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MKFILE(8)										MKFILE(8)

       mkfile - create a file

       mkfile [ -nv ] size[b|k|m|g] filename ...

       mkfile creates one or more files that are suitable for use as NFS-mounted swap areas.  The
       sticky bit is set, and the file is padded with zeroes by default.  Non-root users must set
       the sticky bit using chmod(1).  The default size unit is bytes, but the following suffixes
       may be used to multiply by the given factor:  b	(512),	k  (1024),  m  (1048576),  and	g

       -n     Create  an  empty  filename.   The  size is noted, but disk blocks aren't allocated
	      until data is written to them.

       -v     Verbose.	Report the names and sizes of created files.

       If a client's swap file is removed and recreated, it must be re-exported before the client
       will be able to access it.  This action may only be done when the client is not running.

       chmod(2), stat(2), exportfs(8), sticky(8)

					 1 September 1997				MKFILE(8)
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