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NIBINDD(8)									       NIBINDD(8)

       nibindd - NetInfo binder


       The  nibindd  daemon  is  responsible  for  finding, creating and destroying NetInfo (net-
       infod(8)) servers.  When it starts up, it reads the directory /etc/netinfo for directories
       with  the extension ``.nidb'' and starts up a netinfod server for each NetInfo database it
       finds.  If nibindd is sent a hangup signal, SIGHUP, it kills  all  running  netinfod  pro-
       cesses  and  rebinds the NetInfo domain hierarchy (note that this does not affect the con-
       nections established by lookupd(8)).  This is useful for getting the system to conform  to
       new  network  configuration  changes  without  rebooting.  nibindd  writes a file with its
       process ID number (pid file) in /var/run/nibindd.pid.

       The nibindd daemon will automatically destroy the registration for a netinfod server if it
       disappears  for	any reason.  It will take the netinfod servers down if it is shut down by
       sending it a terminate signal, SIGTERM.

       nidomain(8) is the user interface to nibindd.


       netinfod(8), nidomain(8), lookupd(8)

Apple Computer, Inc.			  March 30, 1998			       NIBINDD(8)
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