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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for speexenc (opensolaris section 1)

SPEEXENC(1)							   User Commands						       SPEEXENC(1)

speexenc - The reference implementation speex encoder.
speexenc [options] input_file output_file
Encodes input_file using Speex. It can read the WAV or raw files. input_file can be: filename.wav wav file filename.* Raw PCM file (any extension other than .wav) - stdin output_file can be: filename.spx Speex file - stdout
-n, --narrowband Narrowband (8 kHz) input file -w, --wideband Wideband (16 kHz) input file -u, --ultra-wideband "Ultra-wideband" (32 kHz) input file --quality n Encoding quality (0-10), default 8 --bitrate n Encoding bit-rate (use bit-rate n or lower) --vbr Enable variable bit-rate (VBR) --abr rate Enable average bit-rate (ABR) at rate bps --vad Enable voice activity detection (VAD) --dtx Enable file-based discontinuous transmission (DTX) --comp n Set encoding complexity (0-10), default 3 --nframes n Number of frames per Ogg packet (1-10), default 1 --comment Add the given string as an extra comment. This may be used multiple times --author Author of this track --title Title for this track -h, --help This help -v, --version Version information -V Verbose mode (show bit-rate) Raw input options: --rate n Sampling rate for raw input --stereo Consider raw input as stereo --le Raw input is little-endian --be Raw input is big-endian --8bit Raw input is 8-bit unsigned --16bit Raw input is 16-bit signed Default raw PCM input is 16-bit, little-endian, mono More information is available from the Speex site: Please report bugs to the mailing list `'.
Copyright (C) 2002 Jean-Marc Valin speexenc version 1.1 September 2003 SPEEXENC(1)