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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for scha_cmds (opensolaris section 1ha)

scha_cmds(1HA)						       Sun Cluster Commands						    scha_cmds(1HA)

scha_cmds - command standard output for scha_cluster_get, scha_control, scha_resource_get, scha_resourcegroup_get, scha_resourcetype_get, scha_resource_setstatus
scha_command -O optag...
The Sun Cluster scha_cluster_get(1HA), scha_control(1HA), scha_resource_get(1HA), scha_resourcegroup_get(1HA), scha_resourcetype_get(1HA), and scha_resource_setstatus(1HA) commands are command-line implementations of the callback methods for resource types. See rt_call- backs(1HA). Resource types represent services that are controlled by the cluster's Resource Group Manager (RGM) facility. These commands provide a com- mand-line interface to the functionality of the scha_calls(3HA) C functions. The get commands access cluster configuration information. All of these commands have the same general interface. These commands all take an -O optag operand. This operand indicates the information to be accessed. These commands all send the results to the standard output (stdout) as formatted strings. Additional arguments might be needed depending on the command and the value of optag. For information about the format of different optag results, see the "Results Format" section. Note - optag options, for all scha commands, are not case sensitive. You can use any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters when you specify optag options. The scha_control(1HA) command also takes an -O optag option that indicates a control operation, but does not produce output to standard output. The scha_resource_setstatus(1HA) command sets the STATUS and STATUS_MSG properties of a resource that is managed by the RGM. Result Formats The format of strings that are output to the standard output by the commands depends on the type of the result that is indicated by the optag that you include with the -O option. Formats for each type are specified in the following table. Format notation is described in for- mats(5). Result Type Format on Standard Output boolean TRUE\n or FALSE\n enum %s\n, the string name of an enum value. extension %s\n, the type attribute of the exten- sion property, which is one of the fol- lowing values: STRING, INT, BOOLEAN, ENUM, or STRINGARRAY.Following the type information, the property value is out- put according to the formats for each type as follows: STRING as string, INT as int, BOOLEAN as boolean, ENUM as enum, STRINGARRAY as string_array. int %d\n status %s\n%s\n, the first string is the sta- tus, which is one of the following enum values: DEGRADED, FAULTED, OFFLINE, ONLINE, or UNKNOWN.The second string is the status message. string %s\n string_array Each element in the array is output in the format %s\n. An asterisk, indicat- ing all nodes, zones, or resources, can be returned for the GLOBAL_RESOURCES_USED and INSTALLED_NODES properties. unsigned_int %u\n unsigned_int_array Each element in the array is output in the format %u\n optag Result Types The following table specifies the valid optag values for different commands as well as the type of the result that is output according to the formats specified in the previous table. optag Values for scha_cluster_get(1HA) Result Type ALL_NODEIDS unsigned_int_array ALL_NODENAMES string_array ALL_NONGLOBAL_ZONES string ALL_NONGLOBAL_ZONES_NODEID string ALL_PRIVATELINK_HOSTNAMES string_array ALL_RESOURCEGROUPS string_array ALL_RESOURCETYPES string_array ALL_ZONES string ALL_ZONES_NODEID string CLUSTERNAME string NODEID_LOCAL unsigned_int NODEID_NODENAME unsigned_int NODENAME_LOCAL string NODENAME_NODEID string NODESTATE_LOCAL enum (UP, DOWN) NODESTATE_NODE enum (UP, DOWN) PRIVATELINK_HOSTNAME_LOCAL string PRIVATELINK_HOSTNAME_NODE string SYSLOG_FACILITY int ZONE_LOCAL string optag Values for scha_control(1HA) -------------------------------------------------------- CHANGE_STATE_OFFLINE CHANGE_STATE_ONLINE CHECK_GIVEOVER CHECK_RESTART GIVEOVER IGNORE_FAILED_START RESOURCE_DISABLE RESOURCE_IS_RESTARTED RESOURCE_RESTART RESTART optag Values for scha_resource_get(1HA) Result Type AFFINITY_TIMEOUT int ALL_EXTENSIONS string_array BOOT_TIMEOUT int CHEAP_PROBE_INTERVAL int CHEAP_PROBE_INTERVAL int EXTENSION extension EXTENSION_NODE extension FAILOVER_MODE enum (NONE, HARD, SOFT, RESTART_ONLY, LOG_ONLY ) FINI_TIMEOUT int GROUP string INIT_TIMEOUT int LOAD_BALANCING_POLICY string LOAD_BALANCING_WEIGHTS string_array LOGICAL_HOSTNAMES_USED string_array MONITORED_SWITCH enum (DISABLED, ENABLED) MONITORED_SWITCH_NODE enum (DISABLED, ENABLED) MONITOR_CHECK_TIMEOUT int MONITOR_START_TIMEOUT int MONITOR_STOP_TIMEOUT int NETWORK_RESOURCES_USED string_array NUM_RESOURCE_RESTARTS int NUM_RESOURCE_RESTARTS_ZONE int NUM_RG_RESTARTS int NUM_RG_RESTARTS int NUM_RG_RESTARTS_ZONE int ON_OFF_SWITCH enum (DISABLED, ENABLED) ON_OFF_SWITCH_NODE enum (DISABLED, ENABLED) PORT_LIST string_array POSTNET_STOP_TIMEOUT int PRENET_START_TIMEOUT int R_DESCRIPTION string RESOURCE_DEPENDENCIES string_array RESOURCE_DEPENDENCIES_OFFLINE_RESTART string_array RESOURCE_DEPENDENCIES_RESTART string_array RESOURCE_DEPENDENCIES_WEAK string_array RESOURCE_PROJECT_NAME string RESOURCE_STATE enum (ONLINE, OFFLINE, START_FAILED, STOP_FAILED, MONITOR_FAILED, ONLINE_NOT_MONITORED, STARTING, STOPPING) RESOURCE_STATE_NODE enum (see RESOURCE_STATE for values) RETRY_COUNT int RETRY_INTERVAL int SCALABLE boolean START_TIMEOUT int STATUS status STATUS_NODE status STOP_TIMEOUT int THOROUGH_PROBE_INTERVAL int TYPE string TYPE_VERSION string UDP_AFFINITY boolean UPDATE_TIMEOUT int VALIDATE_TIMEOUT int WEAK_AFFINITY boolean optag Values for Result Type scha_resource_get(1HA) and scha_resource- type_get(1HA) API_VERSION int BOOT string FAILOVER boolean FINI string GLOBAL_ZONE boolean INIT string INIT_NODES enum (RG_PRIMARIES, RT_INSTALLED_NODES ) INSTALLED_NODES string_array. An asterisk (*) is returned to indicate all nodes. IS_LOGICAL_HOSTNAME boolean IS_SHARED_ADDRESS boolean MONITOR_CHECK string MONITOR_START string MONITOR_STOP string PER_NODE boolean PKGLIST string_array POSTNET_STOP string PRENET_START string PROXY boolean RT_BASEDIR string RT_DESCRIPTION string RT_SYSTEM boolean RT_VERSION string SINGLE_INSTANCE boolean START string STOP string UPDATE string VALIDATE string optag Values for Result Type scha_resourcegroup_get(1HA) AUTO_START_ON_NEW_CLUSTER boolean DESIRED_PRIMARIES int FAILBACK boolean GLOBAL_RESOURCES_USED string_array (an asterisk (*) is returned to indicate all resources) IMPLICIT_NETWORK_DEPENDENCIES boolean MAXIMUM_PRIMARIES int NODELIST string_array PATHPREFIX string PINGPONG_INTERVAL int RESOURCE_LIST string_array RG_AFFINITIES string_array RG_DEPENDENCIES string_array RG_DESCRIPTION string RG_IS_FROZEN boolean RG_MODE enum (FAILOVER, SCALABLE) RG_PROJECT_NAME string RG_SLM_CPU decimal RG_SLM_CPU_MIN decimal RG_SLM_PSET_TYPE enum (DEFAULT, DEDI- CATED_STRONG, DEDICATED_WEAK) RG_SLM_TYPE enum (AUTOMATED, MANUAL) RG_STATE enum (UNMANAGED, ONLINE, OFF- LINE, PENDING_ONLINE, PEND- ING_OFFLINE, ERROR_STOP_FAILED, ONLINE_FAULTED, PEND- ING_ONLINE_BLOCKED) RG_STATE_NODE enum (see RG_STATE for values) RG_SYSTEM boolean SUSPEND_AUTOMATIC_RECOVERY boolean
One set of exit status codes is used for all scha commands. The exit status codes are the numeric values of the scha_err_t return codes of the corresponding C functions as described in scha_calls(3HA).
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWscdev | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Stable | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+
awk(1), rt_callbacks(1HA), scha_cluster_get(1HA), scha_control(1HA), scha_resource_get(1HA), scha_resourcegroup_get(1HA), scha_resource- type_get(1HA), scha_resource_setstatus(1HA), scha_calls(3HA), attributes(5), formats(5), r_properties(5), rg_properties(5), rt_proper- ties(5) Sun Cluster 3.2 13 Jul 2006 scha_cmds(1HA)

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