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updatedb(1) [opensolaris man page]

UPDATEDB(1)						      General Commands Manual						       UPDATEDB(1)

updatedb - update the slocate database SYNOPSIS
updatedb [-u] [-U path] [-e path1,path2,...] [-f fstype1,...] [-l [01] ] [-q] [-v,--verbose] [-V, --version] [-h, --help] pattern... DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents slocate, a security-enhanced version of locate. updatedb is simply a link to slocate that implies the -u option. OPTIONS
-u Create slocate database starting at the root directory. This is the default behavior when called as updatedb. -U path Create slocate database starting at path path. -e dirs Exclude directories in the comma-separated list dirs from the slocate database. -f fstypes Exclude file systems in the comma-separated list dirs from the slocate database. -l <num> Security level. -l 0 turns security checks off, which will make searches faster. -l 1 turns security checks on. This is the default. -q Quiet mode; error messages are suppressed. -v Verbose mode; display files indexed when creating database --help Print a summary of the options to slocate and exit. --version Print the version number of slocate and exit. CONFIGURATION FILE
Secure Locate's updatedb will automatically parse GNU Locate's /etc/updatedb.conf. But please be aware that Secure Locate currently does NOT support all options provided by GNU Locate's configuration file. Options currently supported by Secure Locate are PRUNEFS and PRUNEPATHS SEE ALSO
slocate(1) UPDATEDB(1)

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