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UPDATEDB(1)									      UPDATEDB(1)

       updatedb - update the slocate database

       updatedb  [-u]  [-U path] [-e path1,path2,...] [-f fstype1,...] [-l [01] ] [-q] [-v,--ver-
       bose] [-V, --version] [-h, --help] pattern...

       This manual page documents slocate, a security-enhanced version of  locate.   updatedb  is
       simply a link to slocate that implies the -u option.

       -u     Create slocate database starting at the root directory.  This is the default behav-
	      ior when called as updatedb.

       -U path
	      Create slocate database starting at path path.

       -e dirs
	      Exclude directories in the comma-separated list dirs from the slocate database.

       -f fstypes
	      Exclude file systems in the comma-separated list dirs from the slocate database.

       -l <num>
	      Security level.  -l 0 turns security checks off, which will make	searches  faster.
	      -l 1 turns security checks on. This is the default.

       -q     Quiet mode; error messages are suppressed.

       -v     Verbose mode; display files indexed when creating database

       --help Print a summary of the options to slocate and exit.

	      Print the version number of slocate and exit.

       Secure  Locate's  updatedb  will automatically parse GNU Locate's /etc/updatedb.conf.  But
       please be aware that Secure Locate currently does NOT support all options provided by  GNU
       Locate's configuration file.

       Options currently supported by Secure Locate are PRUNEFS and PRUNEPATHS


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