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nibindd(8) [opendarwin man page]

NIBINDD(8)						      System Manager's Manual							NIBINDD(8)

nibindd - NetInfo binder SYNOPSIS
The nibindd daemon is responsible for finding, creating and destroying NetInfo (netinfod(8)) servers. When it starts up, it reads the directory /etc/netinfo for directories with the extension ``.nidb'' and starts up a netinfod server for each NetInfo database it finds. If nibindd is sent a hangup signal, SIGHUP, it kills all running netinfod processes and rebinds the NetInfo domain hierarchy (note that this does not affect the connections established by lookupd(8)). This is useful for getting the system to conform to new network configuration changes without rebooting. nibindd writes a file with its process ID number (pid file) in /var/run/ The nibindd daemon will automatically destroy the registration for a netinfod server if it disappears for any reason. It will take the netinfod servers down if it is shut down by sending it a terminate signal, SIGTERM. nidomain(8) is the user interface to nibindd. FILES
/etc/netinfo /var/run/ SEE ALSO
netinfod(8), nidomain(8), lookupd(8) Apple Computer, Inc. March 30, 1998 NIBINDD(8)

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NIDOMAIN(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       NIDOMAIN(8)

nidomain - NetInfo domain utility SYNOPSIS
nidomain -l [ hostname ] nidomain -m tag nidomain -d tag nidomain -c tag master/remotetag DESCRIPTION
The nidomain utility is an interface to nibindd(8), to which it sends all of its requests about the domains served on a given machine. It also can be used to create and destroy NetInfo databases. The nidomain utility will allow one to create multiple levels of NetInfo hierarchy, but it is not a particularly easy way to do it. One should use the NetInfo Manager application for setting up multilevel hierarchies. OPTIONS
-l [ hostname ] List the domains by tag served on the given hostname. If hostname is unspecified, the local host is used. -m tag Create a new NetInfo database and server on the local machine for the domain tag of tag. -d tag Destroy the local NetInfo database and server associated with the domain tagged tag. If the database was associated with a clone, the machine's ``serves'' property on the master is NOT modified to reflect the fact that the database has been deleted. -c tag master/remotetag Creates a clone NetInfo database with the domain tagged tag. The database is cloned from the machine master and remote tag remote- tag. The machine's ``serves'' property should be set up prior to running this command to contain the entry "./tag". SEE ALSO
nibindd(8) Apple Computer, Inc. March 23, 1989 NIDOMAIN(8)
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