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SDL_EnableUNICODE(3)			SDL API Reference		     SDL_EnableUNICODE(3)

       SDL_EnableUNICODE - Enable UNICODE translation

       #include "SDL.h"

       int SDL_EnableUNICODE(int enable);

       Enables/Disables Unicode keyboard translation.

       To  obtain the character codes corresponding to received keyboard events, Unicode transla-
       tion must first be turned on using this function. The translation incurs a slight overhead
       for  each  keyboard  event  and	is  therefore  disabled by default. For each subsequently
       received key down event, the unicode member of the SDL_keysym structure will then  contain
       the  corresponding character code, or zero for keysyms that do not correspond to any char-
       acter code.

       A value of 1 for enable enables Unicode translation; 0  disables  it,  and  -1  leaves  it
       unchanged (useful for querying the current translation mode).

       Note that only key press events will be translated, not release events.

       Returns the previous translation mode (0 or 1).


SDL				      Tue 11 Sep 2001, 22:59		     SDL_EnableUNICODE(3)
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