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genlib_phvia(3) [opensolaris man page]

GENLIB_PHVIA.3(October 1, 1997) 										   GENLIB_PHVIA.3(October 1, 1997)

GENLIB_PHVIA - place a physical via in the current figure at absolute coordinates SYNOPSYS
#include <genlib.h> void GENLIB_PHVIA(type, x, y) char type; long x, y; ORIGIN
This software belongs to the ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed by the ASIM team at LIP6 laboratory of Universite Pierre et Marie CURIE, in Paris, France. Web : E-mail : PARAMETERS
type Type of the contact to be made x, y Absolute coordinates of the via DESCRIPTION
PHVIA adds a via in the current layout cell, at the specified coordinates. The type argument may take the following legal values: CONT_POLY links POLY and ALU1 CONT_DIF_N links NDIF and ALU1 CONT_DIF_P links PDIF and ALU1 CONT_BODY_N links NTIE and ALU1 CONT_BODY_P links PTIE and ALU1 CONT_VIA links ALU1 and ALU2 CONT_VIA2 links ALU2 and ALU3 C_X_N corner for L-shaped (and S-shaped) N transistor C_X_P corner for L-shaped (and S-shaped) P transistor ERRORS
"GENLIB_PHVIA impossible : missing GENLIB_DEF_PHFIG" No figure has been yet specified by a call to DEF_PHFIG. So it isn't possible to place a via inside it. you must call DEF_PHFIG before any other layout action. "illegal addphvia : type is XX at x, y" The type parameter does not have a legal value, but XX. EXAMPLE
#include <genlib.h> main() { /* Create a figure to work on */ GENLIB_DEF_PHFIG("cell"); . /* Put a via */ GENLIB_PHVIA(CONT_VIA, 12L, 10L); . . GENLIB_DEF_AB(0L, 0L, 0L, 0L); /* Save that on disk */ GENLIB_SAVE_PHFIG(); } SEE ALSO
This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6 laboratory. We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools. PROCEDURAL GENERATION LANGUAGE
ASIM/LIP6 GENLIB_PHVIA.3(October 1, 1997)

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