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ioalloccount(8) [opendarwin man page]

IOALLOCCOUNT(8) 					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					   IOALLOCCOUNT(8)

ioalloccount -- Summarize IOKit memory usage. SYNOPSIS
ioalloccount DESCRIPTION
ioalloccount displays some accounting of memory allocated by IOKit allocators, including object instances, in the kernel. Useful for tracking leaks. This information can also found in the Root of the IORegistry. EXAMPLES
List allocations by type, with sample output. ioalloccount Instance allocation = 000169f8 = 90 K Container allocation = 0002793e = 158 K IOMalloc allocation = 00011555 = 69 K SEE ALSO
ioalloccount(8), ioreg(8) Darwin February 29, 2000 Darwin

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IOREG(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  IOREG(8)

ioreg -- show I/O Kit registry SYNOPSIS
ioreg [-b] [[-c class] [-l] [-n name]] [-p plane] [-s] [-S] [-w width] [-x] DESCRIPTION
ioreg displays the I/O Kit registry. The use of the -c, -l, or -n options cause ioreg to show the properties of objects matching the speci- fied criteria. By default, ioreg does not show the properties of an object. The options are as follows: -b Show the object name in bold. -c Show the object properties only if the object is, or derives from, the specified class. -l Show the object properties. -n Show the object properties only if the object has the specified name. -p Traverse the registry over the specified plane. The default plane value is ``IOService''. The other planes, such as ``IODeviceTree'', can be found under the ``IORegistryPlanes'' property of the root object (ioreg -n Root). -s Show the object state (busy state, retain count). This is the default. -S Don't show the object state (busy state, retain count). -w Clip the output to the specified line width. The default width value is the current screen size. A value of 0 specifies an unlimited line width. -x Print numeric property values in hexadecimal. Darwin January 1, 2000 Darwin
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