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genlib_def_lofig(3) [opensolaris man page]

GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG.3(October 1, 1997)									       GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG.3(October 1, 1997)

GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG - open a netlist model as current figure SYNOPSYS
#include <genlib.h> void GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG(cellname) char *cellname; ORIGIN
This software belongs to the ALLIANCE CAD SYSTEM developed by the ASIM team at LIP6 laboratory of Universite Pierre et Marie CURIE, in Paris, France. Web : E-mail : PARAMETERS
cellname Name of the cell which all futher calls to genlib logical functions will work on DESCRIPTION
DEF_LOFIG defines the current working structural figure by it's name, the cellname argument. It can be use anywhere in the genlib program, but must appear at least once at the top of it, since it also initalize the user's preferences through environment variables. If the figure called cellname doesn't exists in memory, it is created. If it already exists in memory, it makes it the current working figure. DEF_LOFIG doesn't look on disk for the figure cellname, so be careful not to overwrite an existing file while saving later on. EXAMPLE
#include <genlib.h> main() { /* Create a figure to work on */ GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG("cell"); /* Place an instance */ GENLIB_LOINS("model","instance", "sig1", "sig2", "sig3", "vdd", "vss", EOL); /* Save all that on disk */ GENLIB_SAVE_LOFIG(); } SEE ALSO
This tool is under development at the ASIM department of the LIP6 laboratory. We need your feedback to improve documentation and tools. PROCEDURAL GENERATION LANGUAGE
ASIM/LIP6 GENLIB_DEF_LOFIG.3(October 1, 1997)

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