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SDL_Palette(3)				SDL API Reference			   SDL_Palette(3)

       SDL_Palette - Color palette for 8-bit pixel formats

       typedef struct{
	 int ncolors;
	 SDL_Color *colors;
       } SDL_Palette;

       ncolors		   Number of colors used in this palette

       colors		   Pointer to SDL_Color structures that make up the palette.

       Each pixel in an 8-bit surface is an index into the colors field of the SDL_Palette struc-
       ture store in SDL_PixelFormat. A SDL_Palette should never need to be created manually.  It
       is  automatically  created  when SDL allocates a SDL_PixelFormat for a surface. The colors
       values of a SDL_Surfaces palette can be set with the SDL_SetColors.

       SDL_Color, SDL_Surface, SDL_SetColors SDL_SetPalette

SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 23:01			   SDL_Palette(3)
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