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LOCATE.UPDATEDB(8)		   BSD System Manager's Manual		       LOCATE.UPDATEDB(8)

     locate.updatedb -- update locate database

     /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb [---tmpdir=dir] [---fcodes=dbfile]
				  [---searchpaths='dir1 -dir2...']
				  [---prunepaths='dir1 -dir2...']
				  [---filesystems='type1 -type2...']

     Locate.updatedb updates the database used by locate(1).  It is typically run once a week by
     the /etc/weekly script.

     The contents of the newly built database can be controlled by the /etc/locate.rc file as
     well as the command line arguments.

     The available options are as follows:

     ---tmpdir	    Sets the directory temporary files are stored in.

     ---fcodes	    Use the named file as the find codes database.  If the file name ``-'' is
		    given, the database will be sent to standard output.

		    Sets the list of directories to be put in the database.

     ---prunepaths  Sets the list of parent directories that should not be go in the database.

		    A list of filesystem types to be traversed by find(1).

     /var/db/locate.database  the default database
     /etc/locate.rc	      the configuration file


     Woods, James A., "Finding Files Fast", ;login, 8:1, pp. 8-10, 1983.

4.4BSD					February 11, 1996				   4.4BSD
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