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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for _lwp_mutex_trylock (opensolaris section 2)

_lwp_mutex_lock(2)			   System Calls 		       _lwp_mutex_lock(2)

       _lwp_mutex_lock, _lwp_mutex_unlock, _lwp_mutex_trylock - mutual exclusion

       #include <sys/lwp.h>

       int _lwp_mutex_lock(lwp_mutex_t *mp);

       int _lwp_mutex_trylock(lwp_mutex_t *mp);

       int _lwp_mutex_unlock(lwp_mutex_t *mp);

       These  functions  serialize  the  execution  of lightweight processes. They are useful for
       ensuring that only one lightweight process can execute a critical section of code  at  any
       one time (mutual exclusion). LWP mutexes must be initialized to 0 before use.

       The  _lwp_mutex_lock()  function  locks	the  LWP  mutex pointed to by mp. If the mutex is
       already	locked,  the  calling  LWP  blocks  until  the	mutex  becomes	available.   When
       _lwp_mutex_lock() returns, the mutex is locked and the calling LWP is the "owner".

       The  _lwp_mutex_trylock()  function  attempts  to  lock the mutex. If the mutex is already
       locked  it  returns  with  an  error.  If  the  mutex  is  unlocked,  it  is  locked   and
       _lwp_mutex_trylock() returns.

       The  _lwp_mutex_unlock() function unlocks a locked mutex. The mutex must be locked and the
       calling LWP must be the one that last locked the mutex (the owner). If any other LWPs  are
       waiting for the mutex to become available, one of them is unblocked.

       Upon successful completion, 0 is returned. A non-zero value indicates an error.

       If  any of the following conditions are detected, _lwp_mutex_lock(), _lwp_mutex_trylock(),
       and _lwp_mutex_unlock() fail and return the corresponding value:

       EINVAL	 The mp argument points to an invalid LWP mutex.

       EFAULT	 The mp argument points to an illegal address.

       If any of the following conditions occur, _lwp_mutex_trylock() fails and returns the  cor-
       responding value:

       EBUSY	The mp argument points to a locked mutex.

       Intro(2), _lwp_cond_wait(2)

SunOS 5.11				   30 Jul 1992			       _lwp_mutex_lock(2)

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