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OpenSolaris 2009.06 - man page for gtkam (opensolaris section 1)

GTKAM(1)										 GTKAM(1)

       gtkam - Graphical front end for gphoto2

   File Menu
       File->Save Photos
	      Gives options to save photos to the computer.

	      File->Save Photos->Selected
		     Saves the selected photos from the camera to the computer.

	      File->Save Photos->All
		     Saves all photos in the camera to the computer.

       Both  menu  items  open	a "Save photos..." dialog box which allows the user to select the
       folder to save the images in, as well as a number of other options.

	      What to save:

		     This is a set of checkboxes which allows the user to  select  the	forms  in
		     which  data  for  the  selected  image(s) will be saved. Any or all of these
		     options may be selected at once.

		     Save photos
			    This is the default. It causes the photos being  saved  to	be  down-
			    loaded from the camera and saved to the identified folder.

		     Save raw data
			    FIXME: What to say?

		     Save audio data
			    Causes  any  audio	data associated with the image to be saved to the
			    selected folder.

		     Save thumbnails
			    Saves a small version  of  the  selected  images  to  the  identified

		     Save EXIF data
			    Saves the EXIF data associated with the images.

			    FIXME: should we say more about the EXIF format?

	      Open image(s) with:
		     This allows the user to specify FIXME ??

	      Use filename(s) provided by the camera.
		     Causes the saved files to have the names provided by the camera.

	      Filename prefix:
		     Defines a prefix to be used when creating filenames. This prefix is combined
		     with the number starting with the number defined in:

	      Start numbering with:
		     Defines the first number of the sequence of photos to be stored.

       File->Delete Photos
	      Gives options to delete photos from the camera.

	      File->Delete Photos->Selected
		     Deletes selected photos from the camera.

	      File->Delete Photos->All
		     Deletes all photos in the camera.

	      Both of these menu items open a dialog to confirm the deletion  of  the  photos.	A
	      list of photos is presented with a checkbox beside each photo name. Uncheck the box
	      to prevent a specific file from being deleted.

	      Quits gtkam.

   View Menu
       Gives options for previewing photos before downloading them from the camera.

       View->View Thumbnails
	      This is the same command as the checkbox on the main gtkam window.  It  allows  the
	      user  to	select	whether  thumbnails of the photos are displayed, or just the file

       View->Zoom In
	      Enlarges the thumbnails.

       View->Zoom 100
	      Returns the thumbnails to default size.

       View->Zoom Out
	      Reduces the thumbnails.

   Select Menu
	      Selects all pictures in the camera.

	      Inverts the selections already made so that previously unselected  images  are  now
	      selected, and previously selected images are now unselected.

	      Undoes all selections so that no images are selected.

   Camera Menu
       Camera->Add Camera...
	      Opens  a	window	to  allow the user to define the camera and interface being used.
	      "Simple" Select Camera  Dialog.	"Enhanced"  Select  Camera  Dialog.   Dialog  for
	      explicitly adding a path to the port to which the camera is attached.

   Help Menu
	      Opens  the  logging  window which allows the user to select the type of messages to

	      Error  causes the logging of any error messages.

		     Increases the amount of information being logged. (I can't see  what  effect
		     this has. - mjr)

	      Debug  Causes the logging of progress reports as the software communicates with the

	      Data   Causes the logging of all data being transferred from the camera. This  will
		     generate huge quantities of hexadecimal information.

	      Save As...
		     opens a dialog to allow the user to save the information logged in the debug

	      Close  Closes the debug window

	      Opens the about gtKam window. This gives the current version, author  credits,  and
	      contact information.

   Right Click (over directory pane) Menu
       Right Click->Upload File
	      Opens a dialog to identify an image file for uploading to the camera.

       Right Click->Make directory
	      Opens dialog to create new directory.

       Right Click->Remove directory
	      Opens a dialog to remove (delete) an existing folder (directory).

       Right Click->Capture
	      Opens  a	window to allow the user to trigger the camera to acquire an image if the
	      camera and its gphoto2 driver supports this feature.. (This feature is  not  avail-
	      able on my camera, so I would appreciate some input on this item. -mjr)

       Right Click->Preferences
	      Camera configuration tab.  Driver configuration tab.

       Right Click->Summary
	      Displays a window with information about the camera and its memory.

       Right Click->Manual
	      I'm not sure what this should contain. Anyone? - mjr FIXME: need useful image

       Right Click->About
	      Displays a window with information about the camera driver and its authors.

	      This should include contact information for the maintainers of the drivers for your

       Right Click->Select Camera
	      Opens the Add Camera dialog.

       Right Click->Remove Camera
	      Removes the camera from the directory pane.

   Right Click (over list pane) Menu
       Right Click->View with...->Built-in viewer
	      Downloads the image under the cursor and displays it in a new  window.  The  window
	      automatically resizes the image to fill the window.

       Right Click->Info
	      Presents	file  name,  type, size, date and permissions information about the image
	      under the cursor.

       Right Click->Save
	      Downloads the image under the cursor and opens a dialog to allow it to be saved  to
	      the computer.

       Right Click->Delete
	      Opens a dialog to allow the user to delete the image under the cursor.

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       |Availability^SUNWgnome-camera  |			     |
       |Interface stability^Volatile   |			     |
       |			       |			     |

       The gPhoto2 Team.
       Man page edited by Michael J. Rensing <michael.rensing@shaw.ca>.

					   August 2002					 GTKAM(1)

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