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ip6(8)				   BSD System Manager's Manual				   ip6(8)

     ip6 -- Enable or disable IPv6 on active interfaces

     ip6 [-ax] [-ud -interface]

     ip6 can be used to start up or shut down IPv6 on active interfaces.  When IPv6 is enabled on
     an interface the protocol is attached to the interface, at which point the default settings
     in the kernel allow it to acquire a link-local address and accept router advertisements.
     Disabling detaches the protocol from the interface.

     Possible options are:

     -a   Start IPv6 on all interfaces.

     -x   Stop IPv6 on all interfaces.

     -u -[interface]
	  Start IPv6 on interface.

     -d -[interface]
	  Stop IPv6 on interface.

     You need support for IPv6 in your kernel. This is provided beginning with Darwin Kernel Ver-
     sion 6.0.

     The default IPv6 configuration for an interface assigns a link-local address to it and sets
     the interface to receive router advertisements.  No further configuration is necessary for
     basic functionality.  However, various settings can be modified by using sysctl.  Pp

     stf(4), IPv6 Documentation at http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/network/ipv6/, RFC 3068.

BSD					   May 23, 2002 				      BSD
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