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NIDOMAIN(8)									      NIDOMAIN(8)

       nidomain - NetInfo domain utility

       nidomain -l [ hostname ]

       nidomain -m tag

       nidomain -d tag

       nidomain -c tag master/remotetag

       The  nidomain utility is an interface to nibindd(8), to which it sends all of its requests
       about the domains served on a given machine.  It also can be used to  create  and  destroy
       NetInfo databases.

       The nidomain utility will allow one to create multiple levels of NetInfo hierarchy, but it
       is not a particularly easy way to do it.  One should use the NetInfo  Manager  application
       for setting up multilevel hierarchies.

       -l [ hostname ]
	      List  the domains by tag served on the given hostname.  If hostname is unspecified,
	      the local host is used.

       -m tag Create a new NetInfo database and server on the local machine for the domain tag of

       -d tag Destroy  the  local  NetInfo  database and server associated with the domain tagged
	      tag.  If the database was associated with a clone, the machine's	``serves''  prop-
	      erty  on	the master is NOT modified to reflect the fact that the database has been

       -c tag master/remotetag
	      Creates a clone NetInfo database with the  domain  tagged  tag.	The  database  is
	      cloned  from the machine master and remote tag remotetag.  The machine's ``serves''
	      property should be set up prior to  running  this  command  to  contain  the  entry


Apple Computer, Inc.			  March 23, 1989			      NIDOMAIN(8)
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