPNET is not set in flags), the dlpi_open() function scans the /dev/net and /dev directories for DLPI links, in order. Within each scanned directory, dlpi_open() first looks for a matching DL_STYLE1 link, then for a matching DL_STYLE2 link. If provider is considered the linkname with its trailing digits removed, a matching DL_STYLE1 link has a filename of linkname, and a matching DL_STYLE2 link has a filename of provider. If a DL_STYLE2 link is opened, dlpi_open() automatically performs the necessary DLPI operations to place the DLPI link instance and the associated DLPI handle in the DL_UNBOUND state. See dlpi(7P) for the definition of linkname. If DLPI_DEVIPNET is set in flags, dlpi_open() opens the file linkname in /dev/ipnet as a DL_STYLE1 DLPI device and does not look in any other directories. The value of flags is constructed by a bitwise-inclusive-OR of the flags listed below, defined in <libdlpi.h>. DLPI_DEVIPNET Specify that the named DLPI device is an IP observability device (see ipnet(7D)), and dl_open() will open the device from the /dev/ipnet/ directory. DLPI_IPNETINFO This flag is applicable only when opening IP Observability devices (with DLPI_DEVIPNET or by opening the /dev/lo0 device). This flag causes the ipnet driver to prepend an ipnet header to each received IP packet. See ipnet(7D) for the contents of this header. DLPI_NATIVE Enable DLPI native mode (see DLIOCNATIVE in dlpi(7P)) on a DLPI link instance. Native mode persists until the DLPI handle is closed by dlpi_close(3DLPI). DLPI_PASSIVE Enable DLPI passive mode (see DL_PASSIVE_REQ in dlpi(7P)) on a DLPI link instance. Passive mode persists until the DLPI handle is closed by dlpi_close(3DLPI). DLPI_RAW Enable DLPI raw mode (see DLIOCRAW in dlpi(7P)) on a DLPI link instance. Raw mode persists until the DLPI handle is closed by dlpi_close(3DLPI). Each DLPI handle has an associated timeout value that is used as a timeout interval for certain libdlpi operations. The default timeout value ensures that DLPI_ETIMEDOUT is returned from a libdlpi operation only in the event that the DLPI link becomes unresponsive. The time- out value can be changed with dlpi_set_timeout(3DLPI), although this should seldom be necessary. RETURN VALUES
Upon success, DLPI_SUCCESS is returned. If DL_SYSERR is returned, errno contains the specific UNIX system error value. Otherwise, a DLPI error value defined in <sys/dlpi.h> or listed in the following section is returned. ERRORS
The dlpi_open() function will fail if: DLPI_EBADLINK Bad DLPI link DLPI_EIPNETINFONOTSUP The DLPI_IPNETINFO flag was set but the device opened does not support the DLIOCIPNETINFO ioctl. DLPI_ELINKNAMEINVAL Invalid DLPI linkname DLPI_ENOLINK DLPI link does not exist DLPI_ERAWNOTSUP DLPI raw mode not supported DLPI_ETIMEDOUT DLPI operation timed out DLPI_FAILURE DLPI operation failed ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for description of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Committed | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
dlpi_close(3DLPI), dlpi_set_timeout(3DLPI), libdlpi(3LIB), attributes(5), dlpi(7P), ipnet(7D) SunOS 5.11 17 Nov 2008 dlpi_open(3DLPI)
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